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Is the stereotype of students at California State University-Sacramento accurate?


Yes, but it doesn't mean that you have to conform to them. You can get more out of your college experience if you try.


Sort of. It is a commuter school and a lot of the campus doesn't really care about Sac State events. But there are some students who do care; it's just not the majority.


I don't think so. I know I work really hard at school and so do my friends. I'm sure there are slackers out there, but it doesn't pertain to every student.

Anderson Jason

No. Except for the sports teams sucking, that's true.


Sac State has a huge representation of students that live around campus, which makes for a fun (and actually big) group of people to meet and socialize with. You'll almost always meet someone new at a party. CSUS is one of the best schools on the West Coast, especially for the price. It is also NATIONALLY known for the Criminal Justice program, which is ranked as one of the top 2 in the US. I'm the perfect example of breaking that stereotype of preppy greeks. I listen to hardcore music and dress the part, down to the skinny jeans, band T's, tattoos, and gauged earrings. Our greek system is a melting pot...I mean, my roommate & fraternity brother is a total cowboy that rides bulls for fun!


Absolutely not. Sac State is a very competitive campus and its education level is not than then other universities. I have competed and won against students from UCs.


Yes our school has no pride at all. And no, not all fraternity guys are stupid. If anything, being in a fraternity has helped me become more able to accepting leadership roles, better at time management, and helped me network to get a career after college. I'm am smart and have for the most part received A's and B's throughout college, I'm very humble, more mature than most of the non-greeks I've seen on campus.


Well, I'm sure there are students who are slackers that attend this school, but that's not true of all of us. I know of many students who work their ass off in school and still manage to hold down a full-time job. As for the "commuter campus" stereotype, I'd have to agree with it. Coming from Chico, Sac State definitely does not have the whole small town college feel to it. And, yes, the majority of students live off campus (even as far away as the Bay Area).