California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give my past self, is that college is definitely different from high school. I had troubles my first quarter of college and thats because I thought I could study how I did in high school, which was barely anything. I would let myself know to try harder, study more, make friends in the same major, join study groups, go to free tutoring services, and most of all go to your teachers office hours. I would also tell my past self to work out more and not be lazy in the beginning of school.


As a first time freshman in college, I feel like I can offer advice to kids who are high school seniors/juniors now because I am living through it right now. If I could go back and give advice to my high school self I would say a couple of things. First off, I would tell myself to try harder in school. I wasn't exactly a horrible student, I was a B average student. That being said, even though I was an average student, I learned that there are other kids out there that are better and they are big competition to me. I should have strived to be an even better student. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships. I would say this to myself because in high school I didn't realize how much of a financial burden it would cause for my family and I would have liked to be able to come into college no worrying about asking other people for money. I would think more to myself about how I would be able to keep myself self sufficient in college.


I would tell myself to relax and have fun with studies. Time flies really fast and you need to make friends as you work hard academically. I would also tell myself to listen to teachers advise because they have the interest of students success at heart. I would also visit teachers office hours and ask them how they were able to make it in life. Also I would appreciate what my parents did for me because they sacrifice a lot to ensure that we are comfortable in school but sometimes we take it for granted. I would also stand against bullying because while in high school I remember witnessing a few events but was so afraid to do something. As a girl I would also not waste a lot of time worrying about whether I will get a boyfriend or not but instead I would use that time to do community service or study more. Once again I would tell myself to relax, take time and enjoy school projects because I wasted time worrying about things that I had no control over that time.


Mario college will not be an easy feat. You will feel like you are in uncharted lands but you are a pioneer. There is nothing you cannot achieve. The best advice I can give you is to plan ahead. Breakdown your goals into measurable tasks. Set dates for getting things done. Whether it's for class assignments or for your academic schedule; that way you can make sure you take the classes you need. This will help you not put things until the end. Believe me, getting an A is fairly easy to do with the right discipline and planning. In addition, give yourself breaks and enjoy yourself. You do not have to study 24/7. Go out for a walk, go to the gym, or enjoy time with your family and friends. Trust me, you can do it all. Managing life and school is not simple but it is acheiveable with good planning. Next, as you prepare your final assault towards graduation, plan ahead. Start networking, go out there and look at internships, clubs, programs, and volunteering. This will help you develop transitions into a career. Which reminds me, start prepping your resume and update as needed. Good luck!


Dear Angelique, Congratulations on making it through senior year. It wasn't easy, but you held on and finished strong and I'm proud of you. Welcome to the beginning of forever. Your actions from here on out will determine our future. Don’t be overwhelmed, act responsibly and remain focused. It's up to you to build the foundation for the life we desire. What you put into school is what we will get out of it. Study, learn and retain. It’s not just the degree, it’s the knowledge and skills we'll develop from earning the degree that will be of value. There will be obstacles, just remember that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react. Do your part and do it right the first time; then give it God’s and leave it there. Don’t stress over what you can’t control, it’ll just make you crazy. Good luck and don’t worry much about partying, we have the rest of our life for that. Plus it’ll be worth way more after we’ve accomplished something great. Work first, play later… always. Let’s get it. A.


I would tell myself to make good choices. Unwise choices and decisions made on an impulse could affect future goals so think twice before acting. I would want my high school self to know that I am loved so there is no reason to try to be someone I am not. Those who I will want to impress will not be there for me when I need them so do not waste valuable moments on them that could be spent with people who love you for who you are. Stay focused and never give up.


