Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were the best and treated me with respect and camraderie, even though I was old enough to be a father to most of them.


The classmates here are very freindly, but also extremly judgemental.


Classmates are fun and energetic with a great desire to learn.


super friendly and honest. I love the student body and diversity


Most students at BYUI are of the same beliefs and values. If can be very refreshing if you have those same viewpoints and standards. However if you do not, then you might feel out of place, or even alienated. They are mostly nice people who value respect and service.


The students are friendly and ambitious, for the most part. Obviously, there are always students who want nothing more than to skate by on nothing; however, the student body as a whole is driven and easy to feel a part of.


The students here at BYU I are probably the nicest people you will ever be around.


They are hard working and kind. They seem clean, bright, self motivated and smart. Again, there could be more diversity or free thinking.


Kind and full of service spirit. They are eager to do good to others at all times. They help you out if they see you are in trouble. They are honest and trustworthy. Something I appreciate a lot is that they take care of all the resources the school gives them.


BYU-Idaho students (online) are all striving and working together to get a great education, religious fulfillment and be surrounded by other students with similiar religious beliefs.


A lot of the students at BYU-Idaho are very smart!


They are people who have high standards and know the inportance of getting an education.


My classmates were driven, focused individuals who would go out of their way to help those around them.


My classmates are sincere and kind; I rarely ever have to open the doors because the men here are so respectful to women, I can engage anyone on campus in sincere and intellectual conversation and there is a special indescribable spirit here.


My classmates are very friendly, outgoing, smart, and full of kindness; they are all a lot of fun and are very willing to give service to anyone, no matter where you come from and what your background is like.


Similarly to BYU, BYU-I students sign an honor code when they agree to attend that prohibits many of the same behaviors, and while there are groups of students who excuse themselves into repugnant hypocrisy the majority keep to the code. Although it has its fair share of airheads, the student body is a mostly studious bunch. Most of the students hail from Mountain and Pacific states (Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, California and Arizona)but there are students from every state (Georgia, North Carolina, and New York come to mind) and there were a few out-of-country students; not many, but enough to give the mix flavor. At first glance, it may seem that everyone looks the same and acts the same considering how similar their ethno-sociological backgrounds are, but the truth is, I never met anybody who really fit the "white mormon" stereotype while attending. Each person had a different personality, different tastes, different strengths, different nuances of opinion and they were just DIFFERENT.....and yet unified, bound in a common faith. It was such a refreshing paradox. I also loved the noncompetitive atmosphere at was really laid-back, friendly, and focused on helping each other succeed.


My classmates here are talented, dedicated, and focused students. I feel that in any of my classes if I express my opinion and someone were to disagree they would express there opinions and ideas in a respectful way keeping the safe environment. We feel comfortable with one another and can discuss all aspects of topics with courage and respect. We are confident in our learning and in the professor and have a desire to succeed and become better people. Making friends is easy here and after class we can have a lot of fun.


Bright and ready to learn.


I feel like most of the students at my school are kind and friendly.


Students who act as both teachers and learners.


They are usually willing to think outside the box, and are willing to help and work in groups together.


Friendly, helpful and willing to work together.


My classmates are people that are learning and trying to understand what it is they want to do in life. They are also people that i can learn from and people that i could help when they are in need. We meet eachother and try to make long life lasting friends that will be there for me and others.


People here are very interested in their education and the Gospel. Everyone is really, really nice and willing to help you or let you sit down when you need it. Everyone is so excited to get to know you or just talk. It's great!


They are very encouraging and uplifting and have taught me lessons that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, cooperative, and make me want to come to class everyday.


Most of my classmates are hard-working, very intelligent, dedicated individuals who have a sincere desire to learn and gain a good, quality education.


My classmates provide a positive environment and the people are simply wonderful. Students are eager to help one another and makes learning possible.


My classmates are optimistic, smart, very creative, want to become friends and meet all sorts of new people and always tries to see the best in people.


My classmates were smart, respectful, outgoing, and innovative students who showed a real desire to learn and discover life for themselves.


Friendly and gets along with them good


It is amazing to me that so many people can be so nice. All my classmates I have met are wonderful people that are willing to put themselves out there and meet more people. So many of my classmates are the nicest people I have ever met. Even while walking to and from classes you are greeted by so many smiling faces. Even from others you do not know. My classmates here at BYU-Idaho are wonderful.


The majority of my classmates are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, they come from everywhere. All of my classmates have high ambition and large goals, they know that they have to work hard to get where they want to be. I get the opportunity to mingle with everyone from those that are going to med school and those that plan on starting new businesses. They are ambitious and some of the finest people that I have had the opportunity to meet.


Even though I do not know all of them, I know that I could honestly ask any one of them for help in any area and they would asist me as best they could-That is just the type of people here, and the unity of the school.


My classmates are happy and excited to learn about different subjects that will aid them in their future.


Very helpful. Everyone enjoys learning from one another, so there is a lot of learning outside of the classroom.


The few clasmates I associated with were creative, exciting, and fun people. These people I would see outside of school and would make sure to have the same high standards I have. Being Mormon, most people at my high school did not appeal to me, and therefore I did not care for them. These people did not seem like they were going very far, and many of them did not get out of the small city of Cypress. My classmates were not the brightest and it was great because it helped me to be the aspire to be better.


My classmates are spontaneous and ready to learn.


Classmates are competative but helpful and are usually fun to work with and to learn with.


My classmates are like an extended family.


BYU-Idaho students are very attentive, responsible, intelligent, motivated, and involved in the classroom setting.


My classmates are all very involved in the lecture we have during class.


Nice people academically focused that are usually very sheltered, but are here to learn, to meet new people, and it is nice to be with people who have the same values and beliefs as you do, although at times it gets boring.


My Classmates are hardworking, outgoing, and have great standards and morals, which I am proud to be part of!


My classmates are hardworking, dedicated students with high standards.


My classmates and I are friendly people that are interested in succeeding together; we learn and grow the most when we learn together.


My classmates were all there to gain more education and had a spirit of community, to use their education to help those around them.


For the majoruty, my classmates work hard and are friendly and willing to help neighbors who do not understand the concepts.


The classmates participate in all the class discussions. They are respectful of eachother and very friendly and open in getting to know others around them. You'll find that many hold the same values and standards and aren't afraid to ask questions or make statements in reference to them.


They are all very well kempt. They are not perfect, but I see my fellow students putting forth thier best effort every day. When my friends adn classmates do get over whelmed, they ask for help from the many different tutors and help centers on campus. FInals are always stressful so we don't get together very much during those times, but when we do, we are taking time away to vent and take a much needed quick brake from school work.