California State University-East Bay Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about CSU East Bay is their EOP program. The EOP program has helped me get through the first year of college smoothly, more than the freshman advisor is. They have all the answers to my questions about anything: classes, what teachers to get and which ones to avoid. They also help me with what classes are going to benefit me the most for my major and they are there to help if there are any personal problems that I may encounter.


My school is one of the most diverse university in the west coast, this important because it exposes students to learn how important diversity is. I like my school becuase it is very accomodative to students of all backgrounds and offers tremendous emotional and academic support. Another thing about my school is it offers financial aid even though it is not enough, most students come from poor or not very well financial background but they still are able to survive. The professors are very helpful and they will advise you on your career goals.


that it is not such a big camous


The overall location to the greater Bay Area gives students maxiumum networking and employment opportunities to find the career they truly are passionate about.


The campus, students and professors


The best thing about CSUEB is that you can never get bored. Theres endless amount of clubs & organizations on campus that will keep you busy and have fun with people who share the same intrest as you.


The best thing about my school is the library. If you don't have a book needed for class you are able to check it out from the library so that you won't be behind in classes when financial aid comes late. There are also plenty of people there to help you if you get lost or anything.


The best thing about California State University East Bay is just the overall environment. The campus is really diverse with a lot of different races and nationalies which are all very friendly and nice. The class sizes are pretty small so the instructors can tend more to the students needs and build a one on one relationship. East Bay also has a lot a resource services to help students succeed or help with personal stuff and they all are free.


The best thing about my school is that it provides the students with valuable information on how to resolve and accomplish their goals inside and outside of the universities. Unlike other universities, East Bay requires every freshman to take a three quater embedded class( cluster class) that keeps a specific group of freshmen together for reasons such as to socialize, work on communication skills, and become use to the college environment. This class introduce the Freshmen to time management, credit report, and managing stress. This class help relieve a student of every day stress that college obtain.


I think the best thing about East Bay is their freshman program they have set up. They have a general ed system set up that has integrated classes to create a sort of community for freshman in a new place. Freshman pick a "theme" or stick with their designated major, there is about 90 students per "cluster" as they call it, which allows for students to be able to recognize and be around the same people, or familir faces. This really helped me alot to gain friends and work better with peer in class.


I love the diversity of the school, people from all over the world come to East Bay to learn. You get to meet different people and learn different cultures, religion, race, and more.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the students and the teachers. I really love how I can be in a class room and be able to discuss politics and problems in our society with people from all different backgrounds, religions, and economic situations. Also the teachers are really helpful and are almost always there to help you.


I location is great. The heart of the bay is Hayward's motto. The view is perfect.


The views are spectacular and the classes are small.


You get to meet people in all over the country. Professors are willing to help you for your success.


The sports


I come from an area that is very white dominant. I love this school because there is so much diversity that I may even be a minority. It gives me a great new look on life, and introduces me to many other ideas that I wouldn't get by going to a different school.

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