I would tell myself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind too, if only you beleive in yourself. Don't allow peoples thoughts about you to confuse you to feel uncomfortable abou t who you are and what you stand for. Stand up for what yo believe in, and don't allow others beliefs about you to infleunce your behaviour and get you off track. In addition, stay focused and determined towards your goals, even though the road my seem tough it's only meant to make you stronger. Don't let in to your insecurities and peoples foolishness. Be srong for you.


receive better grades


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to believe in my ability to think critically, solve problems, and to remember that I have the capability to perform well in college. In addition to being aware of the resources that could assist me in my academics, I would tell myself to continue to use the excellent work ethics that I developed in high school, which has benefited me while attending a University. I would encourage myself to keep a passionate and optimistic perception towards the trials of life, including college life. Therefore, I would remind myself that I had good organization skills, self-discipline, and the determination to overcome adversity. I would tell myself to keep striving to maintain a positive outlook on life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Furthermore, I would remind myself to maintain a good work ethic during team projects, productivity, discipline, and dedication. These are essential in developing passion while setting goals in order to achieve prosperity. Having the willingness to strive to overcome challenges, which is beneficial to thinking optimistically about the hardships of life, has shaped me into a better and stronger version of myself.


Don't stress too much about high school. Do work as soon as possible, because it honestly isn't that bad. Don't get so caught up hanging around people that don't care much about you. There are people that love who you are, just take the time to see that they are there. On a final note, try to get as much as financial aid as possible and continue being awesome.


If I could go back in time and speak to my high school self I would tell her do not slack off the 1st quarter. I took my first quarter in college very lightly partied a little too much, studied not enough, and didn't take my teachers seriously. I was lucky to pass all my classes with 3 A’s and 2 C’s, but those C’s could've been B’s maybe even A’s. I would tell myself that college is very different than high school. I need to study more and hang out less, but don't let it be all work and no play. I would tell myself after any big test, go out with friends and have fun because she deserved it. The last piece of advice I would tell my past self, is to watch out for these freshman boys. No matter how attractive they may be, focus more on school work then trying to get with them; it will only end in heartache. All in all, my past self, make good decisions because you were raised right and don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your dreams.


Remember, that being 18 doesn't mean you know everything. Being 18 is scary but it does past. I know mom and dad have so many expecatations for you but believe in yourself. You are smart and you are a capable of being a straight student. Don't sacrifice your grades for a social life. Make the right sacrifices that will pay off in the end. I know you may seem lost but that is ok. This is the age to find yourself but do it reasonably. Don't worry about the opinions of others, follow your dreams. Don't be afraid of changing your major. Dreams can and do change. This doesn't make the possiblity of them any less. You will achieve greatness. Remember to always stand up for what is right no matter if you are the only one who is standing. Make sure in both your studies and social life that you carry yourself with class and self-respect. You got this. Stay strong.


Hello high school self I am you from the future and I have some words of wisdom I really advice you to listen to. Although senior year is one of the best years of your adolescent life it is only the beginning of your future. I realize that it is very hard for you to think about college and a career while senior cut day, spirit week and spring break trips are being planned but you should really balance your social life with your academic life. Counselors were right, grades determine where you go to school and schools determine how far you will advance in your career. Study a little harder; arrive late to parties and make the grade. Remember all the volunteer work that you did, well that is also very helpful, school’s look for an individual that is well rounded and will contribute to the school’s overall experience by becoming an active part of the campus. However, above all do not give up. It might take you a few attempts to get where you want to be but working in the hospital surrounded by kids is your nitch and your passion. Good Luck


Kid, study your choices and your reasons for adhering to a college. But do not regret the school we chose; it is beautiful just like it's people. What I learned from my first year was to stay strong and feep going hard. Do not allow for simple words to disguise your complex mind and read more, you are a writer, genius. Discpline. Be patient and be friendly. People are kind and well-intended, although a lot may not be. Get ready to start having friends and balancing life like an adlt. Get ready to grow up.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to consentrate as much on my mathematics as much as I do in history. That all the running and practicing is not just for the wrestlng mat, but is carried over to the classroom with even more intensty and focus. I am truly my own worse enemy, the only one that will pin me down in the end. I am uniquely gifted, and need to harness my gifits, utilizing them to the fullest, not being afraid in any way to use them. Never hold anything back, and fear to accomplish, or fail in order to make one's self a better person. Finally, the best advise I could give myself if I could go back in time is, "It is going to be a long, windy, and bumby road unless you always remember ... no matter what you do in life,do it for yourself, because you want to do, need to do, love do it... but first and for most, do it for yourself."


