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Founded in 1947, California State University-Sacramento. is a Public college. Located in California, which is a city setting in California, the campus itself is Urban. The campus is home to 27,951 full time undergraduate students, and 2,559 full time graduate students.

The California State University-Sacramento Academic calendar runs on a Semester basis. In the school year the student to faculty ratio was 27:1. There are 725 full time instructional teachers. Degrees awarded at California State University-Sacramento include: Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree, Post-master's certificate, Doctor's degree.

Quick Facts

Acceptance Rate71%
Application Deadline
Application Fee55
SAT Range830-1050
ACT Range17-22

Admissions at CSUS are considered Selective, with ,153% of all applicants being admitted.

In the school year, of the students who applied to the school, only 16 of those who were admitted eventually ended up enrolling.

100% of incoming freshmen are in the top half of their high school class. 0% were in the top quarter, and 0% were in the top tenth. You can apply online.


We asked, and students answered these important questions about student life at California State University-Sacramento.

California State University-Sacramento REVIEWS

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  • How would you rate on-campus housing?

    264 Students rated on-campus housing 3.4 stars. 15 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate off-campus housing?

    304 Students rated off-campus housing 3.6 stars. 0 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus food?

    496 Students rated campus food 3.7 stars. 23 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate campus facilities?

    524 Students rated campus facilities 4 stars. 31 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate class size?

    523 Students rated class size 3.7 stars. 24 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate school activities?

    521 Students rated school activities 3.9 stars. 29 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate local services?

    519 Students rated local services 4.1 stars. 43 % gave the school a 5.0.

  • How would you rate academics?

    524 Students rated academics 3.7 stars. 31 % gave the school a 5.0.

What's your overall opinion of California State University-Sacramento?

128 Students rated California State University-Sacramento

Rhayne - 08/15/2023

I can't say that I hate being a student at California State University-Sacramento, but I can say that I get major FOMO (fear of missing out) when I think about the other colleges I could have gone to. I wanted to major in film and go to an art school. I applied to my dream schools and got accepted to all of them, but I didn't have the money to go. So, I settled for Sacramento State and applied as graphic design major because I thought it would be more practical. I don't regret doing so, as I genuinely believe that I can make a successful career once I graduate and get my degree. So far, the professors I've had have been pretty great. But, I've heard horror stories from my roommates and friends pursuing other majors. Speaking of roommates, the dorms here are really hit or miss. During my freshman year, I was living in the oldest resident hall on campus. Everyone says the rooms are reminiscent of prison cells. Plus, the laundry room only has 3-4 washers and dryers on a good day. Blessedly, there are no rats in the residence halls, but there are rats on campus. That's why they have industry plant campus cats to keep down the mouse population. Still, the newest and most up-to-date residence hall had an ant infestation. If that's how bad the newest hall is, I shudder to think about how bad the other halls could get. My last but certainly not least qualm with Sac State is that we used to be able to get a lot of use out of our meal cards with their old point system. But when I returned for my sophomore term last year, they completely jacked the system and upped the prices so now most students hardly feel like we're getting our money's worth. During my freshman year, the American River Courtyard Market was always full of people swiping their meal cards for basic, convenient groceries. During my sophomore year, that same market was like a ghost town because nobody could afford to be in there. All in all, I don't hate my experience at California State University-Sacramento, but only because of the individual people I've met while learning and living there. However, the institution as a whole could stand to listen to us a lot more. Then, it could be a dream school. Right now, it's teetering on nightmare.

Cosmo - 08/11/2023

CSU Sacramento is a great school. Semesters are very affordable, and you get quality education. Life on campus is amazing. The nature is beautiful with plenty of plants and wildlife. There is plenty to do as far as extracurricular activities and clubs. Plenty to do and plenty to get involved in.

Donnya - 07/25/2023

I personally really enjoy Sacramento State, although I am a recent transfer student I have seen nothing but good things. Usually after class me and my group of classmates gather around to go study today's lesson on the quad (general area where students hang) and it makes me feel like I'm in a safe environment with people who care about my success which is very important for your college self esteem!

Monserrat - 03/03/2023

Extremely diverse campus, including students, staff, and faculty. Great representation of the struggles first-gen, low-income students encounter. Amazing resources to help students, including first year experience classes, accessible academic and career advising as students and graduates, free counseling, and amazing opportunities for growth. Everybody around is just extremely supportive.

California State University-Sacramento FAQS

  1. What is the Acceptance Rate at California State University-Sacramento?

    The fall 2020 acceptance rate for California State University-Sacramento is 71%. That means, out of _____ applications received in 2020 , _____ students were offered admission. The number of males who applied was _____ vs the number of females which was _____.

  2. What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

    The most valuable college experience I got out of attending Sacramento State was the process of growing up into my own woman and realizing which career was most suited for my personality. I went through three majors - Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Health Science until I discovered my passion, which is Social Work and I would love to thank the school for that. The school has a richness of discourse communities and it's been fun to jump around and see how people are both different and similar regarding their career paths. Sacramento State is located in the capitol and it's been great to see such political activity and care for the community we love here. I thought attending this school would not help me become more academically inclined, but it has by pushing my limits and showing me that I can be good in any field I try.

