Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

Describe how Brigham Young University-Provo looks to someone who's never seen it.


I love attending BYU. It's a great school and I've learned so much here.


Brigham Young University is surrounded by some awesome mountains. The campus is full of energetic and friendly students from many diverse cultures who are working hard towards their education dreams. My professors are some of the sharpest, wittiest and intelligent people I've ever met. I was able to find a job quickly and easily and have no problems accepting the thoughts of living here for the next 5.5 years.


Brigham Young University provides an amazing, interactive, and clean learning experience with the most kind and intelligent student and staff on one of the nicest campuses surrounded by the most beautiful mountains.


BYU is a Goal oriented, Latter Day Saints owend, with tough classes, and I will be proud to be a BYU alumni.


BYU is a challenging school that encourages excellence in all of their students, no matter what they study, providing many diverse opportunities to become involved in their programs, the community, and the world.


Brigham Young University is a religious school with a strict honor code compared to other universities and puts great emphasis on high academic standards, but it is also very focused on providing a social environment with lots of activities for students, making it a great overall university for individuals who are willing to uphold the standards and work hard.


Hard work, great career potential, very competitive, good time.


A school with high standards, lots of school spirit, and plenty of oppertunity!


Brigham Young University is a lively and boisterous college community where you make almost instant friends and where almost everybody has at least one thing in common; they are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and as such, you can somewhat expect what such an environment could be like, with lovely, amiable, smiling people wherever you turn to look.


BYU has an extremely unique environment that is strict, but very friendly.