If I had an opportunity to go back in time, I would tell myself that college is an institution of higher learning; that I shouldn’t be ashamed of where I was going because in the end, it would be up to me to obtain that degree. My parents couldn’t afford any of the UC’s even though I got into San Diego and Santa Cruz, so I went with the next best option; the school that was willing to help me pay for my education. I would tell myself good job for picking the school I’m attending now, because if I would have been hard headed and went somewhere else, there wouldn’t be enough money for my little sister to attend college. The final thing I would tell myself would be to follow my dreams. Don’t let someone say I couldn’t do something, or that what I wanted to do won’t be worth any money. If you love doing something, the money would come with hard work and perseverance. To end things I would tell myself to stay hungry and stay ambitious, because that’s the reason why I’m successful today.


First I would have to tell myself to stick with it. By that I mean not to give up when classes seem difficult and the amount of work seems impossible to achieve. There were so many moments I wanted to take an easy way out and simply work to earn money. Many friends I knew did it so I could do it too. I figured I didn't need a degree to qualify for a good job. I couldn't have been more wrong. Life changes constantly, within and around your environment. My thinking process and perspective on what is essential in life has changed dramatically since my high school days. The decisions you make transitioning to college will affect you well into adulthood. Listen and stick to peers that are like minded in the goals you set for yourself and strive to be successful because determination and ambition will pay off. Setting realistic goals is a must since this will surely aide your educational long-term goal. Take advantage of all the resources provided and open to you while in college. There are many people who want you to succeed and are willing to tag along on your journey.


When you enter into college you should definitely get involved in whatever interest you. I can't stress enough that college isn't only about academics. College is also about building relationships, understanding what makes you happy, balancing work, recreation and free time, and you can not forget to have fun. In the classroom remember that no question is a dumb question and if you need better understanding or clarification do not hesitate to ask because believe it or not there's probably someone in class with the same question. Choose a major that interest you and do not choose something because it has financial stability at the end of the tunnel. You should also remember to put time into fitness and health because with everything going on it's extremely easy to neglect your body. Most importantly, do not give up in anything you pursue. I wish you the best of luck as you enter the college world.


I would like to keep up the good work and work hard.


Take school seriously. Your GPA matters. Participate in internships and choose a field of study that you are passionate about. Seek advice from counselors and other students in order to focus your studies. Most importantly, have fun during the process of learning and enjoy being a student without the responsibility of two kids, managing a household, and paying bills. Appreciate and express gratitude to your parents for funding your schooling and keep going as long as they will. There will be a day where you will have to fund your own school if you want to go back, pay for childcare, manage a household, and you won't have a partner. You will be doing it all by yourself. YOU can and will because you are resourceful and intelligent! Have fun with your life, your studies, and your career!


My advice would to be not to be afraid. Accept change. This is life and though it may be hard, it's part of growing up. Also, think about where you want to go and don't just base it on swimming and because of the fact you want to be in California. Really look into the school before you decide it's something you don't want anymore. Things can happen.


College is better for people who are independent and interested in finding activities and experiences that reflect who they are and what they will be in the future. As a high school senior I was detached from my environment and not involved. I do regret not partaking in some high school senior activities, not making more friends, not being more involved in school and most of all, not taking my grades as seriously as I should have. The advice I would give myself would have four parts. First, trust in my unique ideas and try to do the unexpected. Secondly, be more involved and get more active! Next, don't be afraid to take risks; they often lead to a better destination. Finally, I would tell myself not to be someone who followed the rules, did what others expected me to or followed the demands of others. I would want to do what makes me happy, what I am most successful at and find new ways of expression. The person I am now is much stronger, smarter and creative. I wish I could have become this sooner.


Out of my college experience, I have learned many valuable lessons and met many various types of people. My school is very diverse and everywhere you go, there will be at least one person who would greet you. Living in the Pioneer Heights at CSUEB has been yet, a dramatic and adventurous journey. Without a doubt, I have learned some academic lessons from my professors, including how to write essays and also how cells and molecules combine; however, the most memorable lessons I have learned were about life and through personal experience. Living with 7 other girls is bound to have some drama involved. Some girls are social while some are quiet. Some like studying but others like watching television and going out to parties. This world is made of diverse people where some people cannot possibly get along. With ups and downs, the suite life is not so much of a sweet life. Yet, with compromise and persistence, my 7 other suite mates and I have released all our tension and differences to bond like never before. It is valuable to attend college for its academic lessons, yet most lessons are learned through personal experience and friends.


