California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who are looking for a good education with not much cost. Students that afford to live in housing that is on the higher rent side or live close enough to campus to stay at home.


The kind of person who should attend this school is some one that knows what their goals are but require education to achieve them. This school is for the person who is seeking that education but also is money conscious. They should be concerned with improving their life but also need to monitor their cash.


A person who wants to attend this school must be a pretty simple person. There are not many venues open late at night, so there is a lot of downtime. A person who likes to hang out with friends and relax is the type of person who should be going to Sacramento State. The pace here is slower than of other cities such as Los Angeles. Patience is needed in order to attend a school here. One has to be creative to keep themselves busy.


People who want to better themselves and their future.


Someone who is not looking for a party school. Someone who wants to work while attending school.


Someone who is eager to learn, ready to accept challenges that come their way and willing to focus on their courswork.


Sacramento State is a very unique school with its diverse culture and various areas of studies provided to students. Students who should attend are those who enjoy hands on experiences and the availability of their professors at their convenience, this helps personalize relationships with their professors. It is one of the nation?s top educational schools and has some of the lowest fees. The campus offers various forms of Financial Assistance which is utilized by almost half of the students.


A very driven, self motivated person should attend this college.


A person that would fit well at Sacramento State would be an outgoing, academic oriented student.


someone who is likes being in a city, but doesnt want a super urban school. Likes a laid back learning environment and can mingle well with students of all sorts.




Someone who likes working hard.


Someone interested in being exposed to numerous cultures


Economic problems force many students to re-examine the expense of higher education. Students looking for a quality education from faculty, genuinely interested in providing a positive university education experience should look to California State University, Sacramento. CSUS offers students an excellent college education at an affordable cost. Faculty and student demographics are socially and economically diverse. It may not be an institution with Big-10, Pac-10 or Ivy League prestige but, for those students who cannot afford such a notion, or just desire something different, CSUS offers a world-class education to world-class students.


Someone who is eager to learn, and excited about school. You will get out of this school what you put into it.


Anyone who doesn't want to be on a huge or small campus, because this is in the middle which is really nice especially in the classrooms where it isn't over crowded.


Anyone who wants to focus on real world training for careers in engineering and other technical fields.


The type of person who would fit in best at Sacramento State University is one who enjoys the big city on a small scale. Sacramento State is located in the capital city and therefore is busy, and filled with a number of activities. Most of the activities in the surrounding areas are associated with the outdoors. As far as Sacramento State classes go, a student here needs to know how to manage their personal life, family life and study time. Time management is key at this school, mainly because there are so many activities outside of campus.


Someone who is ok with living off campus. Someone fresh out of high school because transferring makes things complicated. If they are a music student they really need to be a performance major. Sac State is geared more towards performance music majors and very little towards music business/commercial music majors.




Someone who is interested in getting a degree in an environment that is pretty broad, this is not a radical school or a party school.


The person wanting to attend CSU Sacramento is definitely going to be a person that is more job oriented than anything. They will benefit the most from the practical, hands on methodology of teaching. If you're looking to go into research, there are opportunities here, but the focus is definitely geared more towards on the job abilities, than the hypothetical work.


People who like to party and drink should attend this school. Sacramento State is a very wet campus. On the academic spectrum, this campus is perfect for aspiring Physica Therapists. They have an awesome Kinesiology and Physical Therapy program. As far as athletics goes, this campus is great for Women's Volleyball. Sac State has always placed high in the Big Sky division in the NCAA. I wish I could say the same about the football program. Those who like to play football really should not come here. The basketball program is decent. This should be a second choice school.