Brightwood College-Bakersfield Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My first impulse as a time traveller would be to tell my Highschool-self that what I really want to study is psychology. However, I think that I would end up just telling myself to do what feels right. Even though having the foresight to avoid my years of indecision would seem nice, I truly believe that those stressful years were hugely important in creating the woman I am today. I knew I enjoyed psychology but it took me four years to realize it was what I wanted to pursue as a degree and eventually career. What made me finally realize this was that all the 'for fun' classes I was taking were psych classes. I know, right? What an eye opener. Although it would have saved me a few years and a lot of money, I think this longer road I have taken to JFKU was the right path for me. So, listen up eighteen year old me; You know in your heart where you're headed. So keep moving forward!


Don't get discouraged. College is tough compared to high school so work hard your last year and take as many AP classes as possible because they count for college credit! And this helps to take the work load off your back, but it's still going to be tough compared to what you've seen so far. Even so, get through it with as much confidence as possible because you'll always have tomorrow. And study more in Statistics because it's not easy.


Time is money and valuable. I would be more strict on applying good time management habits, so can dominate the skill. I consider myself very active, especially when it comes to learning and a can be attracted to many challenging activities were I had powerful interest. I enjoyed all the activities I participated, but I joined a multiple of activities obtaining big roles in all of them. Since I really did not dominated time management habits; I spread myself thin jeopardizing everything. I gain a lot and I would do it again in a heartbeat but time management would make everything perfect because a discipline would have been beaty.