California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person who should attend is more outgoing and knows what they want. This school is a commuter school so you have to activley find friends. This school is also very large with big class sizes so it is easy to get lost amongst the large amount of students. You have to be your own advocate to get what you want out of college here.


A student willing to complete higher education and take control of their education


I would advise Sac State for students who are local and want the best educational pay off for their financial contribution.


People who live in Sacramento who do not want to stray too far from home should attend CSUS. Also, students seeking a degree in Criminal Justice or Nursing will be hard pressed to find a better University in Northern California.


Students who want to go into criminal justice or are still undecided about what they want to do. There is enough diversity in the classes for someone who is undecided to find a major, and acoording to some frineds, the criminal justice program is one of the best in all of California.


A person who is going to be dedicated to do their best, and that has a mindset to graduate on time, is the kind of person who should attent this school.


I would reccomend this school to anyone. It is perfect if you would like to stay close to home, or if you are looking for new adventure. CSUS offers a wonderful balance between social life and schoolwork.


I would say people should attend California State University, Sacramento if they care about academics and get a great job after graduation, but not too much on partying because that will lose their focus. They are not supposed to be obligated to do so.


Students who are highly motivated to perform well academically should attend this school. This school is for those who have the potential and willingness to learn. Students will be expected to work with others, so they should come with an open mind.


Anyone can attend this school, it is very accepting of students and offers a wide range of classes to meet student's interest and needs.


A person who is determined to learn should attend Sacramento State. Someone who is open minded to the different diversity we have here at school. Someone who never gives up.


Sacramento State seems to be a commuter school but with that said, I have been very happy with the quality of education I have received while living so close to home. I think this school would be great for anyone who does not want to completely leave their friends and family for college or students who still live at home while attending a four-year.


This school is good for a person who doesn't expect to much of a campus life. It's a commuter school, so most people live off campus.


any kind of person should attend this school. The people here are absolutely incredibly nice and friendly. There also over 200 clubs here so there probably are many individuals with the same interest as you.


i think that this university needs more smart students. Students here in sacramento state do not take school seriously and therefore they do not do good at school. I think I am a perfect example of what I am talkin about. I dont blame the environment but i think that is why i changed my study habits and got a bad GPA. I am trying to change that by not socialing with those kind of people.


Students who value education and who are career oriented. The students would benefit from school and enjoy their experience more if they are involved in social events, clubs, or sports. The students at the school are willing to reach out and help each other so forming study groups or joining clubs is easy and fun.


A person dedicated to learning that knows what she/he wants in life and who is in search of a higher education provided by true professionals.


Anyone and everyone. All students would enjoy and fit in if they put in effort. The school has the best of all worlds.


I do not think there should be a specific kind of person to attend this school. I think that as long as a student tries his or her best to engage in activities provided by the campus that are prevalent to their interests, then he or she will get the most out of their college experience. In other words, any kind of person can attend this school.


A person that appreciates diversity and is able to adapt in a vibrant and learning environment.


A person who is very challenging and care aboutt his or her future.


The kind of person who should attend Sac State is someone who is serious about their education and what they would like to do after they finish and earn their degrees.


The type of person that should attend this school is somebody who enjoys school, but also enjoys to have fun. Sac State has many different clubs, sororities, faternities, etc. Sacramento is also the perfect place to live for teenagers, and young people trying to find themselves. It is California's capitol. Sacramento has a lively downtown, zoo, minor league baseball team, river, fairy tale land, and Old Town Sac. Sacramento is the perfect location, near San Francisco and Reno. Sac State has professors who also actually care, and give it there all to help students find themselves!


Those who may not have excelled in high school but are willing to work hard in college to obtain a degree that will be worthy of their work.


Any college student should be hard working, determined, and respectful.


There is no specific person who should attend CSU Sacramento because this college is for anyone who wants to receive a higher education and earn a degree towards their future career. CSU Sacramento accommedates a wide variety of students with a large range and majors and minors to study. A number of classes are offered for each major, so it allows for many students with different schedules to attend. Therefore, this school is not just for a specific person, but it is for any student who has a desire to receive a well taught education.


Any person interested in a quality education at a convieniently located school.


Someone who wants an academic challenge but along the way makes some friends who have the same goals.


A student that is dedicated to his or her major and wants to experience more in their area of interest shoud attend Sacramento State. He/she should be willing to contribute back to the community with the knowlege they gain and this knowledge should not only be in regards to the major, but also in regards to what they have learned by interacting with students and teachers. This impact on future students creates an interest and gives students more chances to experiene the choices they have.


The kind of person that wants to make a difference in the world who isn't afraid of a little work. I think a hardworking student and a friendly person should go to this school.


