California Lutheran University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


College is not for everyone. These days we are all being pushed into attending a four year university. We are told that university is the only way to success. However, there are so many other options for schooling that aren't necessarily four year colleges. Some people do better in vocational or trade schools. These schools produce just as successful adults as universities do. Everyone has a different skill set, and not every skill set is best suited for universities.


The only person that should not attend CLU is a person who is looking for a specific degree that CLU does not offer. Or, a student who's mindset is purely focused on partying and who could care less about the quality of their education.


Students who are only going to college for the parties. CLU has no Greek Life, & is a strictly dry campus.


California Lutheran University is perfect for any student. They offer a diverse and immersive education. The people are friendly and the faculty are very helpful. Being that Cal Lu is a liberal arts school, students are required to take classes that they may otherwise pass up. This opens up new interests and future considerations when finding a major. The class sizes are small and each student has plenty of one on one time with the professors.


Someone who is not open minded about new and different ideas.


Those who are looking for a party, college experience should not attend CLU. CLU is more academic based and is a dry campus. This means little to no parties on campus during the weekends and far less of the typical "college experience" people strive for. Additionally, those who are big on sports should not attend this university. Although our teams are good, students do not experience football games the way larger universities such as USC do. Attendence for all sports on campus are free and usually do not bring large crowds.


The kind of person whoe should not attend this school is someone who is not serious about school. Or someone who is undecided in their major.


mainly a white person who comes from a wealthy family financialy this school costs way too much, so if you dont have rich parents dont try to come here. Also if yoyr not white you will feel outcasted


If you are looking for a college experiene full of partying, this university is not for you.


I believe that people who hold partying as a top priority should not attend this school.


California Lutheran University is a school that is unquestionably built for every student. The faculty of California Lutheran University works hours upon hours everyday to provide the best support and knowledge for their students. As a peer advisor for the upcoming 2012 fall semester incoming transfer students, I can personally guarantee that every one of our faculty members always has the students' best benefits at the front of their concerns. Our faculty works to inspire, educate, and equipt their students with tools to build a successful life that gives back to the community ten fold.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to attend any school and decide if that is the best school for themselves.


I think that people who like urban cities with a lot of people in their classes and fraternities/ sororities should not attend California Lutheran University becuase this school is very quiet and friendly with small classes.


I really don't see why anyone shouldn't attend this school, it offers a good education program and if you can stick to your 4 to finish plan then you will graduate on time. I would say that the only reason you might not want to come here is because it is a small school, but that might appeal to other people like myself for example because I came from a small highschool.


If you like to party hard you shouldn't attend this school. California Lutheran University is a dry campus. Students do have parties off campus but most students find activites on campus that are fun without involving alcohol. Also its okay to be shy but prospective students need to keep in mind that class sizes range from 5-35 people which means student participation is a big deal at this school.


People who enjoy the small town, small school atmosphere. It is a close-knit community that is very supportive. It is welcoming for both religious and non-religious students. It is great if you like being involved and enjoy saying "hi" to lots of people as you wak around campus.


A student who is not driven for success, who does not like a challenge, and who doesn't like to engage with their peers. The teachers are really student based so if you are afraid to approach the teacher or ask questions, this isn't the University for you.


California Lutheran University has a small student body and is located in a smaller town. This school is not for the person who wants to be able to skip class unnoticed- class sizes are small the professors will notice absence- nor is this school for someone who wants the full Greek Life experience as there is no Greek Life on campus.


One should not attend California Lutheran University if he/she has no motivation, does not make schoolwork a priority, and prefers larger classroom settings. He/she is the type of person who prefers the city and having amusement and fun places to go outside of school.


A person who wants to remain anonymous in their classes would not fit well in this school. As a person gets further along in their major, the class sizes can become very small. Even the freshman level classes are quite small. Other than that, this school is very accepting and open and every person would feel welcome on this campus.


Someone that is not serious about studying and obtaining their degree.


Someone who is looking for a really large college should not attend this school. We have 2,700 students. If you are looking forward to large classes where you can slip into the back or not attend class, you should not attend our school because our classes are small and professors keep you accountable for your absenses, tardies, and late work. You should not attend this school if you want to be in a sorority or fraternity. We don't have them, and we do not have multiple parties going on every night, and we are a dry campus.


In my opinion, someone who is not open to relgious differences should not attend. California Lutheran is open to other religions and try to create an environment that is safe and welcoming to people of all religions, races, and ethnicities.


The type of person that should not attend California Lutheran University is someone who is not open minded and willing to experience new things. There are a variety of clubs and events offered at CLU and it would be a shame to pass up on them. Everyone on campus is involved in building a fun environment that promotes social and leadership skills. If a person is not interested in being involved and making new friends, I would suggest that this person not come to California Lutheran University.


Attending Cal Lutheran is for the individual who is motivated to obtain new skills and take care of themselves. Individual's who are not yet ready to leave from under their parent's wing need to not go here, or any university for that matter.


There isn't any type of person that should not attend this school. It is full of diversity, and allows a way for everyone to fit in.


People who are not interested in going to a very small school should not attend CLU. Also, students who want to have greek life should not attend CLU.


Some one who is not focused and just wants to party.


A person that does not have their mind set to finish school. Academics should come before everything else. People who slack off and just think about going to parties.


I think anybody can attend any school they like, money shouldn?t stand in the way of education. If you have a dream and a goal for yourself then you should have the right to attend any school you would like. Here at Cal Lutheran if you work hard and portray a positive mentality then you can succeed at any thing you set out to do. There?s no certain person that can be successful here, the door is open to anybody.


Someone who likes small environments and is willing to be active in the school community. You do not get lost in this school so you have to be accepting of teach faculty and student involvment in your life. There is not as much social life as most colleges but you can still find it. i would suggest that anyone could go here except people who want a huge college.


Someone who is looking for the big university college life.


not applicable


Anyone who wants a liberal laid back environment to go to school at. Campus is pretty quite, but the city, or beach, or snow is only at the most an hour drive away.


A person who wants to get lost in college. They won't succeed.


I wouldn't say what kind of people shouldn't attend, but for the university to just bring in more diversity. We have a small percentage of diversity, and this plays a big role for me.