Cabrillo College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are eager to learn and ask a lot of questions. They have a good relatinship with professor's and are easy to talk to. They are nice and will lend you their notes if you ask them. Also, when working with them in groups they are very insightful and great to work with.


My class mates are recent high school graduates that are pursuing a higher education. Most of them are local kids that felt like saving money at a Junior College first before they decided which university they wanted to attend.


My classmates are representative of the human race in every way: color, interests, dispositions, aspirations.


Most students that attend Cabrillo College are not as motivated as preferred. Many of them attend Cabrillo as their back up plan for their education.


My classmates are studious, independent, focused and from all walks of life.


They are really focused with their studies.


I guess it depends what class I am talking about, if were talking about my honors western civilization class, then peretentious.