California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


CSULB is a school with thousands of students that is divided into smaller, tight knit communities due to various colleges and majors, that provide support for each student academically, socially and emotionally.


Long Beach State is sunny and has a young, artistic feel to it as you walk around campus.


An exceptional school that prepares some of the brightest individuals for the most successful futures.


My school is a great place to learn and discover who you are as a person.


Long Beach state is where diversity meets the beach. It the place where student find who they are. Its a place where freinships being and comminity is built. It where new love for the world is found. It is where one grows as a person and where you learn to eat the best of education. where oppotunity becomes hope and it is where dreams come true for students. It is where we learn to be dreamers and turn people into life changers. Long beach state is where heart is found. It is home.


CSULB will challenge you, and you will be grateful that it does.


California State University-Long Beach is a beautiful and well-rounded campus that really strives to improve the lives of any person that is serious about recieving a higher level of education, allowing students to be independent yet guided appropriately towards a successful future dependent on what is best for every individual.


Gives you the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects to figure out what you're interested in.


CSULB is a decent looking school compared to other CSU's and UC's, and it is of average to small in size.


My school is laid back with helpful professors and a great location


CSULB is awesome! the campus, the students and the enviroment.


California State University of Long Beach is a beautiful school where you can achieve your dreams and goals.


Long Beach State is more than a university, it is a place where you will find yourself and become it more.


My school is a spacious oasis of learning, in the heart of little, big city.


Beach is where dreams become reality.


A challenging environment with hard-working, fun-loving, and encouraging people located just minutes from the gorgeous beaches of Southern California.


California State University Long Beach I believe is one of the best universities in California and of the Cal State system and its a great place to go for great education with a better tuition fee than other universities and to make great friends and collegues that will help your future.


California State University-Long Beach is a beautiful school with lots of up-beat, hard working students and professors who want the best for their students.


Long Beach State is a high energy, friendly and spirited school, which is seen through the strong friendships many students form with each other and the amount of school pride you see everyday, especially while cheering on our sport teams.


California State University Long Beach is a school that teaches you what you need to know and more.


Very large with many things to do (clubs, sports, greek life, etc.), a lot of people, a lot of resources for classes, and many good teachers.


CSULB is a beautiful campus with many resources, both for socializing and academic!


Great campus with great professors, whether, and resources.


This school is very diverse with nice people who are easy to get along with and very helpful professors and staff who do their best to help in any situations.


California State University Long Beach is the best school to attend not only because it allows you to live your life to the fullest, but it gives you the tools to think critically and intellectually about all aspects of our world.


My school is a diverse campus which puts a lot of emphasis on education, arts, and research.


Long Beach state is a fun, casual campus dedicated to helping students achieve their career and learning goals.


CSULB is an amazing school!


Long Beach State University offers a beautiful campus that takes pride in its appearance and academic caliber, as well as the diversity of its programs and student body.


CSULB is a big campus university. The university has many helpful staff and faculty as well as students. The new student recreation and wellness center has just opened and is great for every student. Working out has never been any easier, especially when you can go right before or after a class. The campus has two Starbucks's, a Coffee Bean, as well as many fast food chains. The library has five stories and is a great place to study. Even though the campus is big it is very beautiful and a place to relax can always be found.


It is a comfortable studying and learning environment.


The university has an eclectic, diverse student and staff population, and as a whole, the campus is environmentally conscious and achievement oriented.


Long beach state should have a more diverse faculty and even better instructors who care about their students they dont have a great deal of hand on projects so its mostly paper essay


It is a school that really works on providing students with all of the resources they need for their specific career and motivates students by having them aware from the beginning of their time of attendance of what path or paths they can go down to make their career goals possible.


Cal State Long Beach provides its students with a quality education through fantastic teachers and an endless amount of resources available for students to be successful in any area of study.


Commuter school so not much of a social life.


A moderately-spirited collection of diverse, educationally-bound, hopeful, politically inclined young people.


Cal State Long Beach is an amazing campus with the most down-to-earth students out there.


A second home, a place where my future is starting and I feel pround of being a part of.


California State University, Long Beach is the bridge you have to cross to get to the other side, the paper you have to write on before you can type it, the crawling before you can walk, the interning before transforming into the CEO, the teenager turning into the adult, the catepiller changing into the butterfly; CSULB is the student I am, before the director of film I will become.


California State University, Long Beach is very diverse, welcoming, fun, relaxing, and challenging with a sense of belonging.


My school is extremely diverse in culture, has a great learning atmosphere, as well as very will educated and credible faculty and staff that are very reliable.


California State University Long Beach is a well rounded and diverse school that enables its students to a learning environment.


California State University Long Beach has a beautiful campus, a diverse student body, and provides for a great education.


California State University of Long Beach is an immense and academically challenging university that will push its students to succeed.


California State University of Long Beach was the greatest choice I made toward creating a better future for my self through the process of learning, exploring, and experiencing.


My school is a melting pot of different societies in which everyone is encouraged to express themselves in a way that is comfortable for them.


CSULB is a great school, and has given me a great college experience.


Cal State Long Beach is a large state school with many on-campus groups and organizations to choose from that will support you in your pursuit of higher education; also, it is located in the midst of many businesses, which makes CSULB an ideal place to help you begin a career.


My school is complete with open minded people and close minded people, and the open minded people are there to help the close minded people, to make them realize the error of their ways, and that one cannot just accept everything from one side, and that there are practical reasons for being kind to each other.