Broward College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that no matter where you go to college, the course work isn't easy. I felt as though I approached attending Broward College with naive eyes. I had no idea the amount of coursework and rigorous assignments I would be challenged with. Although I must say that this was a plesant surprise I really feel like I am getting a greater education than what I am paying for. Due to the fact that I was mentally unprepared for this course work, I got a bit of a "real-life" shock, I welcomed it.


I wish I had known that I can apply for schoolarship so easily


I wish i had known the school better when i first came in. At first it was a little difficult because I was new and everything is new to everybody, also because the school is big enough to get lost. But after I started knowing the school better it was a breeze and everything was more clear. Broward College is a very good/ amazing school.


Do a little better on Standerized tests, and spend more time applying for scholarships.


There is really nothing i wish i had known before i came to this school. This school has made me what i have become and has opened alot of doors in my future.


One major piece of information that I wish I had known before attending college would have been that, unlike high school, you miss an assignment and your grade drops! Missing an assignment throws you off schedule and causes you to fall behind. To not procrastinate because you will regret falling behind.


I wish that I knew that the website existed, for in my first semester during orientation, the aids were not helpful and I ended getting classes with impossible teachers which led me to not such a good start in college.


I wish i could have known that school was going to be nothing like high school and every thing that you do is solely on you and the all the teachers do is teach, nothing more. It would have been nice to know i would have to be on top of my studies because everything is my responsibility.


Before coming to college, I wish I had known that I had to set long term and short term goals. I wish I had known that I would have to work on my time management skills. I also wish that I would have known to focus on my priorities, and not allow my friends or my job to distract me from my school obligations.


That I would talk to my advisor about the many scholarships available so that I would take advantage of them. Also I would like to know where my classes were before school started so I wouldn't be late for my first class.


One thing that I wish I would have known before I came to this school is the type of classes that they had here.


I should have been more active in extra-curriclar activities in high school


I wish I knew more about the financial aide process and all the forms you have to fill out.


How detailed online classes can be. Everyone thinks that just because it is an online class, it will be very easy to pass. However, they are not, and if you don't keep up with the discussions or the assignment, before long you will be completely lost.


There is nothing that I would wish for that i dont already have. Being that my sister went to the same school, I was awarded the privilege of knowing what to expect upon entering college. Anyting I did not know i learned from asking questions or simply doing.