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  3. Describe the students at your school.

    My classmates in the BSN program are helpful, selfless, courageous, and determined.

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  4. What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

    I would have to say the worst thing is the amount of classes that are being offered. With the current economic state our campus has been forced to drop classes so it has become very difficult to enroll in the classes that you need to graduate on time.

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  5. Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

    CSUS allows you to make your education, social life, and campus interaction anything you would like it to be.

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  6. What kind of person should attend this school?

    I do not think there should be a specific kind of person to attend this school. I think that as long as a student tries his or her best to engage in activities provided by the campus that are prevalent to their interests, then he or she will get the most out of their college experience. In other words, any kind of person can attend this school.

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  7. What's unique about your campus?

    And CSUS there is something for everyone, it doesnt matter what you are interested in there is a class or a club for you. And if you can't find what you're looking for they encourage you to make an organization for yourself and your peers. The professors are challenging but fair and are willing to help if you seek it. The campus is not only up to date and modern but it is also breathtakingly beautiful. A wonderful place to attend school.

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  8. What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

    I would have loved to have known to get my parking pass the week before school. I would also have liked to have known exactly what classes I needed to gradute.

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  9. What kind of person should not attend this school?

    I believe that any kind of person should attend this school. As a student from CSU Sacramento, it is understandable that some people may be tired of education or not care about it much, but this school has professors, student activities, clubs and programs that will give those people an opportunity to learn something about themselves. It has been an given opportunity for a poor Southeast Asian woman like me to build more confidence in myself and to learn about my fellow peers. So any one should attend this school!

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  10. Here's your chance: Say anything about your college!

    diverse, hundreds of trees,

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  11. What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

    The most frustrating thing about CSUS is that most teachers act like they're your only teacher and give a lot of homework.

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  12. What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

    Personally, this school is close to my house so I save a lot of money from having to drive out to UC Davis, where I used to go before. Since everyone likes to save money, they're somewhat envious that I get to live at home and go to a college that is so close. I'm also proud as to what goes on our campus. We're always involved in different projects and have guest speakers come from all different types of backgrounds.

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  13. Describe your favorite campus traditions.

    Sacramento State is best known for it's beautiful scenery, diverse student population, good personal class experiences, the WELL, and career opportunities available after graduation within the city of Sacramento.

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  14. What is the stereotype of students at your school?

    Sac. State or "slack state" is known as just a bigger school that people drive to school for and then drive home. There is no school pride, and the majority of students could care less about what athletic team is playing. Also, the fraternity guys are viewed as stupid, cocky, and immature.

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  15. Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

    Absolutely not. Sac State is a very competitive campus and its education level is not than then other universities. I have competed and won against students from UCs.

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  16. What is your overall opinion of this school?

    The best thing about Sac State is the tuition. We can not get better education or the same for cheaper. One of the changes that I would like to see change in sac state is commuting. I would like sac state to become a college town. There is not enough interaction between students because the majority are commuters. One the experiences i will always remember will be working and giving parking citations.

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  17. What are the most popular student activities/groups?

    I am a proud brother of Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity incorporated. I love my fraternity and my brothers to me they are my college life. We have three principles which are academic excellence, community service, and the maintenance of the Latino Culture through brotherhood. To me Fraternities are very important because they help students like me who move Sacramento to attend Sac State and dont know anybody. I can honestly say I would not be the leader I am now without being a member of Gamma Zeta Alpha.

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  18. What are the academics like at your school?

    One of the best courses I have taken in sac state is Ethnic Studies 11 with professor Sobredo. This professor made the class fun, exciting and taught very well. I believe that some of the professors lack the use of conversations and discussions in class. Most of the them lecture for too long and make the class boring and not interesting. I believe that students do not have intellectual conversations outside of the class. Most of the time I just hear them make comments such as " C's get you degrees". I believe that Sac State can gear a person to getting a job, its up to the individual if they take advantage of it or not.

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Student Body







Total Undergrad Enrollment


Total Grad Students









Student Organizations







On-Campus Housing


of students living on campus

Student Diversity

% American Indian/Alaskan Native
% Asian/Pacific Islander
% Black or African-American
% Hispanic/Latino
% White or Caucasian


All students must apply yearly for financial aid. This process starts with the FAFSA. Though financial aid deadlines vary by school, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible. For the upcoming school year, you can apply as early as October 1 for the FAFSA. Additional school aid will be dependent on the FAFSA results.

82% of students attending California State University-Sacramento receive some sort of financial aid. 54% were awarded federal grants. While 35% received federal loans. Many students do also need to apply for additional private student loans.

Cost Out of State


Tuition and fees(Out of state)


Books and Supplies


Room and Board


Total On Campus

Actual Cost By Income Level(W/Financial Aid)

Family Income
$0 - $30K
$30 - $48K
$48 - $75K
$75 - $110K
$110K & UP

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