Broward College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is very affordable and the quality of the professors is great.


Well, considering the fact that I started college exactly a month ago, I don't have anything I consider to be the bst about my school. However, I do love the campus and how green and colorful it is. It creates a light mood, which brings better vibes while in school.


The diversity and open mindedness of the staff. If you want to meet different ethnicities and cultures this is the place to be.


My school has a great staff that will go above and beyond to help it's students. It provides the help that allow students to succeed and achive their goals, with words of encouragement and motivation. The counselors will take their time and make each student feel comfortable, in florida we have a lot of different racial backgrounds however broward college makes students feel as if we're all the same.


great environment to learn.


The thing I consider the best at Broward College would be for students that want to be successful that provide many opportunities. They have many nationally recognized organizations that students can join and challenge themselves with a rigrous environment. The Phi Theta Kappa and Honors Institute are both great opportunities for students to not only challenge themselves academically but earn scholarships, and give back to the community. They also have career specific organizations such as Phi Beta Lambda, they compete in many events ranging from accounting, financial services, all the way to ethics and business presentation.


The best thing about my school, Broward College, is being able to have a flexible schedule and being able to coordinate my school schedule around my life. I enjoy the campus and the teachers and students are very helpful.


The best thing about my school is the EMS program in which I am enrolled.


The best thing at my school so far has to be the "Coffee House", the Coffee House is a great way for students to come together and study and even sing! Usually at the Coffee House the school brings different guess speakers to touch on different topics or subject, other nights they bring upcoming singers or musicians. During the season the Coffee House is very occupied with sports fans around the school. This is just one of the thing I like best about my school.


I, personally, love the atmosphere in central campus. The fact that they have no smoking outside of certain smoking zones is great!


I like the fact that there are so many different campuses located throughout Broward County. Also, I am employed full-time, therefore, I like the fact that they offer a variety of night classes.


The best thing that I consider the best in my school is that the class size are not a lot, that the school is not expensive, and that the teachers actually help us when we need help. I really like my school for those reasons because when the class size is not a lot, there is more help and more face to face with the teacher. Everytime I have needed help, all of my teachers have always helped me. Since the school os not that expensive, its more affordable for me to be able to go to school.


Those attending Broward College should cultivate the convenient resources available to them at each campus. This school is affordable and creates an environment that allows its students to excel. There are different clubs and student organizations at each campus that students are able to join. For example, there is a new student organization for Haitian students called the Haitian Student Association. This club allows its members to promote Haitian culture in the wake of the natural disaster that has failed to overcome such a strong-winded people.


No matter where you go, college is truly what you make of it. Never understimate what kind of education you can get from a community college. Broward Community College is a culturally diverse atmosphere with students from many different parts of the country and globe. Also, it has many campuses around the county making going to class geographically convenient no matter where you live. But the best apart of my school are the professors. The teachers are engaging, personal, inspiring, and will push you to reach your full potential. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten this far.


The best thing about my school would be the excellent education they provide, the professors at the Broward College Institute of Aviation really do a great job and I am very pleased with the education that I have recieved so far.


There is no discrimination of age groups. The website is very helpful as well as the amazing teaching staff. I would recommend this school to anyone.


What I love most about Broward Community College is the staff. The staff is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. They are never to busy to help and give the information or advice that is best for the student. I am impressed by their attitudes and how they are happy with they employment and employer. It is really a reflection on the administration and how they take care of their employees.


At Broward College (BC), I get to use the resources at the school for free and they offer free tutoring. I also like that the staff and teachers are so helpful and understanding when it comes to the student needs. There are professors at this college who really care about you and accomplishing your goals. Being at BC, I have grown into being the student that I thought was impossible for me to be. I am glad that I chose to go back to school.


I believe the best thing about my school would have to be the plethora of feilds of study in which they offer. It's a great place to get on the right track of whatever it is you choose to study.


The best Thing About My School is that the teachers care. Teachers extent there hand out all to help you. The School also provides tutoring for anyone who needs help no matter what the subject is. My School also rewards you for your hard work. They recognize you as a individual which all schools should do.


The best thing about my school is the theatre department and the faculty there. The department is really great they hold two shows a semester which gives many people opportunity to be apart of the program, also the people there are the nicest and most helpful people I have ever expected to encounter, they make me feel so comfortable when I seek answers or just need someone to talk to. The faculty there also make the program much more fun!