Bucks County Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Because this is merely a local community college, it really isn't known for anything at all. It has a similar reputation to every other community college in the surrounding areas, in that it is simply "13th and 14th grade".


Typical community college


Preparing students for university


Buck's County Community College is best known for their artsy historical look. The Newtown campus has beautiful hisorical architecture throughout campus. Buck's County Community College seems to draw in the arts and literature.


Bucks County Community College is best known for their small classes and personal attention, which makes students feel like their education is important from the professors teaching the students their desired courses.


I believe Bucks County Community College is best kown for being one of the most recognizable community colleges in the country ,for that matter the world. The staff gets students where they need to be to transfer or succeed in further studies or work when they graduate from Bucks or do the two year program. The staff really do care about your future and lead you to successful roads. The staff is what makes Bucks County Community College so successful.