Brookdale Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing that I've found with Brookdale is the class sizes, as well as understaffing. The counseling and registration departments are extremely understaffed and I am constantly forced to wait, sometimes for two hours to see someone about a question that takes maybe five minutes to answer fully. Also, none of my classes are less than 25 students. There's not a whole lot of time to befriend a professor, if there's 30 more of you sitting in front of you.


The multiple locations.


The councilor?s ability to pick out courses that suited for you had decreased as the size of the campus increase. Parking space and smoking area also become smaller and fewer in Brookdale, and caused some level of disturbance among students who cannot find a space to park in the morning. Also, the school suddenly has a new "A-" grading standard, and at the same time increased the "A" range of most courses. That posted another barrier of archiving a desirable grade to high-archiving student like myself. One minor frustration that I have is the unintellgent bathroom wall messages.


I find that the most frustrating problem at Brookdale is the counseling. It seems that everytime I register for classes it is an all new staff. I have never ever seen the same counselor ever. Also it seems that at the busiest times of the year (registration) the staff gets sick or calls out. Do these counselors get paid enough? Do they get paid over time? What's the deal?! I will be graduating in the Spring 2010 and transfering. No counselor has ever asked my plans and made sure I took the correct courses.


Fitting in all the required courses in the evenings, after work.


The most frustrating thing about Brookdale is how the students don't take it seriously. They treat it like an extension of high school, no one preps for the classes. For instance, doing the assigned reading or handing papers in on time. They are absent a lot or don't respect their peers or professors when they are present. I just wish everyone was more hardworking and appreciative of their opportunity and wanted to get the best education they can or at least get what they paid for.


The most frustrating thing about Brookdale Community College has to do with the commuting situation and the lack of classes provided in my area. To take the classes I want I have to drive 20 minutes every day to the Lincroft campus which is obviously very costly on gas and time. I would much rather stay at a college but that is the trade off in price the school provides. The other problem commuting provides is a lack of fellowship among students, and sometimes the only way to meet other individuals is though clubs like Phi Theta Kappa.