Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Hiking the Y!


I decided not to write anything.


Brigham Young University is best known for providing a safe and accepting environment and one of the most interactive campuses with a low price tag which means you will have a fun time you will not regret in the future!


Being Mormon.


Being the most stone-cold sober school in the world. Being a university where most everybody belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). There is no caffienated products anywhere on campus. BYU girls are notoriously hot!


BYU is a private school with an honor code that every student signs and agrees to live by upon getting accepted. This honor code prohibits drinking, smoking, drug use, pre-marital sex, dishonesty, or immodest attire or behavior. While that may seem extreme to many people, it is something that is widely admired, as it allows for one of the most beautiful, safe, friendly, and professional campuses around. Because all students are held to a higher standard, they are further driven to succeed in an environment that promotes respect and wholesome living.


BYU is best known for it's Law and Business School. We are known as the most sober campus in the country--you can't even purchase caffiene on campus. It focuses on reaching out to the community and into all the world. They believe their students can make a difference and gives them a lot of oppurtunities and responsibilities to succeed. They have a lot of international outreach programs and a lot of students are bilingual. My school is supported by the LDS Church.


My school is best known for it's honor code. The Student body all agrees to live by certain standards and because of that, it is an atmosphere that allows all students to grow and not get distracted by things that bring them down and it helps them to focus on their school work. The schools ethics and morals are very well known around the country.


I believe our school is best known for the help and resources that are available on campus. I never knew so many people were willing to help you succeed. There are counselors, TAs, Professors, and friends. The friends you make here will be sincere and love you for who you are.


This is a very acedemic school but a total blast, the people are fun and friendly.


BYU is known for it's high quality education and high job location post-graduation, at a relatively low price. It's also the priemier college for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Football and the stone-cold-sober award every year


Brigham Young University is best known for as being the "Mormon" school. It is offiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This school's strrict honor code is lumped in with the Mormon association. The Princeton Review listed Brigham Young University as the most "stone-cold sober school" in the nation. This strict honor code definitely raises eyebrows throughout most of the U.S., but students here completely embrace it. This is why we chose to be here--we want to be here!


BYU is best known for it's honor code, which restricts the use of drugs and alcohol while a student.


Other than being owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU is best known for providing a quality education. Here at BYU, we know that it's not just the curriculum that is quality. It's the students and faculty. BYU has some of the top programs in the state and nation. Top programs don't come without top students. We students work hard at BYU to be the best we can, and the faculty is there every step of the way to help us realize our potential in school, in our careers, and in life.


Brigham Young University is best none as 'the Mormon scholl', since a prophet long ago started a school, which, over time, became funded by the church through tithes. Since it is religiously endorsed, students must follow an honor code, which are basic guidelines the church upholds because of beliefs.


BYU is best known for its high morals, and high work and study ethic.


BYU's Accounting school is consistently in the top 5 for universities each year. BYU is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. More than 3 quarters of the students speak a seconds language fluently. Our Law school, animation program, business school, and liberal arts school is in the top 10 for all universities. BYU is the largest religious and 2nd largest private university. BYU's Harold B. Lee Library is one of the top 10 university libraries. BYU ballroom and drill team are also ranked in the top 10.


BYU has a long lasting reputation for being a school that upholds high standards of abstinence, no cheating, no drinking, no smoking and no drugs while continuing to educate students from all different backgrounds in their desired field of study and provide students with excting extra-curricular activities including sports, clubs and art performances that enrich the lives of each students.


Honestly, probably for being very Mormon and Conservative. But academically it's known for the level of education that one recieves for the amount of money paid.


BYU is best known for it's football and basketball teams, having a strong LDS community, no alcohol, having very low tuition, and for having very good and very qualified professors.


We are best known for our academics and honor code. We have some of the top programs in the nation, and the students here know how to work hard. The hiring rate for BYU graduates is unusually high. People trust our education, work ethic, and our honesty.


BYU is known for being stone-cold sober, and we're proud of it. We're also GREAT academically, but don't tell that to the kids up north (at the U of U)...


The students body is "stone-cold sober" and sexually inactive. I would argue, however, that with all the newlywed couples going to school at BYU, that there is more sex going on there, per capita, than on any other campus in America. Until they start having kids, that is.


BYU is easily best known for its religious affiliation with the LDS church. We also have a reputation of high standards both scholastically and personally on behalf of every student that attends here. BYU strives to make a unique learning environment where scholarly studies are pursued along side spiritual ones. This combination isn't easy to find at other universities in this country and I value the unique opportunity this gives me to grow both in mind and spirit.


My school is best known for our sports team and our religion.


The schools is well-renowned on many fronts. The academics are outstanding and many departments (especially the business school) are often are on the top of national college lists (like the one published by US News and World Reports). However, I think they are best known for consistently being the #1 stone cold sober campus in the United States.


