California Baptist University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I do appreciate this school. i like the environment and interaction between people. In offices there is no bureaucracy and services are offered timely and accurately. The admission is not very strict if you are an average student. People when I tell them that I got to CBU they are like amazed because it is private christian university that is respected in the inland empire, California. Recently they have been a problem of parking but the school is doing its best to solve it. Another problem is the tuition which is a little high but is worth it. For those people interested in studying liberal studies and christian studied or MBA but looking for Christian environment, I would recommend CBU. The school is not too small or too large, the size is OK. the longest distance student travel is from engineering building to the chapel which is 4 minutes on a bike. Something that I will always remember is the retreat of freshmen in the mountains. It was super cool.