California State University-Los Angeles Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


i had to wish to be computer programmer, and this is the reason that i choice this major, because i love computer programming. i realli loved to get to cal state los angles which is i get in already


When I started at CSULA, I was quite a bit younger than most of the other students, and I was very shy. I wish I'd known then that the other students were much friendlier and more welcoming than they seemed.


Before coming to CSULA I wish I would have known who to talk to about planning the courses that I took.


I wish I would have known two things before coming to this college. The first thing is that I wish I knew somebody so I did not look so lost on the first day. A lot of locals attend the school and it seemed that everyone knew eachother which made me feel like I did not belong. The second thing is that it would have been perfect if I lived on campus. Driving to and from school is a hassle and by dorming there, it would have saved me time, money, and I would have made friends easier.


How much it costs! Graduate school is very expensive and there is not as much money available as there is for undergrad studies. I wish I would have saved some money prior to starting school.


I wish I had known that the professors were going to be the best the school has to offer. The professors are extremely approachable and are always trying to make sure that the students are comfortable in what is being taught. With the administration and staff being rather incompetent at times, I am glad to know that the professors are at least the saving grace of the school.


To succeed in most fields or even to move forward in graduate programs, you need to have experience in your field. I would recommend looking closely for an internship or lab opportunity that is in the chosed field or of interrest in order to prepare for the future.


I wish that i would have known about the metro link system dropping off on campus. For the first quarter I attended I drove in from Covina and it was a 20 min drive but with traffic depending on the time of my classes it would take up to two hours to get there or back. I had to pay for parking which is $90 a quarter. I now take the train which picks up 3 miles from my home and drops me off on campus! The ride takes 29 minutes and i am able to study as well.


Clubs and organizations available during orientation


I wish i would have known that the campus was not going to be as socially active as other schools i ahve visited. It makes the college experience slightly dull, since it is focused mainly on academic activities. There is no football team and the school spirit at this school is not very high. In some ways, this is helpful because it is easier to focus on academics, but it would be more exciting to have another aspect of the college experience.


I wish I hard learned about my financial aid status, that way I could have applied to more school scholarships, or grants.


I wish I had more information on what is necessary in order to enroll in specific classes, such as what permits are needed in order to continue.




That most other CSU's sell a beer on campus, this one does not.


I wish I knew more about the resources the school has to offer. There are many programs that schools offer to students but are maybe not published as frequently as they should be. I wish I had more guidance on what classes would help me get to my goal rather then take unessary classes.


There is nothing that I wished I had known. I came expecting to learn things I didn't know, and that's what I'm doing. I listened to what many people told me about college and about my school, so I haven't been surprised by anything. You just live life as it comes.


I would have liked to have been informed of the many opportunities and services they provide, such as the Career Center and Tutoring Center.


Before college i was in high school. I had wished of alot of things before i came here. If i could have improved my confidence and my study habits skills during my high school years, i would be a better freshman in my college. I also wanted to be more mature in my school work, to prioritize it more than other things. In addition, i wished that i would have joined other clubs and volunteered more so when i get to college i would find myself in ease of joining different clubs and organizations.


In a nutshell, I wished that I hadn't stressed out so much about going to a state university. I seriously doubted ever enjoying being in Calstate LA, and now I have discovered what I want to do as a career and I also managed to find good connections. In my senior year, I wished that I also didn't doubt my efforts in high school. Yes, I didn't get into a top notch school, but it never meant that I never worked hard in high school. Past is past, and today, I'm loving the college life.


that i should have applied to more scholarships before i entered the campus


Before I came to this school I wanted to know that there were many activities and clubs that I could've have been a part of. Maybe even finding a part-time job or internship would have benefited me towards the beginning of my college career. Doing research and networking is key to a more successful experience in college. If possible, take courses at a community college to reduce cost and graduation time.


California State U - I wish I took the time to figure out that they didn't have a football team. I went to a couple of basketball games, but college football is the way to go. My current school is University of Maryland University College. I wish I would have known that the Doctorate program is extremely time consuming...a lot more hours are spent on homework than they mentioned at the beginning of the program.


I wish I had known all of the research opportunities the school offers. Also, that I was considering graduate studies because then I would've joined the programs I was invited to.


Before coming to this school I wish I would had known how quick the quarter system actually was. I knew before that the quraters were 10 weeks short but it was not until I was actually in the school and felt how fast they go. In the quarter system there is not time to slack off.


I wish I had known more people.


I wished i would have known that prices were going to go up, and that i was'nt oing to recieve any finanical aid.




Before i came to this school i wish i would have known how freindly the professors are and how they want you to do well, they do not want to make it hard for you to succeed in their class. If I would have know this I wouldn't have been so nervous when i first started.