California Baptist University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Continue shooting for the moon, kiddo. And if you hit a stumping block, don't give up. You will have struggles. You will cry. You will want to quit. But never quit. You are capable of so much more than the world is telling you. Fight. Fight like a Phipps. Praise the Lord for every step in your journey--good or bad. Never lose faith. Your time is limited and you never know when it will be up, so live each moment to it's fullest. Remember how amazed your father was at your dreams...make him proud. One day he will look down on you from heaven and see that you never gave up the dream. Hold strong to that! Believe.


The very first thing I would give my high school self advice about would be to stress the importance of doing your absolute best from the get go and getting a head start on college schooling. Considering how difficult it is now to get classes many times and it taking longer to fnish school now I would have gone to night school while i was in high school since classes were free. Originally being a psychology major then moving to nursing and discovering the extreme competitiveness I would tell my future self do not accept anything less than the best with grades it makes the world of difference and sets you above all others when applying to programs. I would also tell my high school self, do not stress about not knowing what to major in, learn, discover, find yourself and you will find your passion. And, always make school first, a social life is nice and fun, but your future depends more on your schooling than the outing you will have a million more opportunities to do later in life.


The main advice I would give myself is to be very proactive. Due to my laziness or lack of motivtaion I failed to apply for as many scholarships as I could have. The more scholarships I would have applied to the less I would have to pay out of pocket now and work off. By not looking into every opprotunity I could have I also missed the chance of exepiering living in a dorm. Being proactive could have also been in the classes I took in highschool. If I had taken more a.p. courses or any equivalent I could have saved a lot of time and money in courses that I could have taken in highschool.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, Im not sure if I would say anything. The tings that I experienced in between my senior year and this year made me grow into the person I am now. I learned, the hard way, that college is not the time to chill out and let the future worry about itself. In high school I know that I should have taken that extra AP class and studied harder for the SAT, but because I didn't, I know the importance of scholastic perseverance. College is hard but it is worth learning how to be an adult and how deal with situations. If I told my 18 year old self that I should save more money and that I should make more time with my family because I am going to lose one of them, I would never have learned how to be financially responsible or how to cope with a loss. The past already happened, so all we can do is learn from it, and enjoy our present time because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.


No matter how uncomfortable going somewhere unfamiliar is, and how scary a new school is, always be yourself and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You will meet some great friends throughout your college years so don't be afraid to talk to people you've never met before.


If I were able to go back in time, I would tell my younger self three things. Those three things would be: 1. Get more involved, 2. Apply to more schools, 3. Spend the time to apply for scholarships and try harder at saving up money. The first thing that I mentioned was involvement. I would definitely tell my past self to get involved in clubs and make connections. This would not only allow me to make friends and have fun, but it would also help me to decide what I really like and possibly what I should major in. I am not only talking about school involvement, I would also urge my past self to obtain another job or do volunteer work as well. As I second peice of advice, I would tell myself to apply to more universities. As a senior I only applied to one school. This lead me to community college and I missed out on the "dorm life" as a college freshman. Finally, and most importantly, I would convince my younger self to apply for as many scholarships and save as much money as possible as money makes college possible.


I would not change my decison about commming to Cal Baptist but I would definetly focus on getting more scholoarships before coming to this school. I have had to work to Jobs and baby sit on the side, and I feel likeit isa ffecting my grades. I am a person who willget an A in a calss but only becuase I have to sit there for hours studying, and working so much has taken away time from school. Other than that I have made am happy with where I am at.


I would tell myself to prioritize my time more wisely because college life is about prioritizing. II would tell my high school self to not leave homework at last minute, because college homework takes up more than one hour to complete. Making time for homework should be the first priority. Now that I am a college student, my homework takes a MINIMUM of 2-3 hours to complete if I spread my homework throughout the week. if I I would also tell myself to learn a strategy that works for myself when I study a subject. The tranistion of studying in college is really different from high school, because college courses contain more information to memorize than high school courses. I wish I would have applied to a lot more scholarships because I am already in debt with loans as a freshman. I would tell myself to apply to at least 5-10 scholarships a week in order to have a higher chance of getting some financial help from organization outside the college of my choice.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to try and take college classes during high school. I regret not getting more of my general education out of the way. Also, I would tell myself to not be so excited about the transition, because when I finally got here, I was very overwhelmed and I wanted to slow down and go back to high school when things weren't so crazy and busy. Finally, I would tell myself to consider carefully what major they want to take or just go undecided because with my major I am very overwhelmed with it. Even though this it's what I want to do for sure, I didn't consider how stressful my life would become and I was only thinking about the social life I would have. I love college and I wouldn't trade it for the world but I wish I could tell myself these few things.


