California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


This school is very open minded, which is a good thing because it makes everyone feel welcome. The cross cultural center has many events to share with the students, they create different events such as "Sex Toys" not to promote sex, but to make the subject less awkward and in a way more acceptable to talk about because it is something that most people are curious but do not ask for the same reason that it is "weird". They also create other events like movie nights where they don't show your typical friday night movie but documentaries of the life of gay, lesbians, and transgender students. They make sure the students are aware of everyone. This school is not afraid to speak out.


Cal Sate LA is a very boring school if you don't talk to anyone. Everyone is usually on their phones or maybe just spacing out to the world or their might be lost. So far all the teachers I've gotten have been great. I hate english and since I've been attending this school I actually like it now. I hated doing essays and the teachers I got changed my mind about writing essays. I'm not great at writing essays but at less I'm getting better from the teachers I've gotten. This school is not all bad is your out going with your classmates and teachers.


Best thing about Cal State LA its location in southern California. We have everything here, beaches, mountains, great weather, proximity to Hollywood, Disneyland, the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Kings. One thing I'd change: I would hire better faculty. Preferably all whose native language is English. When I tell people I graduated from Cal State LA, their reaction is one of affirmation, "it must be a good school." I spent most of my time on campus either in the business building or the library. Though there is a brand new student union that is amazing. Cal State LA's administration? Again, I really think the regents should hire higher quality personnel. Yes, there is some school pride. You won't find many people wearing other school's gear to class. Most people that attend seem to like being students of the school. If we had a major D1 varsity team, it would be well supported. Anything unusual? It's extremely diverse culturally: whites are maybe 10-20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student population. Also, most students commute to campus from other parts of LA; very few live in university housing.