Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


sports, like basketball, and engineering societies.


The most popular activities are talent activities and intramural sports. Other groups are available, such as ethnic associations and career-focused societies.


Since I go to school online right now, I wouldn't know. At BYU-Provo, to which I have now been accepted, my son is head of a student group. There are business groups and dancing groups he is involved with. This campus has a lot of student activities and groups, with which I will have to become more acquainted.


Some activities that I would say are most popular would be ultimate frisbee and lacrosse.


I'm not sure to be honest. It's a religious school so most of the social life comes from activities within your ward or congregation.


The most popular group is the Center Stage group, because they plan a lot of events for every week of the semester, and they give students the opportunity to learn more about cultures, and entertainment in diverse ways. There are parties every week. Because of the schools honor code, there are not drugs and alcohol involved in these parties which allows for sober and clean entertainment. You can go to some of the Center stage events on Saturday night, play a sport, go to a party, or just stay in your apartment to relax from your hard week at school. In relation to this, some of the activities you can do on a Saturday night are also off campus such as bowling, going to a movie, laser tag, indoor mini-golf, and even a drive-in movie screen. There are some things to do around here when you're not in school for hours on end.


One thing that struck me the most about BYU-I was the number of high quality concerts that the school sponsored; Quartetto Gelatto, Alfie Boe, Harold Jones, Cyrus Chestnut, Forever Plaid and many other awesome musical talents have performed at BYU-I. Greek systems are nonexistant; instead, most students meet other students through their majors, through LDS church activities,and through the dances and other things the Student Activities organization puts on. Though the school has no intercollegiate athletics, there's a significant intramural program with many different sports (ultimate frisbee :D) Rexburg is a teensy little town of less than 20,000 far isolated from any larger towns, however, and there really isn't much to do there outside of campus activities. Because most students have chosen to abstain from drugs, alcohol or extramarital sex, they resort to inventing imaginative, random and crazy things to do instead (Sardines through the campus and buildings, pelting couples at make-out spots with pinecones, human battleship in the swimming pool) and it's actually way fun.