I believe I have gotten many amazing benefits by attending college. I am very excited to now be a part of Aurora University, and explore more benefits of attending such a wonderful university. I truly enjoy and appreciate being able to attend college for a higher level of education. College is costly and I am grateful to live in such a wonderful country where even people with low funds are able to obtain a higher level of education. I have met so many wonderful students and teachers throughout my college career. College has benefited me by letting me express my individualism through education. The most valuable concept I will obtain by attending college is the ability to help others. I am attending Aurora University to become a Social Worker. I will truly value the ability to help people change their lives for the better when I obtain my degree. Helping others is the biggest accomplishment I can obtain by working hard in college.


I have learned how to be my own person and to take care of things by myself. It is a good idea to try new things while you are in college so that you have great experiences that can shape your life. This school has opened my eyes to what the rest of the world is like. Living in Montana and then leaving there to go to college in California has been a challenge and a huge change. But I believe that this move was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And that it will help make me a better and more rounded person as I try to make my way in the world.


I truly believe that attending a college or university builds a better person. My academic career has enhanced my life tremendously through developing my knowledge and interest in many subjects, introducing me to new ideas and new ways of thinking, and helping me establish a plethora of professional relationships that I will be able to access for years to come.


The most important rewards that I have gained from my college experience are knowledge of the significance of hard work and perseverance. Also, equally essential is the insight I now have regarding the diversity of other people I will encounter throughout life. I am from a small town in which I did not have to put forth much effort to accomplish my goals. Furthermore, the citizens had similar viewpoints, beliefs, and lifestyles as one another. So when I began to become immersed in college life, I quickly realized there is much this world can offer if only I would amend my perspective. I now know that greater payoffs require a greater input of effort and though it may appear difficult to succeed, the end result is worthwhile. In addition, I have found that people unlike myself can be very accepting of me and they can provide me with valuable outlooks that aid in furthering my maturity as an individual.


Before I left for college my parents told me that when I come home for winter break I wouldn’t want to hang out with my friends who stayed home rather then go to college. I didn’t believe them until I came home for Halloween and felt as if I would be insulted if I was ever compared to their mental and social capacities. Living, eating, learning and breathing away from home in college has taught me about my world and the world around me. I’ve learned settling gets you nowhere and that’s the lesson I graduated from that weekend, and I have applied it ever since. Those $150 dollar text books have taught me 50% of what I know; the other 50% has been the experiences, the good and the bad. There is a reason why there are different levels of education, if you stay stuck in one, how do you expect to grow up? Ambition, creativity, self-realization, motivation, disappointment, failure, stress=college. I guess I didn’t have to wait until winter break to realize this and I'm getting more then just a diploma in the end, I’m getting a life too.


Attending college has been the most rewarding and life changing experience of my life. I have learned so much about myself including what I am destined to do in my life. Without college, I would be lost in the world with no guidence or push in the right direction. The opportunity for me to learn and persue what I love is has been the biggest gift my parents have ever given me. I get to do something not everyone has the chance to do, learn. knowledge is the biggest gift anyone could get, and without college I would never be where I am or who I am today. Without my post high school education, none of my dreams would be possible, but now they are, and I have the chance to succeed in life. The people I have met and the things I have learned about life, have been the most rewarding thing about college. It has never felt like a "job" to me or a burden, but a lesson about life and all of the knowledge we need to tackle it.


I haven't been in college long, im use to being in a very small school and the teachers helped me get us to the changes from a small school to college level. The teachers that i have had are all very nice and try to make stuff fun. I have also made alot of new friends, we all have a blast in and out of class.


After graduating high school 10 years ago, it was difficult to make a decision to start college at 28 years old. Questions whether this old dog could learn new tricks or at least dust off the ones that had layed dormint for so long lingered. But after the first week of school, those worries vanished. My teachers were more than enthusiastic about helping the class understand everything. Face to face time with a teacher is a valuable tool that is helping me with my studies. Now that I am well into my first semester, I have new focus and understanding of the importance of higher education.


