California State University-Long Beach Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love how California State University, Long Beach is so very ethnically diverse. You look around while walking to class and already see several different ethnic backgrounds and when just waiting in line or are in class here these different accents from places all over the world. It is truly a blessing to have so much oppurtunity to meet so many culturally different people and learn about their way of life.


There are so many incredible chatacteristics about CSULB that I really enjoy. I never feel out of place and with suge a huge amount of students I always find something to do! There are so many helpful resources as well as on and off campus events!


Being one of the largest state universities in California, there are a large variety of resources to assist you both in your academic and persona life.


Everyone is so friendly; very student centered campus


The best thing about my school are the resources they provide. This school has plenty of resource centers that help students suceed during their time attending CSULB. This school provides the students with many resourece centers such as the undergraduate advising center, scholarship center, career development center, tutoring centers, and so much more. Graduating on time has been hard on many undergraduate students but with the resources CSULB provides, it helps us graduate on time. Also, these resource centers provide are free for students which is always a great thing!


The best thing about Long Beach State is the "Beach Pride." Students all around campus can be seen sporting their Beach gear and showing their pride at sporting event and around campus. There is a sense of closeness and community when it comes to Long Beach State. It is a place that is, " for the students, by the students" and this can be seen through camus programming. The Beach is one of the most spirited campuses in the CSU system and the enthusiasm for The Beach continues to grow. As past President Maxson says, "Go Beach!"


Despite all the walking around one has to do, I love that the campus is huge and that every departement on campus is huge, especially the engineering buildings. I also love how most people here are mature , diverse, and hard-working. The most of my classes aren't very big either and that makes it easier for students to get aid from the teacher. The people of the school are very friendly and very helpful in deciding one's career and educational path.


The best thing about my school, is the different opportunities and choices one has with schedule, classes, etc. Also the fact that we are lucky to have many transportation services available that pass right through are school without having to have any difficulties with which bus passes here, or which doesnt. Buses tend to pass every 5-10 minutes, the wait time is amazing which makes it a better place and environment to attend school with this great opportunity.


What i believe is the best feature from Cal State Long Beach is all the progams it offers to aid its students with anything they might need help on. Programs such as BLC (Beach Learning Community), and all of the extracurricular activities that are offerred.


What I find to be the best thing about California State University Long Beach is the art program and faculty. I really feel like I'm getting my money's worth because the art department has done an amazing job of creating classes that teach you a variety of skills.


I love the atmosphere of my school and the attitude the students and teachers bring to the school. This atmosphere is unreal in which so many people seem to love Long Beach as much as I do. I feel very optimistic in classes and life as well as satisfied with how well involved in school. Many unique personalities give our school a great vibe. The students are really friendly, but most importantly are willing to go out of their way to help others. Strangers are willing to talk to each other and friends are made like that.


I feel that the faculty and Staff make all the difference at California State University, Long Beach. All of the adminstration is positive and always willing to help out however they can help out. The people that work at this university truly enjoy being where they are. I feel that the positive energy is contageous and it highly affects the students that attend the university.


California State University Long Beach is extremely diverse; the institution accommodates the large diversity, in such a way that minorities like myself are reassured that we will find success. I was amazed to find that as a female going into the field of engineering, not only was I accepted here, I was welcomed. Here I am equal. As I started to join engineering associations-like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- I was asked to take on leadership positions. The fact that many engineering groups here on campus are headed by successful women is very encouraging as a minority.


I love the teachers because they are so easy going and understanding. Also the school is a beautiful outdoor school with a great Student Union complete with a pool, billiards tables, tvs, and even a pingpong table.


I would say the best thing about Cal State Long Beach would be the diversity. It seems as if everywhere I look, I see various ethnicities around me. I came from a High school that was not very diverse, and by attending CSULB, I have opened my perspective of how I view one another and expanded my social life. The diversity at Cal State long beach allows many student including myself , feel accepted, and not as an outcast.


I got my undergrad degree here and I'm getting my master's in the nursing program. The best thing I've found is how my undergrad program prepared me for the more challenging master's program. The theater program was more laid back but I had to really learn how to organize and prepare for classes and working at the theater itself. Now that I'm in the master's program I'm reflecting on all the things I took away from the theater program and how they benefited me a great deal.


What I consider the best thing about my school is that we have many reasources at our advantage. My school provides us with as much help as needed all we have to do is ask and even if we don't ask and they see that we do need it they will give it to us anyway and make it manditory. another thing I consider to be great is that the school is very diverse and they have multiple ways to have us interact with people who are different from us whether in race/ethnicity or culture/religion.


The lasting friendships I made with students and professors. I still talk to my Academic advisor and professors 2 years later about my graduate studies. It is amazing to me that they are still helping me out with my studies when I am not even attending school in the same state!


The best thing about Cal State Long Beach is everything. The campus is beautiful, the professors are interested in helping you learn the material you need to succeed. The students are accepting, studious, and know how to have fun. The entire Long Beach experience is great!


The best thing about California State University-Long Beach is that it is only one of two Universities that I know of that have a BA for Health Sciences with Radiation Therapy option. Almost everyone knows someone they love who has been affected by cancer. It is an ongoing struggle for those who battle cancer and for their families and California State University-Long Beach is able to give me the education I need in order to help these patients who need radiation therapy to help cure their cancer.


The facilities are updated and well kept. CSULB has two large computer labs where students can use the computers to research and to type reports. The computers are updated on a regular basis. Also, the staff at the computer labs are helpful.


I love how laid back my school is. The students are there to learn, but still know how to have fun. They aren't stuck up about appearances or grades. Not to mention the campus is so close to the beach! GO BEACH!


