Cabrillo College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I brag about most when telling people about my school is the fact that it is 10-15 minutes from the beach and that on some second flours of the campus' buildings you can see the ocean.


My school is very diverse and a lot of people of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities are enrolled. It is a great place because the classrooms are not very large and thus you can get a lot of attenion from the insrcutors. Also, the teachers really care about the students and are very intelligent. The school is not very expensive and provides a lot of financial aid.


Well first of all i tell them that my school is more affordable than any University. I also tell them that it is in a a very convinient location, which is only 15 minutes away from where i live. Plus it is close to the beach and a shopping center. I also brag about how i can ride my bike to school and save money. The last thing would have to be that i tell my freinds that i have my family close by.


What I brag most about when I'm with my friends is the fact that class size is small, so you recieve all the attention you need. The professors are well educated, friendly, and enjoy teaching. Plus, if you are having difficulty with your work, your professors have office hours to help you. The campus is small so theres always a chance of running into some friends on your way to class.


How I got the best teachers, and if I recieved a A in my classes.


Excellent and well educated teachers that are willing to help you and want you to learn, free tutorials and centers that help you with your homework and amazing extracurricular activities that help you shape your leadership skills while interacting with other students.


When telling friends about my school, the fun and engaging classes in theater, dance, and the arts definitely come up. There are many different areas of focus at Cabrillo, and being a community college, many ages and diverse interests. Adding classes such as yoga, costume and mask making, and pottery allow you to nurture the creative side of yourself while lightening up the otherwise heavy load that other classes can put on you. The recognition of the arts at Cabrillo draws in many beautiful and wonderful people and creates connections and friendship within the community.


Academically, I really enjoy the sciences. I talk about how science is one of the things that sticks in my brain. I have a hard time forgetting it, really. Electrons and protons seem like common sense to me. If I were to brag about the physical aspect of the school, I would have to mention the ocean view. Even though the school has undergone a lot of budget cuts and losses of classes, all the teachers are upbeat and happy to be there. Its inspiring to see people who really love what they do no matter what.


The teachers. I haven't come across a teacher whom I don't like yet! They are energetic about the classes they teach and help the students in any way they can.