California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone should have the right to try to get a aducation to better their future.


No one who needs to be told what to do should attend this university. There are a lot of hoops one must jump through to get the right help with planning and schedling, especially as a freshman. My first semester here i had to speak with four different adviors to even take a single course in my major, as they lock freshmen out of self enrollment.


People that think that only one kind of person is right will not enjoy this school - we are open minded and can balance who we are with different people that surround us.


I believe that anyone who sets their mind to it could go to my college. It is fairly simple to log is, post 2 times a week, and complete the assignment on time. Now I would advise someone else to only attend part time if their schedule doesn't have much free time in it.


The type of person who shouldn't attend CSULB is someone who is conservative, who isn't there to learn, and who doesn't like to live in the city or the beach.


i think anybody can attend this school, it is very big and classes are small and the students can have more help fron the teachers.


A person who wants a small intimate campus, this school is huge.


CSU-Long Beach is an academic based school. If you are a person who loves popular sports such as football, CSULB is not the school for you.


Anyone who wishes to be apart of the "football" life should not attend this schoo. We do not have a football team. Anyone who is homophobic should probably not attend this school neither, due to the large population present here.


Someone who should not attend California State University Long Beach would be someone who is not serious about school. Cal State Long Beach is a difficult school to get into and once you are in, it is a rigorous semester of difficult classes with difficult teachers.


This campus is well-fitted for different types of people. CSULB has much to offer and it can accomodate any interests. Any person can attend this school and feel like they made the right choice!


I feel that a slightly open-minded person that likes to be active and outdoors would fit in well at Long Beach State. I also feel that this person would have to enjoy city living to a degree as well as not being a judgemental person.


If you are very study-oriented and looking for well equipped libraries, maybe this isn't the best choice of school. People who are more conservative or liberal would be hard to attend because everyone is pretty moderate in their views. Also if you're picky about going green or eating lots of healthy food, this might not be the best choice either.


A person that likes to have fun and be near the beach should attend.


Those who do not like the beach or the laid back environment.


CSULB is a great school where academics is highly praised. People who will not take the opportunities given and those who will abuse the freedom of college shouldn't attend CSULB. To add, those who will not go to their classes shouldn't attend CSULB because classes are really important and space is really limited. People who know what they are doing should have first priority, and people who waste space really delays many students academic plans. CSULB, nevertheless college, is a work place and should always have a serious tone to its work.


The type of person that shouldn't attend my school is someone that is not dedicated to finishing what they start and easily swayed from their opbjective.


Someone who enjoys being in a small town, is afraid to think outside of the box, is afraid of change , or not open-minded should not attend this school.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person who is close minded, doesn't acknowlegde different point of views, and lastly doesn't like fairly big campuses.


This university is not for the people who aren't willing to put in the extra effort into organization and work. When you decide to not go to class for a month your going to fail regardless how well you did on the exam. People who aren't sure about the field they want to major in are at a loss. If you have no idea what field you want to go into you might make the mistake of starting one major and getting set back a year or two once you find your true passion in another field.


Someone not willing to do the work- trust me, I learned this the hard way. The work loads aren't impossible- but they DO ask a commitment from you. Homework every evening, long-term projects and essays- if you're not good with time management (like me), take the time to learn and get good at it. Or you'll be overwhelmed and suffer for it. You have to be willing to listen to opposing ideas and balance sticking to your principles with being courteous. There's lots of different people here, so you have to get used to that.


Anyone who does not really want to attend Cal State Long Beach.


Students who have no desire to truly learn should not attend Long Beach State University. The endless variety of majors and classes give practically everyone a program of interest, so the only type of person who would not thrive there would be someone who does not wish to.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a person who does not have the determination and motivation to do well in school. A person who attends this school should have goals such as achieving good grades in order for them to be successful in their future. The person should want to socialize with other people and get involved with the school's activities. If a person is lazy and careless about failing in school then they should not attend.


I don't believe that there should be a type of person that shouldn't attend this school. Cal State Long Beach is very diverse in all aspects, and therefore, we accept anyone and everyone. The school has equal amounts of education and fun (with priorities on education, of course). So I guess, if I had to choose a type of person, it would be a person who would not take college as a serious part of their lives.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school: intolerant and people who don't care about their studies.


The kind of person who should NOT attend this school is a shy, introverted person who does not do well in crowds and is afraid to speak up for himself or herself. You definitely need to be able to stand out at this school because there are so many students, on the campus overall, and in the classrooms. If you are too quiet, you will not succeed.


If you're not serious about school and education you shouldn't attend. The school and staff try very hard for you to succeed and if you're not serious, you're wasting everyone's time.


if its hard to get around i would not suggest coming here because the campus is not small.


Someone who needs attention and guidance at all times, at this school you need to figure out most things for yourself.


This is a very large school, so perhaps the kind of person who doesn't like to walk from one side of the campus to the other. Also the kind of person who does not like to see other religions/sexual orientations/political stances/ethnicity other than his or her own being celebrated.


Someone who does not like large schools with a lot of students should not attend this school because there are a lot of people. However, even though there are a lot of students, the class sizes are not as big as would be expected.


An ultra conservative person should not attend this school unless they are willing to learn new things and are open to the possibility of self-transformation.


People who are closed to new ideas, thoughts and ways of thinking. Long Beach provides many ways to get involved, it is up to the person themselves to get into the school. You can coast by and just go to classes, or choose to get involved and love it.


Someone who is not willing to put available resources into use to maximize their learning experience.


Someone who wants to get a good education and have fun at the same time.


It's a large campus with a large student body. So the type of person that should not attend this school is someone that would feel lost in the crowd.


Who is not willing to learn.


People who's first choice was not Long Beach state. This school is very genetic and bleak.


There is no such thing as a person that shouldn't attend this school. It's like saying some races shouldn't run for president.


Someone who isn't open to new things, cultures, surroundings, ideas, and who doesn;t like to study.


Anyone can attend this school.


I belive that people that do not want to pursue their education should attend this school. The reason for this is because if they get accepted to this school and just fool around; they are taking someone's opportunity away. If people attend this school because they are obligated to do so, and are not putting any effort, it is a waste of time for them.


i think any body can attend this school.


A person who doesn't want to have fun while receiving a quality education at the same time, or who doesn't want to shell out the HUGE tuition