California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I personally dont like that CSULB doesn't have strong school spirit. Even though this could be because the majority of the students live off campus, I do belive a stronger school spirit would make students feel a lot more welcome and part of something bigger. We would have more of a reason to be proud of our educational institution while having the motivation to be invoved in extra curricular activites. This could be done by ecouraging more students to start their own groups and pursue the things that interest them.


The worst part of the school is probably how crowded the studying areas can get. If you don't grab a seat soon, at about noon students start filling up spots in the library and Horn Center pretty quickly.


The food at the dining hall could be better and fresher. It is a HUGE campus, and takes more than 15 minutes to walk to each class.


One of the things I find most challenging about my campus is that my race is the minority, we are 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. I often times feel like we are secretly segragated. Due to I have been attending this university for 3 years, and can count on two hands, how many caucasion friends I have. It can be difficult to attend a school where often times you are the only black female in a class, speaking on issues of cultural beliefs and so on.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a commuter school. Not a lot of people are interested in making friends because they leave cmapus directly after class. It would be nice if the campus wasn't located directly in the middle of a huge intersection also, it makes for a lous, noisy environment.


To be honest I haven't attend therefore I can not give a proper answer, but I do know that I am very excited to become a part of it and learn from it as I go.


The Cal State system received the lowest funding from the state after the UC and community college system. The 30 or so CSU campuses had to split this funding. No matter how on track students tried to be, it was hard to get out of school in 4 years due to classes being unavailable.


CSULB lacks in school pride and unity. At such a big school, it is easy to understand that it is hard to unite students. The school has a diverse range of students-age, race, creed, gender, background, family situation, financial situation; there are many different people. Most students don't have time to support their school with lots of spirit. Most students at CSULB are there soley for a degree and are looking to quickly get out. This can be a bit of a bummer for the kids looking for a real college experience.


I consider parking to be the worst thing at my school because even though California State University, Long Beach, has a lot of parking lots, all the student parking lots are located in the far back of the school. All of the closer spots to the school always fill up early, so if you want a good parking space, you need to wake up early for it.


since is a communite school, there is usually anybody during the weekend


Homework! It takes up so much time


The worst thing about CSULB is also the best thing. I hated walking the mile from the parking lot at one end of campus to the complete opposite end where my classes were. However, the walk help me to stay in shape and provided beautiful scenery. Everyday I traveled past colorful flowers, sculptures, a bell tower ringing out melodies, eucalyptus shade trees, interesting and original architecture, and wild rabbits and cats that made CSULB their home. The walk and the scenery


I would not be the greatest critique because I am transferring into CSULB and have not had the full experience. Based on the visits and what I ahve seen is the fact that the campus is so big you might want to pick up a scooter or a skateboard to wheel around.


As of now, absolutely nothing. I love the way my school is. It has a wonderful diversion of people from many different parts of the world and the staff are very friendly and helpful.




Students who attend CSULB face a difficult challenge with finding jobs on campus. Students face this challenge because most jobs are offered to students who are a part of the federal work-study program. A majority of students do not have federal work-study and cannot find jobs on campus.


The school website is quite complicated and difficult to navigate successfully. I usually end up "Googling" my way to whatever page I need because it is much easier.


The campus is completely dead on weekends which is terrible for someone who lives on campus. There is nothing to do, especially if you don't have a car!


The amount of traffic coming to school. CSULB feels like a commuter school if you do not live in the dorms.


I wish my college was not a commuter school. I wish that the living situation would be more like the UC's where the city is based off of the college. It has been fun living in Long Beach, and knowing all the students that live around me, but I know that most people drive to school, so meeting with these students and building friendships is much harder since distance is a factor. But other than that, I am still satisfied with my situation.


The worst thing about California State University, Long Beach is that with the budget situation, it is harder for students to get the classes they need in order to finish their degree on time.


I would say that the school is somewhat overpopulated and so parking and classes are hard to find. They were expanding the parking structure when I graduated so I hope it has helped out the students. However, the population of the school is very high compared to the classrooms, computer labs, studying areas, etc that it offers.


For such a big campus, I believe there should be more space to study. There have been times where I wanted to find a nice spot to study and could not find one. The library is 5 stories with a basement and even with that I still have trouble looking for spots to relax and study at. The library gets filled very quickly, especially around noon.


As superficial as it may seem, the parking is by far the worst part about the campus. Student parking is limited to only certain sides of the campus so if you are looking to spend some time in the library, it is about a 10 minute walk from the designated areas. Though CSULB provides shuttle services, it is not always convenient to wait for one when you are running late for a class. Some students use bicycles but there is not a strong support to facilitate this from the university.


The worst thing I consider about our school is that the school is a communter school , which leads people to believe that the diversity among each other doesnt change and that it is proned to help out the students in the community rather than other prospective students looking for something new. The prospective non local students feel that they are outcasted, but the students get embraced when they come from afar.


Without a doubt, the recent tuition increases are the most unpleasant issue here at California State University Long Beach. Tuition increase is gradual and seemingly unnoticeable in that it is almost matched by financial aid, however not everyone can afford such financial asking. The cost of education here is very unpleasant for students; it is often a struggle to pay for school, in turn many students overwhelmed by rising tuition cost dropout. Tuition increases act as a barrier for lower income families to improve their financial situations, it is truly a hindrance on any hope of ever improving ourselves financially.


The worst thing about my college is the numerous amount of students. This alone makes aquiring a class and seeing your counselor moreso challenging. Nevertheless, this can eased by making an appointment with your counselor and registering for classes early.


the worst thing about my school is that there is always issues with parking and the tuition fees. the school is extremely big so you need to make your schedule carefully to make it in time to your classes. those are the only two things that i do not like about my school.


