California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable people.


I brag about most is that it's a small green campus. We students do not need a bus to get to our classes; it is walking distance. There are many colleges that need bus transportation to get to the other building in less than 10 minutes.


I do not brag about my school because I chose to go to school. The reason I go to school is because I want to have a better future for myself and my children. I do tell my friends how I enjoy every day of school and how much I learn each day. I tell them now my knowlegde can change the future of all of us.


CSUS is a beautiful campus full of mature trees and near the American River. Simply walking to class is so peaceful and refreshing. It has a small campus feel, and professors seem to really care about students. They have a brand new state of the art fitness facility open to students.


Our schools is so beautiful, especially in the fall and the people here are so nice. Everywhere yoou look you see green trees and plants and grass and its absolutely peaceful in the afternoon. Also there is always something to do wheter watching a movie in the student union or going to a comdey show, theres always something happening.


Personally I brag the most about our gym. The Well is really nice, plus it comes free with out tuition. I like to go in there and workout between classes or after class. It's nice because its a change of pace from studying. I think it really helps people who want to stay healthy. In the future I plan to use it even more than I am now.


the availability of classes and how the professors are willing to help students out.


I don't really brag about school. I mention that I enjoy going to school there.


I brag about how much I enjoy my major and how engaging the professors are. The advice I gave to prospective students above was a quote from my International Politics professor when he was encouraging the class to engage resources outside lectures and readings. This professor, along with other professors in the Government department, are always passionate about the material they're teaching, always helpful, and always encouraging.


The number of trees on campus.


I brag about how clean and green it is. Also, the gym and the free transportation is very helpful! The gym helps me stay fit and feel healthy because it has fitness classes and equipments that are available to all the students. Lastly, the public transportation from my apartment to school is free during the Spring and Fall Semester.


I was nervous to go from a community college to a University because I was told that the interactions of students with the Professors were rather non-existent. I have found the complete opposite at CSUS! The staff of Professors here are supportive, engaging, and sincerely want their students to be successful. The support that is offered at this campus is key to the success for any student that might be away from their home family or community and is ready to fulfill their educational career goals!


When I talk to my friends about my school, I always brag about how well-prepare are the professors when they present their classes and how they make themselves available for additional questions that students may have. I also tell them how my school embraces student projects and promotes team work.


The campus is nice. Lots of trees and greenery. Brand new sporting center.


Sacramento State University is pretty diverse with a lot of clubs and organizations to join. If you get involved with they school, you will not regret it & it will make you more connected with many people. It's also very fun and live, meaning that many campus events take place and make all the students smile. The reason I chose to go to this school is because they have the best criminal justice department on the west coast. This is definitely the place for me given my career interests; and for other majors as well.


There's over three thousand trees on campus


Personally, this school is close to my house so I save a lot of money from having to drive out to UC Davis, where I used to go before. Since everyone likes to save money, they're somewhat envious that I get to live at home and go to a college that is so close. I'm also proud as to what goes on our campus. We're always involved in different projects and have guest speakers come from all different types of backgrounds.


What I brag the most about my school is that I saved lots of money and the reason I say that is because I am currently living at home with my father. By choosing to stay here, I feel that I saved lots of money by staying in Sacramento and I can suport my family. However, I do brag about the benefits and rewards that Sacramento State has to offer. The university has many programs and help serivces that can help students achieve a successful education and make it less stressful for students to achieve an education.


How close it is to the best places in California, such as Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and the red woods.


The environment of the school is friendly, pretty, predictable and clean.


The Wellness Center is an awesome and modern gym. The Wellness Center opens early and closes late so any student with a hectic schedule may take the time to workout. The Wellness Center also provides fitness classes, nutrition classes, and family events. This new and modern gym has all of the latest equipment and is available year around for all students.


I don't brag about CSUS. Although I must that the diversity is something very beautiful.


I brag to my friends that the campus is gorgeous! The student body is really helpful and friendly. Another thing that makes it such a good school is that it is close to home and I can be with family and still pursue my educational goals.


It is easy to do well in classes.


I tell my friends that I have the pleasure of being able to be a part of an amazing Track and Field program. I'm also happy to add that the campus is very diverse and has an amazing Criminal Justice program. Sac State gives first year students the opporunity to jump start their colloge experience through the First Year Seminar program which introduces new students to the campus resources, curriculum, and history!


I brag most about the professors at our school. They are nearly all friendly and helpful. You can tell they really care about students and are interested in helping them succeed. Their doors are always open and are available for help in more than just their classes, they are willing to help student with life and career decisions. They are real teachers and not just research professors.


The thing I brag about most at CSU Sacramento is the unique and new innovations: from the new "WELL" fitness center to the basic layout and design of the Student Union, it seems that everything is created with the tastes and preferences of the student in mind.