The advice I will give myself as a high school senior is to be prepared for what is expected in each course. There is no reason to slack off and state, "I will catch up soon," because I have had the experience to slack off with homework and fall behind massively. College is not like high school where you can slack off with homework or any assignments and easily catch up. I will tell myself that if i fall behind i will stay behind throughout the entire course because work piles up each day and have other classes to worry about as well. The most important advice I will tell myself is to manage my time well. Manage my time with school and work, I should be able to attend both and have no trouble coming home and finish all my assignments and study for upcoming quiz or test. Another important thing about managing time is sleep! In order to stay focused and be determined the body and brain need enough sleep each and every day to continue the day without stress. Stress can cause sentimental damage throuhgout the school year and can be major trouble towards my education.


I think that I would tell myself not to try and plan my entire life out before I graduate high school. Planning ahead is wise, but planning fifteen to twenty years in advance can be problematic if one link in the chain is never forged. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket, as one unknowingly wise friend once told you---don't be afraid to expand your horizons to more than just a few colleges or career options. Don't take failure or rejection too hard (easier said than done, I know), because there are always other paths to take in life; if your plans don't work out, don't let it get you down too much---just adjust your plans accordingly and move on! Focus on what you want to get out of life through your future college experience. Take time to develop as a person to be able to know what it is you're truly good at and what it is that you're passionate about. Don't be afraid of the word "career." Overall---be flexible, take everyone's urgings in stride, and don't be afraid of the future.


The advice I would give myself would be to be prepared to make the decisions that come with graduation. Graduation is an important step, because I am faced with the choice to either remain in my childish ways or graduate from high school and become an adult. Graduation requires for me to determine the healthy relationships, and to seperate myself from those relationships who are stuck in childish ways. It also requires me to make my own decisions and stop expecting my parents to solve my problems. Most importantly, graduation gives me the oppurtunity to become responsible. I can choose to take responsibility in whatever path I take, and do it to the best of my ability. Lastly, always set goals that can be reached and persevere until those goals are met.


If I got the chance to go back in time to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself not to be so stressed out and afraid of moving on. I remember myself the day before graduation thinking, "Wow, this is it. high school is over. I have to move on now to the real world." It's not so bad after all. I honestly love college and I love where i'm attending college, mostly because of the christian culture Cal baptist has to offer. Another thing I would tell myself is not to be so lazy because college is definitely stressful. I really started to get lazy my senior year because It was the last year of high school and I had already decided where I was going to college. I think I have carried the laziness along with me to college. I definitely realized it lately and picked up my game, My grades have never been better. Mostly though, college is a great experience. Even though the transition is hard, there are a bunch of other freshman there going through the same thing that you are. Your not alone.


The biggest piece of advice I would give to my highschool self is STOP PROCRASTINATING! If I have learned anything in college so far, it is that there is no time to mess around during class and that you cannot procrastinate. If you do then you will literally be swamped! So wake up, highschool senior Kayla, and get it together. Finish your assignments way before the deadline. Trust me and make it a habit now, or you are going to have a stressful freshman year of college!


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior I would say, "you are going to go through some rough patches and bumpy roads, and you will feel like you want to just give up several times along the way, but know that the journey is worth the learning and growing that you'll do. Keep pressing forward because you will find that you like who you become and the heart of who you are will be revealed in your adversities, which will enable you to be a witness to others who are watching and waiting to see how you handle things. Your life will resound hope for those who feel like there is no reason to keep trying, and that will be worth every twist and turn that comes your way. Keep going, and keep listening to that whisper inside that longs to guide you. You will find your way and you will live your best life."