Being in college has changed me in a positive way, i am now more mature. Since i live on campus i am no able to relly on my parents for everything like i did in Highschool, i do what i have to do on my own, i make scheduals and appointments for myself to keep me bussy doing school work. This college experience is also helping me obtain my major by accting and thinking the way i do.


I have been in college for at least three years now, and I would have to say that they have been the best years of my life so far. I have amazing friends who would help me in tough situations, and excellent professors/teachers who are great at what they do. Most of all, I have been able to learn so much more than I've ever learned before in high school and elementary school. I've been able to make so many fun memories at college, and I wouldn't trade those for anything. College has been valuable to attend because, with each new class and each new professor/teacher comes new knowledge. Not only is college vital for obtaining good and decent jobs, but education is vital part of learning. Knowledge is power.


My experience in college has shown me that I want to successful. That my life now is just only the beginning and that there is many things I want to experience. I've also learned that I want to be someone who is better, someone who judges on merit rather than past or looks. Looking beyond the outside and finding what matters. this experience is important because it helped me learn and exprience new things.


What i have recieved is that no matter what mistakes i've made or no matter what i've benn through, i can succeed at anything i do.


Well, I haven't started college yet. I will be entering this fall and I am absolutely excited! I can't wait to begin college life,live on campus, and experience the freedom away from my parents.


Being in college, I realized that I am the one who selects my future. As a child, my parents decided what was best for me. I often wondered what it would be like to be on my own, and once I finished high school I knew my time was coming. When I started attending college, I saw what it was like to be on my own making my own decisions. Everything my parents invested in me was tested, and an inner strength was manifested as I learned to take accountability for myself. I had to become skilled at taking care of myself, and know that what I was taught at home would benefit me out in the world. Now that I am going into my third year, college life has become easier. It has been a value to me because I believe that gaining knowledge is a daily thing, and it does not discontinue at high school. By attending college, I understand learning is a substantial part of life. Whether one is in school or not, something can be learned.


I have learned what my true passion is and I have achieved the drive i need to accomplish my goals. I learned that I can do great work under pressure and that I am smarter than i have previously given myself credit for.


I have gotten great experience from meeting different people from the Bay Area. There is much to learn being living living by oneself. Being a biology major helps alot with learning about the world as I experience one day at a time. New and exciting things come and I understand how or why it comes into being. The college life opened my mind so much to the surround world that I live in.


College is a great example of hard work paying off. At my school there were many opportunies to make the most of your time there, additional classes, certifications, office hours. I was surprized at how few students took advantage of these. I made a point to attend every class and attempt every certification offered. I would argue college, like anything in life, is what you make of it and what you get out of it is directly related to the effort and time you put in. It was valuable to attend because the school prepared me to enter into my field (audio engineering) but in addition to the knowledge given to me in the classroom, the school also opened a door for me to intern at one of the best recording facilities in the world. Said facilities does not take interns unless affilidated with a school. Without college, that door never would have been opened for me and I would not be where I currently am, continuing my education in the classroom of reallife.


College is more than just education and degree, though that really does improve your self-esteem and financial situatuion. College a life experience. It teaches you life skills such as how to work under pressure, how to manage stress and how to associate and get along with people who may be world different from you. College teaches you to speak your mind and let your voice be heard. College experience had definitely transformed me from a shy individual to an assertive strong-willed person. Going to college was one of the wisest decisions I had ever made and my fours years at California State University, East Bay were some of the best years of my life. I would not even hesitate a second to do it all over again.


If I was given the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself the advice of learning to study and manage my time better. Balancing everything on your plate in college is really hard when you don't know how to manage time. Studying is very important in ANY class you take. I have never studied so much in my life, and I am so thankful I know how. It's always good to make friends and enjoy your time at school. Join some clubs or organizations, and always keep an open mind, because you just might meet the bestest friends of your life.


As a highschooler, I knew that college was going to be difficult, but in order to attain my dream of becoming a surgeon I knew attending would be necessary. Getting into a school of your dreams is possible, long as you have the grades. I had thought that getting straight C?s would be ok because at that time I believed that doing the minimum was enough, bit it limited my options of colleges I was eligible for. Something I wish I would have done is taken advantage of scholarship opportunities. If you know it wont be affordable then staying close to home is an option. No matter which college your attending remember its about education. Take education serious, even if at times it is easy, don?t lose focus because it is the thing pulling you closer to your dreams. I learned from experience to treat high school like it were college, because both are equally important and guide your future. I once was in high school and know that there?s a lot of pressure, but you have to learn to deal in order to get what you want in the end; without sacrifice there is no victory.


