California State University-Dominguez Hills Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


At CSUDH, this school helps everybody no matter what ones background is.


With people from all walks of life, with celebrated cultural backgrounds and personal beliefs, California State University Dominguez Hills eludes diversity, dedicated to the support of our youth and their social tolerance, educational empowerment and long-term success.


Dominguez Hills is a wonderful campus, located in Carson, CA, and minutes away from long beach. After attending my first year of college, I found out Dominguez Hills has an fantastic Education program that push students to become a teacher if there majored in Education. Any students planing to become a teacher, CSUDH is the school to be. Majority of CSUDH professors have PHD's and are willing to push their student to the direction they need to go to graduate. This is not a popular school, which means less students and more one on one tutoring with your professor.


People will make you feel welcomed; it is an overwhelmingly friendly environment.


My school is a school that cares and encourages students' success in reaching their aspirations, goals, and dreams with full campus support given to students in order to to reach their academic goals.


My school has alot of opportunities for students for all age ranges and different situations.


My school is nice, neat and people are really enthusiastic on learning


Dominguez is a school that is like a small community where any one can get to know everyone in the school. Not aying that you will meet everyone right away but you will meet a lot of great people who will beccome great friends to you.


A campus full of diversity and wonderful opportunities.


Cal State Dominguez Hills has a clean campus and a friendly environment, with down to earth people who are ready to welcome you and guide you through your university experience, along with a team of teachers that come in different personalities for each class enjoyment.


It feels like a different world.


I'm attending California State University Dominguez Hills. I love the environment and the how the Professor's are, they seem to be very dedicated in giving there student's greater and higher education, and that to me is the most important thing. One word to describe my school is: Diverse. There's every type of race, and that i love. I wanted to be able to explore different cultures, and backgrounds.


My university strives to encourage students with the abilities needed to be successful life.


My school is small and intimate, most students of the same major get to know one another and share the same classes.


Commuter school with mostly non-traditional college students, perfect for the student with a busy outside life.


It is a great place to begin a career in whatever they have to offer.


Very diverse campus, with many helpful people.


It is a school were you can approach anyone, students, staff, faculity, and have your questions answered correctly and friendly


My school leaves a lot to be desired; the administration is horribly unorganized and most of the faculty seems like they got their degrees from cereal boxes, the students are rude and disrespctful: Enrolling here was the worst mistake I have ever made.


My school is fun and sophisticatd environment.


My school has a great learning environment. It's like a home away from home for me.


CSU Dominguez Hills is a great school over all. The Prefessors will take that extra step to help the student.


My school is very diverse.

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