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California State University-Dominguez Hills

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What are the academics like at your school?

Some of the professors know my name. My favorite class at the moment would be interpersonal skills because it covers a lot of interesting topics. I study every day to be ready for each class. Class participation is common when the subject is interesting. Yes students do have intellectual conversations outside in class were they discuss certain lecture topics that were mentioned in class. Students are competitive because when it comes to debates in class they show it a lot. The most unique class I've taken is Theatre because everyone talked and we all knew about each other. I'm a Health Science Community Health option major with a biology minor. The department is pretty good because I always get contact with them easily with no trouble. I actually don't spend time with my professors outside of class. I feel that the school's academic requirements are fair. I believe that in order to get a good job of course education is important. I believe that after I obtain my bachelors the school is going to help me find a job with internships. Overall, I love CSUDH. It is the best unique school I have ever attended.

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I can say that professors do know your name, and that is really important. The professors are not mean at all, they are there to help you. They do not care if you have a simple question, they will answer it. There are some professors that teach old school while others incorporate technology. This school is the best, I do not have any complain at all. I am very proud to say that this school has help me improved, my first year in this school, in all my classes I got straight A's for the first time of my school life.

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