If I could go back to high school and tell myself advice, I would tell myself that having straight A’s is an attainable goal. I gave up on myself because many people told me since no one in my family ever went to college that I probably wouldn’t go either. I was given up on because of my Hispanic roots and because I come from a family with little money. If I could tell myself to push through and keep working hard in getting good grades then I would have a better accumulative GPA and it would be easier to acquire scholarships. I would tell myself to stay active in reaching my academic goals in addition to one more tip. I would tell my senior-in-high-school self that I was not alone. I remember stressing over miniscule details for hours because I didn’t understand everything that I would be faced with in the future. Now that I have experienced college for myself I understand that it’s okay to be unsure about something. Life is a long process that allows us to never stop learning and that is a beautiful thing- not a scary thing.


Dear Vianey, this soon, shall pass. Do not allow your faithful peer oppressors dictate who you are or what you can and cannot become; you are better than anything they could possibly formulate and articulate about you. Only you know what you know and who you are, and no one can take that from you. Challenge every idea that pops in your head because why not? Be bound not by conventional social and academic standards, it is okay to be single at age seventeen. I promise you that teachers will not bite if you communicate with them, not everyone is out to get you. Asking questions is not wrong, the problem is not asking, for not knowing does not equal stupid. It is not all about you. Build not only academic success but success in your character. Be loving, be selfless, be you. Now is when you start opening or closing doors to your future. Be a jack-of-all-trades and master of your OWN future, because regardless of the ocean of belittling words and exhausting emotional beatings, you are golden, child.


Plan ahead. During your first year, make an appointment with academic advising and plan out your four-year plan. Figure out what classes are offered during each semester so you do not get stuck staying in school longer than needed. As far as academics , GO TO CLASS. Not only will actually going to class help with learning the material, but your professors will recognize that you are trying to do well in their class. However, do not stop there! Talk to your professors in person and form a relationship with them. Professors are there to help, and most of them love to do so. Having a good relationship with your professors will make it easier for your professors to help succeed. Lastly, USE YOUR PLANNER. Stay on top of your responsibilites versus spending the whole semester trying to keep your head above academic waters. Get in the habit of studying every night, or finding the methods that work best for you. Take advantage of the services offered on campus as well. Make the school work for the money you are paying them!


If I knew what I know now back in highschool, I would assure myself that there is no reason to stress and fear for the future because life is what you make it. I would tell myself, " If you just take it day by day and one step at a time, eventually you will reach your destination. I cannot stress the importance of working hard and staying focused now, so you can celebrate and enjoy life later. " Also, keeping in mind that I had to learn the hard way that nothing is ever accomplished in comfort zones, I would say, " Don't be afraid to be yourself, don't be afraid to take chances, don't be afraid to create new you's that you've never imagined. Fear is only false evidence appearing real, and fear is the number one reason of failure. " In the end, we all have one ultimate goal: happiness and freedom. With that being said, the last advice I would give to myself is: "To work to become, not to acquire. You can be whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. The only person that can stop you is me."


i would travel back in time and tell my self to save every penny. in the time before college i can not even imagine how much money i spent on junk and fast food that could have been used to educate myself and prepare me for a better future. i would also tell myself that life gets better after high school and that everything is going to be okay.


I would tell my myself to don't be afraid of a challenge! That I shouldn't doubt my abilities, and take more AP classes! It would have paid off by the time I got to college! I would tell myself to continue to work diligenrly! Even when I was my lowest, most frustrationg point, I would tell myself no to quit, because you need perserverence for college! In addition, I would tell myself to don't forget to relax, take a breather, and have some fun! Being able to have fun is just as important as studying sometimes! Oh, and I would tell myself to sop overstudying (like studying 2-3 hours just for a 10 question quiz). The stress of overstudying causes me heart problems down the road, so I would have told my past self to kick the habit! Last, but most important, I would tell myself to have more faith in the Lord that I'll pull through college. It's hard to have the faith sometimes, but I would tell my past self I'd need all the faith I can muster just to get through the first semester of college!


I would tell myself to be a little bit more focused on my academics and a little less on socially.


