California State University-Fresno Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That the University works with students in many ways to help them be successful.


The thing i most brag about Devry University is that you will recieve a bachlors degree in 4 years. Also, there classes are smaller and students like I will get more help when we are struggling.


CSU Fresno is a university where the teachers care about their students and they make learning in the classroom interesting as they attempt to teach concepts or ideas to their students. This university has a fantastic library (Henry Madden Library) that has a wide selection of books available for reading enjoyment as well as for academic papers.


It's affordability, business and agriculture programs, and our national league champion baseball team.


I brag about The Craig School of Business which is rated among the fifteen top graduate business schools in both, general management and Operations Categories. Also, I brag about the great history professors that teach there and the diverse history courses the history department offers. Another thing that I brag about is the help and resources that are available to migrant students.


I brag about their agriculture program because I have seen their animal units and have been very impressed with the students,staff, and facilities.


I would normally brag about our football and baseball teams. A couple of friends of mine attend rivalry schools so its pretty fun to start a few debates here and there.


When bragging about my school, I flaunt how great the sports teams are. The bulldogs football, baseball, basketball,..etc are all amazing. Along with the great athletes, the spirit of the student body is overwhelming. I also tell my friends how wonderful the greek system is. Being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta really makes being at Fresno State worth while. The dorm life is amazing as well. Living in the dorms gives you instant friendships and all around fun memories. The classes are great as well and my Fresno State experience has been the best so far.


I talk about how my school is new. My school has only been around for a couple o years and the facility is beautiful. It is in a nice location, parking is great and everything is very accessible. The teachers are really great too! They are young and really easy to understand. I probably brag about how well I do in school because of my teachers. When you are in someones class that makes the material easy to understand it really helps me be successful in my studies. The teachers enjoy interacting and want to hear your opinions and ideas.


Being at a university 240 miles from home, the one thing I always brag about is being able to meet new people. My friends and I have lived in a practically unknown city for nearly seventeen years. There is never a new face unless a baby is born. There are so many diverse personalities and new people to meet every day on campus, and for my friends that went to college locally, they do not get the oppourtunity that I do to socialize.


I definitely brag about our Kinesiology program because that is what I am involved in. The professor's there are great! They are very well educated and want to help you succeed in school and in a career. It is a program that is well rounded as well. One of the best values in the state for the cost in my opinion.


I have most of my work done already, I live close to home, I have a job, I have free time, we have the best library around.


Sports, the business school, and the anthro dept.


i brag about the football team, my dance team im apart of, and the variety of resturants we have on campus


How big the city is, how nice the rec center is, and how many great friends I have made


As far as the science department goes, you have a lot of opportunity to do real research as an undergrad. Either doing independent research with a professor or just in your lab classes, you get a lot of really good, hands-on research experience. Youmighthave to be brave enough to ask a professor to let you into their lab, but most science undergrads can do legitimate research.


Fresno State is a low key enviorment with an emphasis on education and research oppurtunties. The community surrounding the campus is supportive and interested in giving jobs to college students. I feel like the school is place I fit well and has a lot of extra cirricular oppurtunities while still focusing one education. This is not a fast paced school nor a party school and that is something to be proud of in that we receive a quality education and are supported by faculty, staff, professors and peers.




Small class size