Broward College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Broward College is a great school for individuals who don't know what to major in but need to finish the first two years of their mandated classes.


My school is well deversify and located with four other school located on the same campus.


It is a convenient and affordable place to get formal education in South Florida. It offers plenty of networking opportunites for all career types.


Broward College is an excellent academic institution for students studying various different fields, especially teacher education and business.


Broward College is a wonderful school to attend beacuse the advisors are resourceful and the professors are great to their students.


A nice environment ,that is much like high school.


Broward college may lack all the bells and whistles of many of the local big name schools however you will get a straight laced education that will prepare you to transfer to a 4 year program.


Broward College is an establishment committed to educating the populace of Broward County in subjects relevant to a prosperous society, while promoting higher education beyond a two year AA degree.


Broward College is like seeing and experiencing the world in my own backyard.


My school is one that builds character and motivates its students to achieve.


Broward College is completely different than high school. It has a lot of opportunities for student activities and there library's are amazing!


The college just before the real college.


Very well organized, one of the best.


My school is a great place for transitioning students from high school to college


Broward College is really helping the people in Broward County get an education for their future, is a great College mostly central campus is the best one and has the pretiest girls .


It is an outstanding place to learn!


Broward Community College is a wonderful school that not only offers Associates degrees but also offers Bachelor of Science degrees, there is always something to do on campus and student life made sure you had a good time and that you were up to date with the current activities and club meetings by sending you an email weekly and by posting bulletins around the school.


Broward College gave me the opportunity to deep myself on the American culture and to study. My dream is to become an Accountant. I never was disappointed at Broward College. The teacher, the resources, the professionalism are all characteristics of the College. They have campus all over Broward County and classes available for any schedule.


It provides many opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals who will stand out positively in the American society.


really nice enviroment, parking problem is solved, I need financial aid and they won't give me. The majority of professor care about the students, and want to help them. Need to have better counselers.


An eclectic gathering of characters that want to get themselves an education, so they come to Broward College.