Butte College Top Questions

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This school really helped me out financially. For a while, I thought I did not have a chance at going to college but because of the Board of Governor's fee waiver, which pays for your classes, I got the chance to start my education without any stress.


The campus is what is so unique, it is a wildlife refuge. The campus has hundreds of acres covered with all types of agriculture. But what makes it most unique is the staff, so helpful and undersstanding.


The most unique attribute of Butte Community College is that it is a Wildlife Refuge. That means that the campus is set out in the remote 900 acres north of oroville amidst the beautiful and peaceful creatures of nature. The lucious blue oak trees gives the campus its distinct smell of nature and the birds sing of wondrous melodies. It provides for a rural education away from the distracting components of the city.


we are the leaders in sustainability. Continuously thinking of innovative ways of helping to reduce our impact as well as give back to our precious mother earth. We are role models of Sustainability with our solar program (1 Mega watt solar array. one of the largest college arrays in the country) The college is a living classroom for many programs. 928 arces or outdoor labs. in the process of aligning/integrating the topic of sustainability into everyday life


the school has many solar panels throughout campus and they hope to be able to sufficiently provide power to the entire campus through the use of their solar panels


This school is a lot smaller than my other choices. It also helps that it doesn't cost as much to attend this school than the other schools I have considered. I have also noticed that the professors at this school really do try to push you to stay on track. They tell you all your resources you have to help you succeed, and make sure you are using them. Basically it is a friendly enviornment. Not too many bad things happen in that area.