Someone who likes outdoorsy activities, can have fun sitting in a coffee shop chatting with friends, likes to relax and listen to music by themselves in between classes, who does not mind the diversity of sacramento in general, does not mind rain, cold, extreme heat, someone who would not miss the beach so much, someone who will be respectful of others and not judge them before they know them, someone who does not mind traffic, or over crowding, someone who is interested in nature/bugs/animals, likes to ride a skateboard/bike, or likes to jog.


Someone who is very willing to learn.


Since Sac State is considered a "commuter campus," some link this with the cirriculum being "easy." In some classes you can get away with not reading the books, but in others, the professor only teaches to elaborate on current events, and then tests on the book AND the lectures. Students should come to this school with a positive attitude and a strong drive to graduate. If you play by their rules, you can graduate in 4 years or less, in some cases.


The campus is for independently driven students because those who do well are the ones who are strongly self-motivated. The school does not look like a career institution, but rather a relaxed learning environment. This is why it is important to have internal aspirations, since imagining a future career can be a catalyst for good grades without visible work-field. If your the kind of person who works well with others, perhaps this campus is the best choice as the majority of the students in our library study in groups. The campus is great for those who like trees.


This school is veristile, there are plently of orginzations to join if you are so inclined. Likewise, it is easy to stay focused on your classes without distraction. Both commuting students and those looking for the traditional college experiece would excell at this campus.


The kind of person that shoudl attend this school is not someone of a specific race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or financial background. It is simply anyone who wants to strive for a successful life.


someone that doesnt mind attending a communter school and likes to part of clubs, fraternities, sororities


I think that in order to attend ANY college or university you have to be, first of all, a very responsible and self-motivated person with strong stable ideas and principles and further looking plans and goals. Second, you need to possess good moral standards and ethical norms because they build your honesty and integrity which is very important in obtaining the degree you are pursuing. And at last, of course, you must work hard and complete all the required school work on time.


You should attend this school if you want a low-key learning environment. There are many classes with fewer than 50 students and the teachers are very engaged in student learning. However, the academic standards are not very high, so the expectations are often tempered. If you want a school where you can meet fun people and spend most of your time in social activities and still have the chance to pass your classes, this is the place for you.


The kind of person that should attend Sacramento State University, is one who loves to embrace learning and combine it with every day real fun that is constantly happening on campus. They should excel at enjoying their education as well as maintaining time to experience all of the great things this school has to offer.


The type of person that should attend CSUS is one who values their education. An outdoors enthusiast who enjoys riding their cruiser or road bike, and stays active with sports like snowboarding. I would recommend that the person desire trees and a relaxed setting for the best learning. Stay in touch and utilize the available resources offered, including tours and orientations. I think that you need to keep in mind that there are a few older halls, mixed in with new ones. It allows the school to feel established, yet progressive at the same time.


Visit SacState and enjoy the city with two rivers. Close to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe with perfect weather, Sacramento is a wonderful place to live year round. The college is full of friendly students and caring professors. The education that you will receive will last a lifetime.


The kind of person who should attend California State University-Sacramento is a leader. CSUS students get involved in the community and give it their all in everything they do. From volunteering in numerous positions to attending a diverse range of on campus events, CSUS students are always looking to learn and grow from their experiences; experiences which will build a foundation that ensures happiness and success wherever the road of life should take them.


The scool is very diverse, having said that I believe anyone who wants to pursue a four year degree should attend this university.


This school is for students who have a good idea of what they would like to do. Furthermore, this campus is great for people who want to work a lot and spend little money for a decent education. I have found that the transportation to and from campus is pretty good if you live in midtown or downtown and the off-campus housing can be dirt cheap if you find a good roomate. Overall, you can shine easily on this campus if you work hard. Also, there are some really excellent professors who will fight for you at every turn.


Sacramento State itself is quite diverse and social so I think a person who is willing to work hard in their classes to help distinguish themselves or the program, a person who can socialize and have fun with their peers, and accept a myriad of different views on any given subject both inside and outside of the classroom.


A person attending California State University-Sacramento should be one who is looking for a challenge. Making the transition from high school to college is not always easy, but if you like a challenge this University is for you. Also, people who like a social and independent atmosphere should study at this University considering all the professors allow you to steer your education in the way that you would like it to go. Honestly, California State University-Sacramento opens the door for their students to achieve their goals.


There is something at Sac State for every type of person. There are lots of campus activities, and people of all backgrounds attend/participate. People who want to learn and gain life experience are the ideal Sac State students!


I believe anyone who wants to get a degree in something that Sacramento State has to offer.


The person that should attend this school would be anyone who is interested in the programs that Sacramento State offers. Sacramento State's campus has a lot of greens such as trees and green grass field. There are also many benches available outside, so the person who attend Sacramento can enjoy the nice weather on sunny days while studying or doing their work.