California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That my school is located near the State Capitol.


I love to fish, my dorm room is about 40 feet from the American River. I love sending my fishing buddies and family pictures of the fish that I caught right next to my room.


I brag most that I made it. I also, brag that I was able to get the classes I wanted even in my first semester.


The beautiful campus with trees, friendly students and faculty, great food venues, and free wi-fi.


It's big


I tend to boast about the excellent education accompanied by great extracurricular opportunities offered and Sacramento State University.


I would brag most about how diversity my school is. Also how the staff and faculty are good in the subject matter that they are teaching and the resources that my school is offering such as career fairs, and tutoring programs. Morevoer, I would brag to my friend about how nice the enviroment is at my school and how friendly students are at my school. Last but not least, my school provide transportation for those who need it and provide enough parking space for students/ staffs.


i brag about have my own privacy and can meet new and nicer people move out and create who i am and found out what i am going to do in life and not go to community college that are not good at all .


The parties are very nice to go to. There are a lot of themed parties but its a nice layed back enviornment from Chico because thats all Chico does is party. You are able to go out and have fun on the weekends put keep on task during the week.. There are clubs around the campus and the closest one is 5 miles away. You can get a group of friends,, 18+ because they do ID, and go and have a fun time.


This school is the best because the faculty, staff, and students help us out a lot. They understand us because some of us are first year generation and they lend us a hand on having time to listen to what we think about our college experience. This makes me feel much better because I know that I am not alone in this experience.


How close it is to home, and accessible.


Sacramento has the highet number of trees per capita than any other city in the world next to Paris, France!! It's a beautiful suburban campus and the small class sizes allow my professors more one on one time with me. I've only been at Sac state for a semester, but already I've developed a personal relationship with my professors in my field. It's pretty cool to be able to chat with your professors if you bump into them in a grocery store. Plus my classmates are just as passionate as I am about applied mathematics.


I brag a lot about the resources that CSU Sacramento has. The 24 hour computer lab (AIRC), the many parking spots available, the abundance of food choices, from sushi and pizza to crepes and subway. I also brag about how their professors take course materiels and fuse them with life events to create interesting and intellectual lectures.


The amount of people that attend the school in comparison to junior college and the integrity the students have.


I brag about the opportunities given to students that excel: There is the General Education Honors Program that allows access to special evens, additional funding and employment opportnuities. As I am a business student, I enjoy the many perks the College of Business gives to students that show a passion for their major choice. There are numerous scholarships, mentoring and tutoring programs and the interaction between the business professors and students of business is remarkable.


the kind people and the enviroment


I usually brag about the fact that we're in the capital and that we're able to find internships.


I don't really brag about anything school or other wise.


The BSN program begins clinical rotations in the first semester. They use hospitals such as UC Davis Med Center and Sutter Hospitals. When I am done with the program I will have a BSN and will be well prepared to pass the NCLEX. Their NCLEX pass rate is in the 90s.


When my friends ask me about school i brag about the cute guys and the parties because back in high school we didn't have options. When my family asks me I brag about everything the campus, professors, and the dorms. One thing that I tell both my friends and family is that college is very different than high school.


I would talk about how much i enjoy my field of study. Working with children is very interesting just getting to fully understand the mind of a child is captivating and very rewarding


Sacramento State is a great school. It is very diverse and despite being a state school has many outstanding and renowned professors. I love to talk about the professors I've had and the amazing pedigree they have. Many have taught in a wide variety of places around the world and have studied under some great minds in their field. They are at the forefront of new developments in their chosen discipline and are still always willing to help students become better.


That there are so many different people here. The diversity is unbearable. Plus, the great programs we have available for even the most unsure people out there.


The fraternity life on campus is awesome, especially if you love meeting people. The social life is great if you make friends.


The landscape it has is really beautiful, that it brings in famous artists, that it's the cheapest decent education from a 4 year college in the area, that it has 3 art galleries, and not much else.


thr professores are nice.


The academic workload is very manageable when combine with extra curricular activities and jobs.


Overall very impressed with the Finance/Economics Professors for a Public University.


How beautiful all the trees are everywhere! and the incredible music department!


Sacramento State is not a big school where you have to hassle with bikes and buses. It has a fun and welcoming environment, plus the greek world here is pretty awesome. It is a big city, but everything is still possible here.


I am most proud of the newly formed Forensic Biology program. I am a Forensic Biology major and and glad that the program was formed, as it allows me to have a more direct route to reach my goals, with classes specifically geared toward forensics.


When I brag about Sac State to my friends, I tell them that it is a very laid-back school and everyone is friendly and that it's diverse. I also tell them that we have a Burger King and ToGo's and they get jealous.


The college is nice. The location is great - right between the mountains and ocean. An hour and a half to the east is Lake Tahoe and mountains for snowboarding and skiing. An hour and a half to the west is San Francisco and the ocean. No easier way to get the best of both worlds.


The one thing that distinguishes most about this school is it is surrounded by many trees. The overall look of this campus makes it a bit forest-like. Not many universities can say that about their school. It also makes the campus seem more peaceful and endearing.


the career center services, the free activites for students, the business program


The professors bend over backwards to help the students. The class size allows for a lot of direct communication and learning with the professors.


Everyone at my school comes to get an education. There is a relatively small party scene because the students are business oriented.


I don't generally boast about my school.


What I enjoy about Sac State is the little niches and corners that are good for relaxing or studying without too much noise.


How beautiful the campus is and the quility of education.


I brag most about how diverse my school is to my friends.


The scenery is beautiful, and it's easy to get around campus. It feels like a very close community, and everything is easily accessible.


So far i have been impartial to sacramento state, one reason is because I left a school and town that i completely loved befor attending school here. It has taken a while to make that connection and sense of being with sac state; recently it has gotten better because I am in my major classes so there is a lot more familiarity and the marketing program is so much fun.