California State University-Monterey Bay Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are so friendly and welcoming. There are students from all around California. There are also exchange students from Japan, Brazil, and Australia that help make the campus diverse. If you come to campus not knowing anyone, you will be able make friends easily.


my classmates are friendly, lovely and nice.


My classmates are hard working and dedicated to their studies.


The most layed back but hard-working people I've ever met.


My classmates are kind of diverse, but all have the same music interests.


I don't think there is anyone who would feel out of place at CSUMB. There is something for everyone and always a club to fit your interests. I am a sister of Theta Alpha Sigma and it has been the greatest experience I have had at CSUMB. We are always doing something and getting involved on and off campus. Becoming apart of the greek system is a great way to meet people and get involved. I am also apart of the club To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA). The students at CSUMB are politically aware and active with such things as the 99% movement and the tuition increase. The majority of financial backgrounds that are most common at CSUMB are middle to lower class. There are very few upper class students that attend CSUMB.


My classmates are fun, dedicated, hard working, and care about their community and their education.


friendly and helpful, everyone wants to pass.


CSUMB is a very diverse campus. The only people who may feel out of place are very shy people because you really have to be willing to put yourself out there to meet people and make friends. Students mainly wear jeans tshirt and flip flop/ California casual. Students from CSUMB are from all over the place. Freshman year I meet people from so-cal, the bay area, nevada, and even one person from the east coast. Majority of students come from middle class families. Students at CSUMB are about 50/50 left and right winged. Students tend not to talk about they'll earn one day but what the want to do one day (carer wise).


Friendly, laid backed, out-of-the-box thinkers.


I have come to learn that the students here at CSUMB are very friendly and can be very helpful in times of need. I fid myself intrigued and eager to speak up in class becuse their motivation to gve their insight on subjects helps me to ride of my fea of speaking up in class. In jr college I did not recieve that vibe or motivation. Maybe its the matuity or the determination they have that makes university students different than jr college students.


There are a lot of gay and lesbian people on campus. Demographically, CSUMB is predominately Caucasian. An outgoing person who likes to meet new people and have fun would feel out of place at CSUMB. Most students are not open to meeting new people, and are also not very social. Students usually wear Jeans and a sweatshirt to class. Most CSUMB students are from the Bay Area or southern California. Most students seem to come from middle class families. Some come from the surrounding farming community. The CSUMB campus is not privy to politics or current events. Most students do not seem interested in what is going on in the world around them. I would say that most students are liberal. Students do not talk about their future very much.


I think my classmates are cool. I have met lots of different types of people. They are easy going and fun.


Depending on your major, students can be open, kind and friendly (CHHS, HCOM), or closed off and hostile (BUS).


My clasemates are diverse and hardworking, they strive to achieve their goals.


We love to laugh and have a good time


Most students are laid back, respectable and focused. Rarely though have I encountered a student that has been completely satisfied with the school.


My classmates are not academically driven.


Interesting, dynamic, and diverse people with great futures ahead of them.


Many doing the minimum to get by but those that try are incredible!


There is a huge variety of students here, most of them very friendly, fun, and eager to get to know other people.


Usually diverse, its hard to come across many classmates that are exactly alike. Most of them are very nice and accepting, and I always have fun when I go out. In class, discussions and debates are always very interesting, and permit a fantastic learning experience. Class time is always fun for me because of my classmates, a big part of the reason I always try to attend class.