The best thing about Long Beach State was building the relationships with other students and faculty. Especially when you find your degree, and your future job profession, you will definitely build connections with the people that share the same desire with you. There is the study groups, fraternaties, sororities, academic societies, clubs, and the student union that tries to bring everyone together. What I also noticed through all my years at LB state was that the faculty was very patient, personable, and taught with passion. I was lucky enough to have met so many people throughout my years in school.


CSULB (The Beach) is making my future actually become a reality. I want to transform into a film director, and before I can do that I have to have experience in the field. The Beach not only allows me to learn about directing, cinematography, writing screenplays, and learning how to budget myself; but it gives me the hands on experience that will be the most valuable asset when I hand in my resume to intern at the CW, NBC, Universal Studios, Sony Studios and the like. CSULB is my past wish, my present reality, and is furthering my future career.


I consider the diversity in students the best thing about my school. Allowing those who were unable to grow up without culture based knowledge closes ones mind. This University not only brings people from all over the world together, but requires you to socialize with others. In doing so you are granted the opportunity to think with an open mind and be accepting of others.


The diversity, and the variety of groups, clubs, and organizations.


I absolutely love being at my school because I always have someone, whether it is a teacher, administrator, advisor, or fellow student there to help me with any problems I may be having. I also love how friendly and welcoming the majority of students here are.


Besides what I have already mention in the earlier question, my school has an amazing atmosphere. No one in discriminated by their color, race, gender, or sexual preference. As a Latina, I have been treated with the respect and generosity I should be treated with. The wonderful atmosphere of freedom allows students to demonstrate to the rest of their school their ideas and opinions which is a great way for students to develop as professionals, which is why students attend college in the first place, to become professionals.


I consider the best thing at my school is the hospitality . When I first join the student government, my advisor and the team welcome me with open arms and lunch. I was surprise at my initiation to the team; food seem like a bribe to join. However, as time goes by, I learn the team was very generous not only among the team but to our peers. We created events that supported the student body to improve their educational and social experience, such as a new 24 hour library policy and rallies against the increase of our tutition.


One of the many things i love about my university is the diversity. I believe eveyone should be equal and i feel that everyone is truly welcome at my school. Everyone is pretty much friendly and willing to help others out reguardless of ethnic or religious background. Students feel free to interact with people of other cultures, races, and learn about people of the world in the process.


I think the greatest thing about my school is its artistic community. There is such a diverse network of students who really care about art and the way it impacts our world. In fact, many of them are eager to use their own creativitiy to benefit our future concerning environmental impacts, population crises, global issues, and domestic issues. I'm truly inspired by the students here and have worked with many of them; In the process I have discovered their personal opinions and goals.


Ethnic diversity is what I think is the best thing about my school. In this way I am able to engage with students of all races and cultures which helps in opening my perspective and communication skills.


The diversity of students since different cultures allow us to learn a wide array of things rather than to be closed minded with out own culture. It opens up more experiences and networks.


Everything is lighthearted, the professors rock and you get opened up to new worlds. A lot of the professors have real-world expereince so its cool to be taught by an award-winning poet or former filmmaker or former broadcast journalist. The possibilities are endless.


The resources they have available: tutoring, writers' resource center, the horn center's open access lab, and library are just a few.


CSU Long Beach is a great school, with a very diverse student body. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to get involved in, ae nd the campus is beautiful. The weather is southern California is the best, and there are plenty of beaches nearby. Many of the professors on campus are both approachable and helpful, and really care about students' educations.


The best thing about my campus is its size. The large campus allows for me to do different things every day. The large size of the campus gives students options in which to dine, study, and have a good time. The large campus also has many options for classes and variety of professors. Small campuses don't allow for variety, which is what college is all about. CSULB's large campus has allowed me to explore and different opportunities to accomplish my goals.


The best thing about my school is it's diversity. No matter who you are you will learn about and interact with different groups of people you never have before. Also, there is always something going on, you will never be bored!


I love the diverse, friendly, and student-orientated environment my campus provides for its students and faculty. I truely believe CSULB offers tremendous support for its students academically and socially. I went to a small K-12th grade high school in a square mile radius low-income city. The transition to a well-known university with a population of over 30,000 students was simple. The professors, students, and resources at CSULB made it possible for me to feel lucky that I am a part of that campus instead of giving up! I The campus life is unique and exciting!


The weather and the size of the campus are my favorite aspects of it, as well as the landscape. It is never blistering hot or freezing cold, there is always a nice breeze, and many trees and grassy areas with flowers dot the campus. The campus is over a mile across, allowing for lots of areas to hang out, study quietly, or to even take a nap under a tree.


Teachers encourage student interactions with each other to help each other out and build bonds




Cheap, decent, pretty mild atomsphere.


Not research-based, so more access to professors & smaller classes. Professors who are actually there to teach.


the diversity, it makes things more interesting.


The location and how nice the people here are.


President Maxson was very supportive of all his students, staff and faculity.


I would say the best thing is how diverse it is. Ethnically, we have students from almost any country you could think of. I love how you can find just about anything on this campus. Whatever I needed has always been available to me on CSULB campus. It is a very clean and attractive campus as well. Great selection of majors and very educated and insightful teachers.


Diversity and Opportunity. California State University of Long Beach offers 8 different colleges plus the opportunity to join over 100 different club/ recreational activities. The student population is well rounded with over 33,000 students attending. It is great to be a part of a campus that encourages and gives you the opportunity to be involved in so many activities to help one achieve their gaols as a student.


i think that we have a very helpful open campus. People get back to you quick and are always there to help. We are also very racially diverse.