The best advice that I could give myself is to do my best in all of my school subjects. Many students think that Senior year in high school is all about having fun, which is partly true, but you must focus and finish strong. The more courses you take in high school means less courses in college and money saved in college tuition and other school necessities. You must go to college because no other route will give you a fulfilling life. A minimum wage paying job will not allow you to have any material goods or quality outings with the ones you love. Stay in school, stay focuses, and never give up on your dreams. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Looking back on where I was my senior year, and having now spent three years in college, I can say that there has been substantial knowledged gained. Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself all the advice that I have learned about college life and making the transition. I would tell myself that it is acceptable to be unsure about what direction in life I want to choose and that I should not let my fear of the unknown rule over me. I would definitely advise myself to dare to dream of possibilities outside of what I feel is expected of me and even what I have already assumed is best. I would assure myself that even though it is hard, to boldly ask all the questions I can think to ask and thusly set myself up to be prepared and knowledable. Finally I would advise myself to diligently focus on finding sufficient study habits that fit my learning style and capabilities.


I would give myself three simple tips: college is expensive, study, get involved. If I knew how expensive college really is, I would have tried harder to get scholarships or do better on my SAT's. I would have studied more in my first semester of college if I knew how easy it is to fall behind. I would have also gotten way more involved so I could make more friends.


If I were to go back in time I would of made a college fund.


Dear Arianna, Make sure that you go to school right out of high school, move out and get on the dorms, really dig into life and make sure you take every oppertunity that you can. If you do not do it now you will end up working three jobs going to school full time and you will have to continually work twice as hard for your dreams because you did not accept that scholarship to that fancy university. Later in life you may be very upset about the decisions that you made so make sure you take every oppertunity that comes your way. It is important that you do not do what others feel that you should do, but rather what you feel you should do. Make sure you listen to your heart, as cheesy as that sounds, the only person that can make you happy is yourself so make sure that you do what you need to do in order to make yourself happy. Love, Your future self


If I could go back in time and give myself adivce as a high school senior I would tell myself to practice beneficial study habits sooner instead of later. I would advise myself to not slack off and catch the common "senioritis". I would also tell myself to take the SAT's more serious and appreciate the bond I had with my teachers and classmates. I didn't realize how much the environment in college would change. It becomes completely up to you to build those relationships with classmates ad professors that are key to success.


I would tell myself not to worry. Academically, things will be fine. You're a good student, and the teachers l appreciate that and and are willing to help you when you need it. Also, don't forget to take some time out to relax and have fun. Study outside, enjoy the campus and the people. I would tell myself to think seriously about the job I want after college so that I would have a more straightforward plan of attack as far as my classes went. However, I can't honestly say that I would change anything because changing my major shaped who I am, and I'm not sure that I would have wanted to lose some of those experiences. Most of all, I would tell myself to relax more and enjoy the overall social-academic experience.


If I could go back in time and tell my senior self something I would tell me that everything is going to be okay so dont worry about it. Dont be nervous because your going to make alot of friends, and school is fun. Your classes will be a little hard but just keep your head up and you will succeed.


The best advice I could give myself would continue with college life that I have so far. Since college life would be the door to face a quality of life responsible, educated and with a good profession. Besides we expand our knowledge and know people with our own thinking.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about I would tell myself about tuition and to apply to as many scholarships as possible. I would make myself do as many scholarships as possible so i could get money and i would not have to worry about taking out student loans today. I would also tell myself to get a job so I would not have started college with no money. I would have told myself to save as much money as possible and to have botten a car so i would not have to be walking to places. Lastly, I would tell myself to have done better in my personal statement that i did to apply to some UC schools since i did not think it was good enough. I do not regret coming to the school I am attending but i would be happy knowing that i tried my best in my personal statement.


i would say. to go with my gut feeling and insticnt when it comes to picking the right school for you. i would say to utilize all the studying habits you learned in high school. save money now because you will most defenitly help you in the end and to not be discouraged by the amount that it cost to seek more scholarships and finacial help. there is hope and there is help out there and finacial assistance you just have to be willing to put in the work to find it. :)


If I could go back and talk to any high school senior and give any pointers or advice I would say that time management is the biggest adjustment you have to make going into college. When you go to college you are hit with so many changes you have to adapt quickly otherwise you will fall behind, when you start the first thing that is noticeably different is the amount of down time you have in college. Even though you have a lot more time to have on your own you should get your school work done first because procrastinating will always result in an obstacle. Another piece of advice I would give is no matter how far away or close you are to your family stay in contact with them. Your parents are used to being a part of your everyday life. Once you move out or even start attending college have started on this new journey that is the beginning of your new life and all your parents want is the best for you. Family will always be there for you through thick and thin. And last but not least enjoy your college years they are the best!


