Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I enjoyed the time I spent at BYU-I. The best thing about it was that the faculty at BYU-I teach students not subjects. I had the opportunity to learn from professors who taught in many different areas. However, they were united in their goal of putting students first. I never felt like a number, rather I was seen as an individual. It was easy to get help from professors both in and outside of class. I left BYU-Idaho with a great education, but more importantly I left with the ability to continue a life of learning.


My professors genuinely care about my education.


It is a beautiful a campus. There is a strong sense of unity here. It is a small enough campus that it only takes you about 15-20 minutes to get from one side of the campus to the other. There is a 3-track system which allows you to go to school for 3 semesters instead of only 2 per year, so you can get your schooling done quicker.


The dating life is very good at the school. There is a very high Girl to guy ratio which makes it a good environment for meeting lots of new people and having a good college experience while still living a resposible life. This is due to the rules of the school that forbid intercourse before marriage which allows people to really get to know each other and encourages the tradional family life after graduation so that students can give back to their communities.


Well honestly I brag about everything. I love how everyone on campus is so friendly. I have made so many of my friends just walking home from class. I'm not afraid to talk to a complete stranger I meet. I love that the class sizes are small so I can develop a relationship with my teachers. All my teachers and faculty members I work with know my name and are always very helpful. The other thing I love is that there is always an enriching, fun activity going on on campus and the activities offered are never unreasonably priced.


The quality of education that I get for the cost that I pay. At my shcool, BYU-Idaho, you receive a very good quality education at a relatively low cost.


I brag that BYU, ID is cheap but has good professors, good apartments, a beautiful campus, and lots of men.


I cannot say enough about the general good feeling throughout the campus. Students and faculty alike are friendly and helpful, and genuinely kind. Professors are intelligent and push students to perform to the best of their ability. They are available and more than willing to do anything they can to help students succeed. The campus grounds are beautifully landscaped, and very well kept, and the campus itself has been recently renovated, with all the latest amenities.


This is one of the cheapest universities out there. It's totally worth the money.


the boy/girl ratio is about 2/5


On campus is the safest environment I've ever been in. Women can go jogging at three in the morning and be completely safe. Because of the rules about men and women going into each other's apartments there are almost no inappropriate or uncomfortable situations. All students will still encounter uncomfortable situations but they are not nearly as awkward or downright disturbing as in other schools with no rules about personal behavior; and all couples can still have a fun courtship without being overly physical before marriage.


Everyone is upbeat and ready to learn! Also everyone is willing to participate and help others learn. A big thing that they're are trying to do as a school is to encourage us as the students to become the teacher. There is a big advantage to this, we are listening and learning but also learning leadership and social skills. Plus we are helping others out by participating and getting more into discussion. There is a good spirit about BYU-Idaho!


The great opportunities that are given to us as students and as members of the church. As well as the location.


I tell people of the opportunity I have to go to a school where the student to teacher ratio is smaller and your teacher are actually willing to help you. Even though people might only think of Idaho as a potatoe state it is more than that, a community that looks out for one another.


How much fun I can have in Idaho. They usually don't believe me, but it really is fun.


I tell them that BYU-Idaho has one of the best illustration programs anywhere. And that the friends I make here don't pressure me to do what I don't want to. Most of us here are here with common goals and interests because we almost all share the same religious background and a love of Jesus Christ, so we call get along really well. (Speaking of the entire school). I feel comfortable, like I belong here. This place is more a place of learning, and not a place of parties.


When I brag to my friends about my school, I like to tell them that I get to attend a school that not only provides a great education, but is also spiritually uplifting. I have heard many people talk of the "Spirit of Ricks" but I never fully understood what that meant until I actually got here. BYU Idaho is a place to learn, grow and become a better person. It is full of opportunities to learn from inspired teachers and be influced by the thoughts and opinions of other students.


I love telling them about how much fun the students at my university have. There is always something going on the weekends and even during the week, too. Yellowstone is only 1.5 hours away, there's camping and hiking and the area is beautiful. I love the small town it is located in because I've never lived anywhere like it before. I brag about my major and double minor and the career path that I have found at this university. I have made amazing, long lasting friendships and I have found a greater confidence in myself.


What I brag most about is the amazing atmosphere of my school. Everyone there loves where they are and they education they are receiving. Almost evey student love to participate in class discussions and that really helps other students to learn from them. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It was really nice when I got there at first. The great stmosphere made for a really smooth transition.


When I tell my friends about the school I attened, I brag about the tuition cost, the one-on-one help from the professors, and the free tutoring that is available. I also brag about the schools love for the humanities and the arts which inspire and lift the human mind into heavenly spheres.


I love the enviroment that you can only find at BYUI. There is a spirit of family with everyone you meet. They are all willing to go out of their way to help. Everyone has a place they can fit in because everyone is accepted as a friend no matter your background. I also like my little world there where no one swears. I know its a little thing but being in a place where there is not one cuss word the entire day, it's a nice perk.


I brag about the amazing opportunities I have at my school. I also brag about how the teachers get to know each student personally. The teachers really care about their students and you can see a difference in the lives of the students. The partying at BYU-I is minimal, and the students learn to have fun with out incorperating the dangers of substance abuse. I brag most about BYU-I's safe and fun environment!