The Mormon school. There is a very strict honor code that requires no drinking, smoking or drugs in addition to no cheating etc... We have great sports teams and great academic programs with a wide variety from strong liberal arts to sciences.


My school, Brigham Young University, is probably best known for the fact that it's a Mormon school and that everyone is there is Mormon and that there are a bunch of really strict and dumb rules. Although it is a very prestigious univeristy with a high job recruitment rate, Division I athletics, great professors and classes, and a very social and friendly atmosphere, people know it for the fact that it's a Mormon school.


Mormons, dairy products, and great programs.


We are well known for having very polite and professional students that are serious and hard working while still havin our own kind of fun. Being an LDS school has a sugnificant impact on our recreation choices and our views on education. We are known for our Business School, Law School and our Ballroom Dance Department being nationally ranked.


Brigham Young University is, naturally, best known for a having a very large population of LDS students. Beyond that, however, it has many of the top ranked departments in the nation. Both the accounting and business programs consistently rank in the top few schools. Schools such as Harvard frequently recommend BYU's online courses to students who wish to apply but are missing certain courses. The quality of education here is very high, and that is recognized by many even outside of the BYU community.


Being Mormon. Seriously, almost everyone is Mormon. This has formed us a very unique culture full of idiosyncrasies. Those who have served and LDS mission are sought for in marrage. People get together for famiy home evening groups. Campus is stone cold sober. I haven't seen a shard of broken glass. Every year all the students have to be endorsed by their bishop to still attend. We have an amazing rivalry with a campus a half hour to the north. It seems that everyone in the state is involved in it on one side or the other.


No drinking.


Brigham Young University is best known for its religious background. This also promotes a very sober and drug free school. BYU is far from a party school but rather it is very focused on learning and obtaining good grades. This makes the school very competitive and produces a great learning environment.


My school is well known for academics, religion, and dating. For those that are up for an academic challenge, Brigham Young University in Utah is the place. The classes are challenging, but the teachers are experts in their fields and very good. This college is privately owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS church). Most of the students that attend the college are members of the LDS church, but there are many people from around the world that attend BYU that aren't LDS. People here date like crazy, and love to do it!


Brigham Young University is best known for its athletic programs and for being of the Latter-Day Saint faith, also known as Mormon. We are also known for not partaking in any kind of partying involving alcohol or drugs.


BYU is best known for the fact that it is an LDS school. Another thing BYU is famous for is its business school. The Marriott School of Business is constantly ranked among the best business schools.


I think Brigham Young University is best known as being a private school for mostly LDS members. BYU is also known as having a strong athletic program, as well as a strong academic program.


Brigham Young University is best known for being a university that focuses on standards, religious values, and strong morals. Additionally, my school is known for providing students with a rigorous education in a positive environment that encourages success in all areas of students' lives.


Brigham Young University is best known for its high academic standards and very devote religious students. All fields of study at BYU require the upmost dedication and hard work of the students attending.


The graceful combination of religion and education. Also, for the prestigious education and various maor possibilites. Many of the programs are highly noteable such as the nursing or law schools. Aside from education, they are also known for their athletics. The football team and basketball team as well as several other "extracurricular" activites are very widley known and respected. Many people also comment about how clean the grounds are, how respectful the people are and how peaceful yet invinting the spirit of the campus is.


BYU is known for being the "Mormon School". People know that some Mormons go to this school and that we have a high standard for attending this university as far as the honor code, dress and groomming standards go. We are known for our kindness and ability to represent our school in a professional manner in pubilc settings.


The first thing coming to mind is the fact that we are a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint's funded school, but I think we are also known for our honor code. Everyone who applies has to sign an honor code saying they will follow the dress and grooming standards that have been set up for us, and other "strict" rules that are set for all the students. If you don't try to fight the system though, it's a really great thing to have, and something in common with the rest of the student body.


My college is known for being the Mormon college. People think many things about the school that aren't necessarily true. Also it has an excellent Accounting program that it is known for. It is something that it sort of prides itself in being one of the best colleges for accounting.


My school is predominantly Mormon. We are known for being "Stone-Cold Sober" and it's something that he pride ourselves on highly. BYU does a lot of groundbreaking research and is highly respected.


High Achieving students and jobs right after campus along with religion and no drugs or drinking.


The University of Brigham Yound is best known for its academic performance. It is not Harvard or Yale, but the importance of learning is immensely stressed. The school wishes to install in all of its students the desire to be an enternal student. Graduation is not the intended end for each graduate of the Brigham Young University. Therefore, the school is respectful towards its students and towards other universities.


Known for ano alcohol and for pretty good education


Brigham Young University is probably best known for its football team and their excellent record. This may be a small part of what BYU has to offer, but really, most schools are well known for their football teams. For instance, this season, BYU has an almost flawless record, and has some great players who have worked hard.