California State University-Fullerton Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Cal State Fullerton is one of the most diverse universities in th nation. Professors find pride in holding lectures to a diverse student class. The student pulls immense value in this environment that offers a unique experience of the real world in the many perspectives it has to offer. This unique environment that only Cal State Fullerton can offer is crucial during the developmental college years.


With the 37,000 students, Cal State Fullerton is known best for being one of the most diverse state colleges in California.


Our school is best known for its dedication to local businesses. Our Business Program is the largest in CS system and continually helps entrepeneurs who want to start their own businesses or get experience in the field. In fact, two Business students started a Tea Shop, called Tastea and have now made so much that they now have three working operations in Fullerton, Rowland Heights, and now Costa Mesa. Cal State Fullerton allows students to truly follow their dreams and work at what they want to do with their education, whether it's teaching or making tea!


My school is best known for its baseball team, and the Fullerton Arboretum.


Cal State Fullerton is best known for their baseball team.


Cal State Fullerton is well known for being one of the most diverse campuses in california. I love that everyday i can meet all types of wonderful people and learn a lot from them. It is a huge school with 37,000 students with whom i cannot wait to meet as many of them as i can by the end of graduation.


My school is best known for our basball teams and our basketball teams. Our sports department is very good and its well known in the california state university system.


CSUF has a great baseball team that is nationally recognized as an enduring powerhouse. In addition, there have been many new buildings constructed, including the recreation center which has a swimming pool, rock climbing, weights and programs for fitness and health. In the field of Psychology, developmental psychologist Dr. Allen Gottfried gained recognition for his work with the Fullerton Longitudinal Study which has followed 130 infants into adulthood for over 29 years. Many notable people have attended CSUF including Kevin Costner (BA in Business) and Gwen Stefani.


It's baseball team and it's community involvement.


I believe California State University, Fullerton is best known for their stellar teacher education and credential programs.


Educational program


Friendly and good people in both students and professors/staff.


CSUF is best known for it's baseball team. Having gone to the college world series several times, and winning a few, baseball has been what out CSUF back on the map. Along with great sports teams (basketball does very well too!), CSUF has a great business school, one of the best in California, I believe. I have to take a minute to brag about the Kinesiology department (my major). CSUF offers Kinesiology students a fantastic opportunity to work with nationally recognized professionals and do so in labs that house state of the art equipment. Excellent program!!


Our school is well known for its athletics along with the Kinesiology and Business departments.


Cal State Fullerton is best know for its business school. The Steven G. Mihaylo School of Business is well known and very popular. Business majors are dominant at CSUF and they have a brand new building with great new classrooms.


I believe it is there Animation program


In the realm of sports, my school is well known for its baseball team. We also have a very well staffed and funded college of business and economics that has turned out many wonderful graduates. In addition, it is known statewide as a great place to take teacher accredidation courses.


Academically the arts program, but otherwise the baseball team.


Their colleges of business and education. Also for being the second school in California with most Latino graduates.


Cal State Fullerton is best known for their business department. They are the largest business department in California and are the fourth largest in the United States. They are well known and well respected for this department. It has even been featured in magazines such as Forbes.


Its best known for our fine arts programs. Our theatre and dance programs are the most prestigious around and have such an intense BAC program that the chances of making it are very slim. The business program is also very nice at our school with a new huge business building to show it off. Besides the great programs, were mostly known for our location of being right in the middle of everything. Fullerton is not even half an hour from beautiful beaches as well as vibrant cities in every direction, with something to do around every corner!


Cal State Fullerton is the largest Cal State University; known mostly for its Business/Accounting and Teaching Programs.


We have the best academic programs for those interested in careers in Business or the Arts. In July 2009, CSUF was ranked "sixth in the nation, for the number of degrees awarded to minority students, by Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine."




Community service of from the students.


My school is known for its socially active lifestyle. Students are constantly rallying for what they believe in by presentations in the quad area and by educating other students on the subject. There are many fun things to do while on campus as well, such as bowling, billiards, and karoake.


We are a large school in Orange County. Many students in Orange County choose to go to CSUF as it is close to home. THe proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego, CA are attractive attributes of the school.


My school is best known for our Communications program and our Baseball team.


Pub on campus / Tuffy the mascot


performing arts (theatre, arts, music), business, communications


my school is best known for their business program, and they are one of the best california university for teachers to get their teaching crediential.


CSUF is a good school for Business students, Theatre Arts Majors and Teachers. CSUF's College of Business and Economics is one of the nation's top business schools. They also have really good programs for students aspring to be teachers to help them graduate in four years. Our Theatre Arts program is also well-known.


Our school is best known for, in the Radio/TV/Film department anyway, for its hands on experiences and industry speakers. Speakers from the actual industry frequently visit and speak at appropriate classes, such as writers to writing classes and directors with production classes and so forth. Other majors have similar results with people in the co-responding fields visitng and speaking to interested students and offering advice to enter into their desired fields.


Its Business department




The new Business College building.