Going back as a high school senior would allow me to tell myself so many things. For starters I would have told myself to study abroad for a semester. This became especially appart after I served in an orphanage in Africa for two weeks. I also feel like I would have told myself to prepare more for college, such as finding more scholarships for college early on. I also wish I would have explored other swimming and water polo programs in order to find the best fit.


College is easy and the transition to college life is easier than you think. Be excited because this new chapter in your life is an important one, but it goes by extremely fast. Everything happens for a reason, so learn from your mistakes for they'll make you wiser. In college, you will grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. You will push yourself pass limits you thought you could handle. You are never alone, even when you feel misunderstood. When you feel like you have hit rock bottom in life, remember if this is the bottom, up is the only way you can go. Two sayings to live by: 'Carpe Diem' and 'Momento Mori'. Carpe Diem mean live each day to the fullest; so regret nothing. Momento Mori mean remember that we are all mortal and we will all eventually die; so live each day as if it was your last. Life longer, Love deeper, Laugh harder!


Dont rush yourself. Be postively sure that you are in a place where you can place everything you have into your college experience. Take as much time as you need and dont listen to the clock ticking. Happiness is more important than grades. Be yourself and dont forget about where you came from. Know your goal and always stick with it. You always dreamed of becoming an attorney and you will, but do not sacrifice your well being for others expectations. You have made it this far and you always knew deep down you would be successful. It is emparitive that you are in the right place when you enter college. Keep your dreams high. You can become the president. Always fight for loyalty, equality and your friends the way you always have. Never bend or bidge on your goals. Never forget about your dreams, always help your friends. The difference between those who make it and those who don't is ambition. Dont be too abrasive, but prepare for a battle. It will not be easy, but you have done just fine alone your whole life and you will continue when your ready for dollege. Bend, don't break.


Looking back, it seems as though my senior year of high school has passed by me without time to really enjoy it! As a senior, I felt that I was so eager to graduate high school and go on to college that I lost some of the nostalgia and enjoyment of being a senior. It was the final year for me to enjoy spending time with my classmates and relish the memories I had created with them. Transitioning to a new college was not easy at first, but I have learned to enjoy the different people around me and the diverse things that they can offer. It is important to enjoy the moment and realize that academics should not be the only core of your focus while attending college. I suppose if I had to sum up advice to myself during my senior year at high school, it would be as follows; enjoy the time you have left with your classmates and friends. Do not be too anxious about the future, but rather enjoy each day you have with those around you. Make sure to not only live life, but to live life in the moment.


Marlon, I know that the future looks stressful. SAT tests to take, college applications to look over, and financial aid will all take toll while you cram for exams and search for that perfect Prom tuxedo. I just want to tell you though, "No worries!" Like Grandma always tell you, "If anything good will happen, it will" and it definitely does in the end. I know you have put in a ton of work your past three years in high school, and trust me when I tell you that it will all pay off. I know that your mother isn't there to support you when it gets tough, but the emotional strength that you develop this senior year will give you the courage throughout any struggle in college. Remember to constantly spend time with your siblings and never forget to thank your father for the advice and wisdom he has given you in your senior year endeavors. Don't slack off for those AP exams and study hard for those finals you're taking at the community college. Stay close with your best friends and most importantly, make sure you have fun! Good luck!


The advice I would give myself from the best when I was a high school senior is that to study harder in high school. Because I slacked alot in high school and now that I am in college I learned that college two times harder than high school. And if I were to study harder in high school I would have a better study habit and could have gotten more scholarships with that high GPA. And also to be more active with my highschool, such as joining clubs or joining the leadership group. Because it looks better on your application and it also builds character as I am in college.


