California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are very diverse. There are people from local to international students. This includes both the professor to the students.


they are thinkers.


My classmates are respectful, helpful, intellegant, and smart.


My classmates are hard working students. Every students gives it there all to achieve something better and they have so much ambition. I see many of my classmates in the library or the cafeteria just sitting down on the computer doing either homework or decidating their time to stuying. what I really love is how motivated each student is and the reason behind it. My classmates give their best everytime they possibly can and even when things do not turn out great, it does not stop them from striving towards their goals.


A great diverse group, most of them became life long friends.


I haven't started class yet, but i've met a few people on campus and they all seem to be very friendly and helpful.


While a few of my classmates we as driven as I was, most of my classmates were laid back and just wanted to have a good time while in school.


The students at CSULA are energetic, fun, nice; they are there on time and eager to learn; I have a good time with them escpecially in my communications and ceramics classes.


Most of my classmates are nice and respectful people and you can easily get along with anyone there. They are also highly motivated and interested in their school work. Nobody fools around in class and they always pay attention to the professor. If you need help with anything in class, they will gladly help you.


The racial makeup is diverse and includes people from all over the world. I had classmates from Nigeria, Romania, Mexico, China, Korea, Armenia, India, Brazil, and Russia. Socioeconomic makeup is mostly 1st generation college students; varied, working class, to professional white-collar individuals. Politically, studens lean toward the left but it really varies--I'm moderate, I don't judge. Live and let live. Do students talk about how much they'll earn one day? Yes, of course! People are there to move up in the world and in a city like LA, there are many professionals and career oriented individals.


My classmates are extremely communicative, yet there are a few who rarely has anything to say to both professors and other students. Other than that, everyone is lively, out going, friendly.


My classmates in most classes are much younger. Most of them are not sure on what route they want to go in after attending school. Depending on the class some of my classmates can nor relate the subjects to real life due to the lack of experience, however, are facinated once they are learning. I have become good friends with some of my classmates and it has allowed me to guide them on what to expect down the road and they get older.


My classmates are friendly.


everyone is so friendly and make you feel confortable enough to ask for notes, or maybe do a study group after class to get prepare for the midterm.


My classmates are very helpful. There maybe a few people that is hard to interact with but the majority is very nice and have a bright personality. They may be a little intimidating sometimes in the first day of class or week but at the end of the quarter they are your friends that you can count on. Friends that will make you successful and not make you lose your focus on your goal, which is to get a degree and finish school. I have met these types of friends in my college and im lucky to be with them.


My classmates are professional adults who are looking to advance their careers with a Doctorate degree. In my bachelor's, most of my classmates were young and had not started their careers yet. Most of them were doing their best to schedule classes as late in the afternoon as possible, trying to finish within 6 years, and maybe working a part-time job to make enough money to pay for "extras".


Students searching a path that will develop their skills in life, moving free and independent.


My classmates are studious, interactive and dedicated.


DIVERSE DIVERSE DIVERSE! If you think you wont fit in.. you are WRONG!! Includes people from all walks of life, with a common purpose of bettering themselves and getting a head start on their futures.


My classmates are diverse and a mixture of very driven and mediocre.


My classmates are focused individuals who work hard to achieve good grades.


Everyone is willing to help one another become successful in their careers and life.


Diverse, self-motivated, non-judgmental, and pretty friendly and outgoing.


Some are very helpful, others do not care about anyone other than themselves.


My class mates are friendly.


My classmates in the nursing program are friendly, smart and eager to learn.




My classmates are generally friendly and willing to interact with anyone.


My classmates have proven to be diverse, out-going, open-minded, and ambitious.


Very interactive