Bryant University Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


The majority of Bryant students tend to have a "work hard, party hard" mentality, so going out on the weekends is the norm. WHERE students go out really varies by preference though. Some people prefer to hang out on campus and chill with their close friends; others like to go to on-campus parties (which can be a lot of fun, but are sort of hit or miss). Still others prefer to go off campus to Providence - or even Boston - to enjoy the restaurants and night life there. Students who prefer not to drink might tag along with their friends to parties anyway (and just not drink), or attend some of the Bryant @ Night events that are held on campus during the weekends (movies, comedians, etc). During weekend-days most students sleep in, do homework, and have meetings for various school projects or involvements. Some students go to sports games or participate in the many fundraising/charitable events that take place on weekends, such as Relay for Life, Special Olympics, etc. Others go home for the weekend, or take trips to Newport, Boston, NYC, or other destinations in the surrounding area. Although Bryant is a residential campus, there is always plenty to do both on campus and within easy driving distance.

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