Young Alexa, Be wise about the courses that you choose to take. Just because you are taking a college class doesn't mean it will count towards the degree that you want to get. Use your resources, talk to the academic advisors and tell them what you plan to do. If you don't have a plan take the time to really think about what you enjoy and what you are good at, and also consider what is happening with the economy. You don't want to graduate from college and then not be able to get and job and start paying your loans back. Don't be embarrassed to ask questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question. Spend your time and your money wisely, there will come a time when even entry-level jobs are hard to come by so don't take your employment and your money for granted. And Finally, be thankful that you have been blessed with a good family that will always support you in whatever way they can. Not everyone gets a family like yours. Good Luck, An older, wiser Alexa


Emily, I know you tried college at nineteen and didn't like it and it was a scary experience. The foresite I have will help motavate you to remain in college and push through the fear. I know that you have only envisioned yourself as a stay-at-home mom, but what you don't know is that at age 35 your husband will have an affair and as a result of the affair, have a baby with the mistress that helps end your eleven year marriage. You will then find yourself a single mother of four sons living on welfare and food stamps struggling to have enough gasoline to go school four days a week. I know this looks and sounds hopeless, however now that you have this information, going to nursing school is one of the best things you can do for yourself confidence and your future sons to be independent and self-supporting woman.


Advice i would give would would be to take AP classes and not have it so easy senior year because that way you are not so shock with all the stress. Also, to get more involved on campus and lead clubs. Another thing would be spend your time filling out and searching for scholarships all the time. One more thing would be to not take for granted the free days that seem to appear daily in high school that almost never happen in college.


I am currently attending my first semester at Miami Dade College as an International Student. The first day I went there, I felt like I was home. The people were so welcoming and enthusiastic. My advisor, Sylvia helped me out to choose my classes and these are a perfect fit for me. In every class, the professors provide an excellent and pleasant ambience through their passion for their work, their support and their concern about students’ success. This environment makes us comfortable and eager to learn. The staff trusts, respects and encourages its students. They are always present for us. Miami Dade College gives me great opportunities for my development as a student which will be helpful later for my career. Another amazing fact about my college is the diversity of culture. The five continents are represented among staff and students. It perfectly corresponds to the image of Miami and to today’s Business World: A World of diversity and exchange. After six months at Miami Dade College, I feel a real change in my academic and personal life. That is why I am exited to extend this wonderful and valuable experience and encourage everyone to choose Miami Dade College.


It has been valuable for me to attend California Baptist University because I have learned numerous things in my classes, about myself, and about my religion. The atmosphere at California Baptist University encourages students to learn more about God and His plan for each one of us. Due to this atmosphere I have learned what it is that I am going to do with my life which if I had attended any other school I would not have found out about mu future plans and the opportunity for my life this career will open.


My college experience has been really great so far. It is definitely a lot of hard work, but it is also very rewarding. I have made so many great, real friends and I have been surrounded by a loving comunity, which I believe is very important. It has been very valuable to attend because I have learned a lot, but most importanly I have grown a lot. I have started to really learn who I am and what I want in life and i believe that Cal Baptist has had a lot to do with that. The community is unbeatable.


My college experience has set me on a life long quest to continue learning. Learning from experts in my field of study was so valuable to me now working in the field. I also have made lifelong relationships to glean off of when I need expert advice. This experience taught me that goals can be reached no matter how long it seems to take. It has encouraged me to continue reaching towards that final goal of finishing my graduate degree and getting licensed in my field. Doing this will enable me to work and make an income doing what I love. There is no other preperation better than this.


For me, College has been a tremendous learning experience. Academically, I have studied philosophy, psychology, sociology, communications and writing. Socially, I have learned how to be part of a community, how to make friends for life, how to be patient, and how to love. I have read hundreds of books and attended thousands of lectures, but the single most important lesson I learned in college was not found in the library or the lecture Hall. The single greatest lesson I have gotten out of my college experience is that I can do anything I put my mind to. College has taught me to forget the word can’t. With the right attitude and with the right determination, I can pass any test, learn how to do any thing, and achieve any goal. This attitude has been by far the most important, valuable, and enduring thing I have taken from college. Without it, my life would not look the same.


My college experience was great because it helped me transition from being a kid to being an adult. It gave me a safe environment to grow and learn and really become who i was going to be from who I was. It is valuable to be at CBU because there are boundaries and guidance helping students to make good decisions and become men and women who will be able to engage the world around them, making it a better place.


Make the initiative to visit colleges and talk with counselors to see what's best for me to attend college once graduated from high school. Make sure that the major I pick is what I really want so I accomplish the degree that I desire. Prepare myself to get all the necessary documents and start filling out application for financial aid. I will just do the overall preparation of going to school and make that I have everything in order and continue to speak with counselors.