Bucknell University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Bucknell University is how people tend to clump together into groups and only interact with a few people. This is most prominent among international students and fraternities and serorities. Greek life encompases a large student population at Bucknell, and one can be percieved as a minority and be excluded from various friendships and social events if not a participant.


I really have nothing bad to say about the school. It was the best experience of my life.


There was no 'worst' thing about Bucknell. The best way to answer this question is to note that the campus is small (less than 4,000 students total) and that it's not close to any metropolitan location. This had advantages, including that the campus location created a more tight-knit student community.


The worst thing about Bucknell may be that the coursework is so hard. This may simultaneously be the best thing, but it's not too riveting whilst one is doing it. I mean I am quite glad that school is so challenging, because I know in the long run I will benefit from it. My high school friends at more laid back and easier universities enjoy fun pastimes more often. But in the end, I will be more prepared for a career. So in answer, the worst thing is that completing homework and studying is so painful while being done.


The worst thing about Bucknell is the lack of diversity. Almost every person is of the same race and background.


The campus setup


While students are generally accepting, gay students are a definitely minority on our campus. Hence, my life can sometimes be a bit more difficult than that of other students.


There is a lack of diversity on campus. Not neccesarily racial or ethnic, but most students tend to be preppy.


It could probably be more ethnically diverse.


Bucknell is all hills.


workload, dependign on your major


narrow-mindedness of some administrative staff on opposing views (made it difficult for students to be polticially conservative, morally liberal, etc...), sometimes hard for middle class students ot keep up with predominantly upper class student body


We only have two places on campus that are large enough to accomodate large crowds of people: the indoor track facility and the basketball facility. Being on the track team, sometimes the school takes away our ability to practice during bigger events, and sometimes it cuts into the crux of our season. I wish that we had a student center that would provide a place for students to go (concerts, famous guest speakers, admission events, etc.)


Not enough choices for students to obtain off campus housing during their senior year. Administration's attempts to reduce off-campus housing every year. Lack of connections through the career development center.