The best part of my school is that it is a religious school. Everyone is there for the same reasons, we all have the same morals. This makes learning and living 100% better than if we were at a non-church school.


I mostly brag about how cold it is because I'm from Arizona. However, when I brag about the actual school, it is mostly about the great activities that are so affordable. My husband and I can go on cheap dates that cost anywhere from 1-10 dollars. I also love how friendly everybody seems, and the small community feeling the campus provides. Even the teachers remember my name after four semesters!


When talking to my friends about my school, I always have to put the student body in the best of lights as they are the most friendly and least judmental of any college campus I have ever been to. The students at BYU-Idaho are the most committed to their college education. Even though they spend a great deal of their time studying for their individual classes, they still know how to have fun. The student body is willing to include anyone in their circle of friends, and have very high standards. They know how to balance their college lives.


I mostly love the fact that the school is a small campus in a small town. The teachers are very friendly and approachable, and the academics are stimulating and exciting. BYU-Idaho offers a lot of extracurricular activities as well, from sports to music to student media and government.


The spirit here is awesome, everyone is friendly and tries to help each other out.


I met my husband there! There are great opportunities for both learning and social interactions. The teachers are very versed in their perspective fields of study, and they are extremely motivated to help each and every student excel in their classes and majors. The atmosphere there is very positive and friendly and inspires learning and success in education. Because of the honor code students agree to live by, it makes the experience there very positive and uplifting.


At BYU-Idaho, there is an over-all friendliness you don't find other places. Teachers try to get to know you and do what they can to help you succeed. While walking across campus, people will actually say 'hi' to you. People look each other in the eye and smile. They give high priority to keeping the grounds beautiful and well-maintained. They have the former Dean of the Harvard Business School as our president. They have the largest intramural sports program on any college campus. It is a great place to study.


It's a very friendly place where you get a great education for very little money. The proffesors are great to work with the facilities are well taken care of and the gym is fantastic and free like many other services. The school subsidises recreation trips to do things like backpacking, white water rafting, canoing, and ice climbing. The concerts are also amazing and cheap, but mostly classical in bent. Overall though it's somewhere I really enjoy being.


The spirit, and small student body


This school is geared toward a very good learning environment.


That the classes are smaller, the teachers are better and the campus is smaller. Also the people here are all nice and believe in the same values and standards as I do.


It's a university that offers many great opportunities, including but not limited to: dating opportunities, academic opportunities and positive social opportunites.


So Fun, Wonderful Academics, Spiritual environment


How clean my campus is, that there are no drugs or alcohol, and that these things we find unnecessary.


Social Life


The dances are fun. The professors are always willing to help. The students are friendly.


The atmosphere is amazing. I just love how friendly the people are and how nice the professors are. The professors actually care about the students because they are not focusing on researching and so they have time for the students.


How fun it is to go to school here.


How amazing the spirit is on campus and how grateful I am that I chose to attend this school over the other ones I was considering.


The people are great and the atmosphere is amazing. The small classes make learning easy. It's a great school with a very friendly student body.


Because BYU-Idaho is located in Southeastern Idaho, which is mostly country and farmland, there is a lot of space. Outside of the city there is an untold number of things that one can do and explore, which makes the possibilities for entertainment endless. While there are many criticisms related to the strict honor code that all students at BYU-I must abide by, I feel that there is good reasoning behind it. These regulations truly are conducive to helping each student do the best that they can do academically while also maintaining moral standards.


I love the atmosphere at the school. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help eachother. The classes are the perfect size, not so large that your teacher doesn't know who you are but also not so small that you can't remain fairly anonymous if you choose. There are lots of activities on campus and everyone has an equal opportunity to get involved in intramurals, entertainment, arts, whatever you want.


Tuition is so cheap. Plus they issue you a scholarship automatically if you meet their GPA requirements. Our class sizes are about the same that I had in high school. My proffesors are experts in their field and I can tell that they want me to succeed. All of my proffesors know my name!!!


I brag about how nice all my professors are and how inexspenxive it is to go here.


The student body is approximately 15,000 students, but it is not uncommon to see tens of familiar faces everywhere I go . Everyone knows everyone through just a few contacts! "I have a friend who has a friend who knows your friend..." Because Brigham Young University- Idaho is a predominantly religious institution, the students have even more of a network. Every new person I meet is an instant friend and there's a good chance that they are already friends with another friend of mine. Fellow students are so friendly it makes me smile just to think about it!


How amazing the people here are. Its invigorating to work side by side with people of such a strong faith, who want nothing more than to see you succeed. They hold themselves to a higher standard which makes you want to do the same. Its really a great atomoshpere to grow and learn.


I mostly tell them that everyone here at my university is so friendly and you are constantely making new friends. When I first started here, I was a little nervous because it was a new invironment, but after the first couple days of school, I felt welcomed and felt that I fit in with people. It was such a huge relief.


Students and teachers here have strong morals and high standards. Teachers can rely heavily on the Honor code and students will still do the assignments.