Bryant University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The basketball courts are usually locked and impossible to play on.


The most frustrating thing is the cost. I am currently paying my self through school whereas many of my classmamtes are given the privilege of having their parents pay. I just wish it was easier to cope with in the future.


The work is very challenging and people think that our majors are jokes because in any other school, business is not a hard major, but at Bryant, it's the entire school basically so it's not a joke and you actually have to work hard.


The most frustrating thing about Bryant University is the profressors. Many of the professors do not seem qualified to be teaching at the college level or they do not seem motivated to be teaching. This makes it hard for me personally to be motivated about the subject especially when its a subject that is not part of my major that I already have no interest in. Some (not all) of the professors i've had do not relate well to students which makes it hard for many to learn.


The most frustrating part about Bryant University was the cost of tuition. At the age of 18, I wanted to pursue a degree in business and the total cost in order to do this was over 100,000 dollars. I wouldn't change getting a bachelor's degree I just wish wish colleges would be more cost effective. My school was private and did not offer any type of instate tuition which was frustrating as well.


all the requirements and the amount i pay for what i recieve


The only frustrating part is the limits on the dining services. We have one main dining hall (which provides all sorts of food in a buffet/all you can eat style) and another dining area in another building with a place to get wraps/pizza, chicken/burgers, and a subway. I wish we had more options.


Some of the most frustrating things about my school would have to be the increasing cost of tuition, the lack of on campus jobs, and all the new construction that is taking place to accomodate the increasing student body.


Academics and course work overload. Sometimes it is difficult to balance social and academic life because everybody seems so outgoing here.


It's too small sometimes and there isn't too much in the surrounding areas.