Its a big commuter school, so a lot of people only go to class, and then head home. You really have to put yourself out there.


I believe the worst thing about Cal State Long Beach would have to be the lack of nutritional food places. Dont get me wrong there are a few, but not enough. I see myself falling into the "freshman 15", a study's result of how freshman gain 15 pounds entering thier first year of college. I have been gaing a few pounds due to eating everyday at the schools food court and waking up too tierd to make lunch to take, which makes the wost thing about CSULB is the lack of healthy food businesses.


I dont consider anything about my school bad.


Needs a inter-campus transportation system because the campus is quite wide.


The worst thing about the school is that theres no parking close enough to the classroom buildings, you have to walk about 10 minutes to get from parking to class. After 6pm youre allowed to park in teachers parking lot which is almost inside your classroom :)


Because my school is a state school, we are constantly getting budget cuts, which result in furlough days, less school supplies, and increases in tuition each year.


In the classroom most classes are by the book only, it is no other input from the economy or what is going around us involved in our daily teachings. If anything its need to bring elements everyone can relate to on the same level.


It is really spacious and really big and people may be lazy to walk around. CSULB is the second biggest Cal State in California and people really have a hard time managing time while getting to their classes. To add, CSULB has a maze of classes where many students can easily get lost. I remember walking their my first time, not only did I get tired but i was really confused upon where my classes where. Those two problems are the only two i have come upon so far.


Commonly found at California State University Long Beach, is a collection of students who are superfically focused. It is uncommon to find students who have genuine care and concern for their fellow students. Students are more focused on their physical well-being and educational status than helping their fellow students. This problem causes a lack of genuine friendships and positive community to be made on Long Beach States's campus. This unfortunate reoccurence , takes Long Beach State's students multiple semesters, if ever, to find a community or friendship base.


The worst thing about my school is that it is a "commuter school". Most people attend class, maybe hang out for a while and go home. For this reason it is really difficult to meet new people and create new lasting friendships. I commute to the school myself although I would prefer to dorm. I want to be completely immersed in the college experience and I'm sure I'm not the only one. If our school wasn't a commuter school, we would have even MORE school spirit and we would know so many more people.


It's hard to say what the worst thing about my school is because there are so many flaws to choose from. The one detrimental quality about CSULB that seems to affect everyone is the fact that meeting people is extremely hard to do. With the ever expanding budget cuts, the university 100 courses were all cut. These classes were supposed to teach freshmen about the school and to help social interaction. Now nearly all lower division classes are huge and don't support meeting new people. Life without friends isn't fun.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of money. Students are paying more for tuition and getting less class time. Teachers are required to take atleast 6 days out of the semester off with no pay, thus students are getting reduced class time. In addition there are fewer classes given.


The worst thing about my school is that there are so many different departments, it makes it hard to cooperate with each of their requirements. Alot of the time it seems as though these different departments don't communicate clearly with each other which puts stress on the new students to do thier own research and digging. It's alot of back and fourth movements just to see exactly what you need to do just to get a hold off your registration, or who to go to for a signanture to file for a medical leave or ed leave.


In my opinion, I don't feel that there is nothing bad about the school I attend. There are some things that I didn't expect, like the competition for classes and how much they expect from you as a student, but then again I feel that it helps you prepare for the real world and the teachers aren't there to spoon feed you.


The worst thing would be that sometimes the school can be a little overrun with the Greek system. A lot of social activites happen around the soroities and fraternities and that sometimes makes it hard to focus on other things.


The worst thing about this school was parking. It would take me about an hour to find parking. Then, all my classes were on the other side of campus, which would take about 15-20 minute power walk. The school did provide shuttles for students but it didn't make any difference in the time.


Hands down the financial aid office. I am a non resident student so naturally my tuition is drastically more than those of residents of California. I work hard to earn and achieve scholarships, as well as getting financial aid, but the school does not seem to care when the University increases its Non Resident fees exponentially every semester to the point where i am almost am not able to attend the university anymore. This does not inspire a lot of trust and i have actually made the decision to transfer to Boise State University for the Fall 2010 semester.


The worst thing at my school is the lack of motivation we recieve from certain staff members. In my opinion, some teachers at my school does not care about student's success. Some stuck to a teaching agenda that is so old it's no longer effective. This is a problem that needs to be fixed because if the teaching plan is not effective, students would not learn anything. Speaking from first hand experience, I have been in situations where I have to teach my self all of the materials for the course.


The worst thing about my school is that a lot of kids place their social lives above schoolwork. some even tend to cheat, which is not tolerated in the school code, but in reality, cheating seems to go unnoticed. Also, I would like to add that my school has a lack of jobs available, and whenever I go to apply for one, they are all taken up. Although the current state of the economy is the cause of this scarcity of work, I really wish the school would create more openings. Surely there is need for help from students somewhere.


One of the worst things about my school and most of the other CSU/UC schools are the constant budget cuts and increases in tuition and school fees. The school issues furlough days in which the professors are required to select a number of days to not teach class. This is unfair because it is like the students are paying not to go to class. Another problem is the availability of classes. Classes have become so impacted that some students have to attend more than 4 years to finish their degree.


The budget cuts have really impacted our school causing many classes to be cancelled if they ware not full. I feel that this is probably the worst thing about my school because it makes it difficult for students get the classes they want. It's also not fair that our tution goes up yet our classes go down.


It is a commuter school. Being a commuter school may limit some people from getting involved, thus it may be hard for some to socialize because of the commonality of commuting.