Broward College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Nothing frustrates me about Broward College. Believe it or not im a pessimist.


Sometime, it's unstable courses and textbook!


There's not too much that I can really criticize about Broward College. The school has a clean atmosphere , and the excellent education offered for the low tuition fees is an absolute bargain. My only issues toward the school is that it 's a community college on paper. I only intend to stay at this school for my Associate of Arts Degree , then I plan to transfer over to a four year state university to complete my intended major in Sports Medicine. In due time, I plan to recieve a Master's Degree from a state university, not at BC.


The ost frustrating thing about my Broward College is that it is so close to home that I don't get involved enough. I go to class every day just waiting to get out so I can see friends or go home but, that is not the right way to go about it. School is important, and if you are paying for your education, you want the most out of it. A school needs to be like a community, to be united so we can learn from one another.


The long waiting lines when you're trying to get answers about finances and/or choosing classes because the staff is just walking around have students waiting.


The most fustrating thing about my school is that the class sizes are so large. Also the fact that many of the stuents here don't wanna be here and are only here beause their parents want them here, they take from the learning experience.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how long the line is, when it comes to walk-in appointments with the advisors at the beginning of the semester. The line can reach the other side of building, which is why I always schedule my appointments online.


So far the most fustrating think about the school I attend now is the fact that they dont have alot of elective classes and bettersports to play like football and track & feild. I know it's a community college, but it would'nt hurt to have a little more.


The most frustrating thing about my school, is walking from one class to another; in such a short amount of time when i have classes that are one after another. also every semester the students attending school becomes higher and higher. It gets kind of crowded i think its time for our campus(Central) to expand.


I think the must frustrating thing about my school is that I never know when things are happening. I miss out and it's not only me. The majority of the students never know when stuff is happening. They just go to school and then go back home (it's a community college :>)


I tend to focus on the positive side of life... anything negative would simply be a reflection of how i feel on the inside about mself. I am a psychology major for a reason, ya know? :)