When I brag about my school to my friends,I brag about the different facilities that are provided along with the different services , clubs, and programs for the student body.


I love that my campus is well known. It's been around for decades, my grandmother is an alumni from the campus so it has a long standing history and a good reputation.


California State University is an outstanding school. Even as a freshmen I am able to be involved within the campus and outside of the campus through the community. Also, CSU Sacramento has an excellent teaching credential program which will help prepare me for the teaching field as a Special Education teacher. Each course at Sacramento State is designed to help the students succeed and to be more equipped for the career and job world. The University is created in a way that allows students to be aided in a direction that best fits their personality and way of life.


I brag about the newly constructed Wellness Center that is available to students. It includes a health center and pharmacy, a rock-climbing wall, full fitness/work out equipment, an indoor gymnasium, indoor pool, and much more. It's a place where you can meet friends to work out, as it is motivational to work out with a friend. It is also convenient because there are showers and lockers so that I can visit the center in between classes. It's really just the best way to meet people outside of the classroom setting.


Sac State is an institution where professors takes a good care of their students. My department is very small, but I like it. Because we all know each others, and its like one big happy family who got each others back. Buildings at Sacramento State is not confusing. for eample if you have government class, you will find your class in Tahoe Hall. Theatre classes at Shasta hall. No one ever get lost. Everything you need is within your reach.


Oh, by far I talk about the musical opportunities. This is because I'm a music major and it matters alot to me that I have so many options there. Every semester I participate in opera and/or choir, and over my years there I've gotten to sing everything from operetta to Baroque to Commedia dell'Arte. Also, I've received the chance to work as a stage manager for the music department and this has increased my knowledge of the music business that much more and has an incredible experience.


I've had a lot of really great leadership opportunities that have led me to grow as a person and find passion in my art and life.


My school is very culturally diverse, and the teachers are very nice and helpful.


The basketball team


I brag about the programs Sac State offers. While many state universities have joint doctorate programs (Sac State has a joint doctorate program with UC Santa Barbara) Sac State is the only state university to have an independent doctorate program. Sac State also offers a lot of programs that help different populations for example Guardian Scholars for foster children and Veterans Success for Veterans. Sac State wants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to make it and have support while they attend.


When people ask me why they should attend CSU, Sacramento the first thing that I think of is the community. Each major has a bond between its students that allow for creative expression and constructive criticism amongst their peers. If there is one attribute of my education that I cannot live without, it is an atmosphere that allows for this type of community to thrive.


I brag about the competitive nursing program at my school.


I got into the Nursing program at this school! And it was very competitive!


It is a really pretty campus. There are no roads going through campus and so when you walk around you don't have to wait at stop lights. It feels like you are not in the middle of a city. It is a cheap CSU college. We also just got a really nice fancy gym that is free to students.


The instructores are amazing, interactive and informative. They motivate me to want to continue my education and learn more about history. They open my eyes to opportunities I had never considered and help me think critically. I have always wanted to teach history outside of the United States and through the teachings of my instructors, I realize this dream can come a reality. I am very grateful to have had the experience of terrifuc in structors at CSUS history department.


The atmosphere of the university is really nice, I love being surrounded by all the trees, and right next to the American River, it’s the perfect spot.


The quality of education you recieve from Sac State is excellent for the price it costs to attend this university.


The school is convenient, fun, the teachers are well-educated. There is plenty to learn and be involved in this school as long as you make the effort!


The new housing facility and fitness center at school are two great new additions. The new apartment style resident hall is similar to a fancy hotel. The fully furnished apartments include a kitchen and a living room. When students live here they have the option to have their own bedroom, or they can have a roommate. The eco-friendly building includes paint, carpet, and cabinates all from recycled materials along with water conserving faucts and shower heads. I also brag about the freshly paved bike path that provides easy access to campus and travels as far as Natomas lake.


The fact that my school is rich with a culturally diverse student body. I think it is great that we are exposed to many walks of life. It gives me a chance to become educated about others and what kind of backgrounds we come from. We as the student body are liberal for the most part and I think that there is a minimal amount of racism here. I for one think that is great because it is people that make the world go round especially when we depend on each other and communicate to acheive common interests.


I don't normally brag, but if I were to I would brag about the activities. There are many to choose from! There are theater productions, clubs for every interest, sport competitions, and greatest of all (to me) are the people that come to speak about different topics. One person who came to school recently was Chuck D of Public Enemy!


I don't usually brag about my school but just the fact that I am attending a four-year university and should be graduating within a year if everything goes according to plan.


One thing that I would brag most about to my friends for CSUS is the number of activities they offer to the students. There is a club for literally everything, we have great fraternities and sororities. Also because of how many different things you can get involved in it is making CSUS less of a commuter school and more like a unisversity.