?Believe in your flyness?Conquer your shyness.? After much pondering, I have decided that those are the first words if I tell my very shy high school self. Although many people see Kanye West as an arrogant, insensitive rap artist, I believe he was on to something when he said those words. By embracing my ?flyness", I have seen myself grow into someone I can truly be proud of. My high school self would probably be in awe of the things I have accomplished since graduation, but I must remind myself that I wouldn?t have been able to accomplish anything without the support of those closest to me: My friends and family. They are my source of strength, my comrades-in-arms that can help me through any situation. I would also remind myself that you can?t always just sit around and wait for the things you want to come to you. You must be brave enough to take the first step, and know that if you fall, your friends and family will be there to help you find your way. If you conquer your shyness and just believe in yourself, the world will be open to you.


If that were to happen i would definetely tell myself to make an effort to chase teachers down and take advantage of all the help they are willing to give you because in college most teachers barely even remember your name. I would also tell myself to not transfer out of a college preperation class just because it was really hard and it wasnt part of my graduation requirement. i would tell myself to stay in those classes because it will be a great help to you in your college classes. College classes are nothing like high school classes. A very important tip i would give myself would be to make study groups. learn how to study in groups because you wont know if you are studying the wrong notes and plus comparing your notes to others will help you a lot because its really hard to writte everything the teachers are saying.So by comparing notes you can see what you didn't get. Trust me myself in the past! trust me.


As a high school senior, I had a Full-ride Scholarship to UC Davis to be on their division one swim team, I had everything set and I would be able to live at home to avoid the costs of dorm life. But I had a girlfriend at the time and I got too-involved...I also got accepted to the school she did and went there not telling anyone (even my parents) about the scholarship. At the end of my freshman year, my girlfriend broke up with me...If I could go back I would tell myself to go to UC Davis and pursue my dream of being an olympic swimmer, and to succeed in all of the things I didn't...Because now I'm stuck in a school with no friends, in a dorm room where everyone hates me, and with barely enough money left after tuition fee increases to buy groceries...If I had gone to UC Davis...everything would be different.




I would tell myself to make sure that I don't procrastanate on assignments and to get my homework done once I get home. I would also tell myself to stay away from any parties that are going on in the dorms because although they can be fun they can mess up your academic success. Next I would tell myself that I have what it takes to make it through college and that I should try and enroll in a couple of clubs on campus to have a college social life. Make sure to be envolved with campus activites and to make sure that if I have any questions in regards to what we are learning in class to ask the professor any questions so that he/she can explain it to me better.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college life and making the transition the only thing I would tell myself is to embrace college life for what is a new chapter in my life and to not fight the changes that would take place in my life. As a college freshman college was such a big place to me and not knowing how I was going to fit in was the scariest part. However, I soon found out that I was not alone in my quest to find myself , but that there were others along with me on this journey as well. I met some pretty awesome people here who really helped through my transition and encouraged so many times than I can remember, especially my college upper classmen friends. I never felt alone or mistreated because I was always surrounded by people who came here just like me to not only get an education, but to have life altering experiences. What I mean by that is that everyone in college grows and learns things that will help them in their future. I'm really glad I'm in college and the fear is gone.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would warn myself of the dangers of putting too much focus on social life. I would tell myself that friends come and go, and guarantee myself that only a few of my many high school friends would actually stick around. I would tell myself to stop wasting time in the "in-crowd", and to focus on developing good habits, as well as discipline, because I know that these things will contribute greatly to success in life. I would also teach my high school self the value of money, and how making profit is more desirable than wages. I would encourage myself to learn the rules of business, and at that age I would tell myself to start building my future wealth through profit. I would also go through pains to teach myself the difference between assets and liabilities, and how so many things that high school kids purchase only burn holes in their pockets. I would teach myself that investing in assets is important, as not only will it help put money in my pocket, but it would teach me good business habits.

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