California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Dedicated students who will take full advantage of the education opportunities in college.


Anyone who wants to learn, they really do have a diverse undergraduate course load.


This school fits many people, those who are open to new ideas and ways of life because the school is diverse, as well as the teachers


An individual who wishes to teach future generations what they have learned while being an asset to a company and the community. Individuals who have the courage, passion, and dedication to education communly attend Sacramento State. The rest do not finish!


One who has the drive to complete their education. One who loves to be around a diverse number of students. One who wants to seek a well benefited educated school and who wants to attend a school that helps them achieve their education goals. One that wants to attend the schools who offer great professors and services that can help them with anything that they need or want in an education. One who stuggles leaving home for this school makes you feel at home. One who wants to attend a school that will prepare them well for the future.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the type of student who is focused on their education but also willing to have fun. There are many oppertunites to do well in school and the teachers are always willing to help if you ask. There are also a wide variety of majors at this school to choose from and also many activities to do on and off campus!


A person who is looking to go to college just to get a degree.


Anyone! We are extremely diverse. If you like the big school feel in a smaller, closer nit city, it's perfect.


Your college experience is what you make of it, if you get involved you will feel rewarded, if you just come to class and go home, you won't get as much out of your expierence. Whatever religion, nationality, race, or culture you might come from, you will find a place at Sacramento State University. There are so many different clubs and activities you can join in to connect with people similar and different from yourself. If you find a way to get involved you will greatly benefit and make lasting friendships and connections with professors, advisors, and fellow students.


I think a person who is out-going, creative, intellegent, and hard-working should come to this school. But any person is the best kind of person because everybody is different and unique in their own way.


Anyone who wants to go to a school where school spirit is not that important. Anyone who wants to get an education and they are not in a big hurry to complete thier diplimoa. A person who is academically oriented.


This school is really open to all types of people. I have met academics, people who are here for all the right reasons, athletes, and people who could care less about school.


Only those people, who are determined to get a high education should attend this school. Those who go there just to brag that they got their bachelors at a university should not attend, because most of those are the "C's get degrees" types. In order to succeed at this school, a student is supposed to be a hard worker. He is supposed to take advantage of the various resources that are available to every student on campus. I believe that only hard working, responsible, determined students should attend Sac State.


Since I consider Sac State to be more of a commuter school, I would reccommend anyone who lives a fast paced life or does not wanna leave Northern California just yet to attend this school. It is very welcoming and the transition from high school to Sac State is very smooth. It has a lot of school spirit and there are many activities that always take place on campus. Sac State does not, well for myself at least, put a lot of pressure on a person in terms of stress and is overall very easy-going and relaxed.


everyone should attend, it is an amazing school.


People who are looking for a good education and hands-on work.


Anyone who prefers to attend college in an urban environment and who wants opportunities in politics or government.


The kind of person that should attend this school would have to be a person who is open minded. There are people here from all different backgrounds so anyone that attends this school would have to be comfortable with that. Also, the person need to be motivated and strong minded because the CSU system is facing really tough times and our fees are always rising so all students need to know how to act under pressure.


Anyone who is willing to work hard as in making goals and accomplishing them. Also, someone who will not give up and have an idea of what they want to do with their life. Furthermore, someone who wants to me more educated and knowlegdeable of many different subjects and areas.


Students who want to pursure journalism and graphic design, Sac State is a hidden jewel. The student newspaper, The Hornet, has one of the best online publications in the nation. My friend Nick is the online sports editor and he got a Media Relations internship at the Sacramento Rivercats. Here, you can gain lots of experience and networks for jobs after you graduate. The graphic design program has the quality of an art school with a state school price. The program is very rigorous and challenging, and the professors are excellent.


Someone who needs an affordable education and prefers a smaller campus that you can easily walk the entire campus.


A person who has a strong passion in her career goal. She may not have a declared major, but she is comitted to education and sees how important college is for many students.


I believe that any type of person should attend California State University, Sacramento because we all should have an equal opportunity in order to succeed and achieve our dreams in life.


Anyone one should attend this school, it is a great institution.


People who don't mind going to a commuter school and is more career-focused. Lots of the students here work and go to school full-time. A lot of the students are business majors due to the highly ranked business school. Students here have excellent internship opportunities in the capital of California.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be open to diversity and different cultures. Our campus is full of cultural influences and there are plently of people that attend here who know who they are. This school can help you to find out who you are and who you want to be.


I believe the type of person that should attends this school must be a person that is self focused, hungry to learn, and motivated to become important in their field of study .Also, the individual should not be all about the party atmosphere, but about the study atmosphere.


The patient and kind hearted people. This school is filled with kind professors who are willing to help. But you will have to wait in traffic if your class schedule is during traffic time.


My school is made up of many different races and backgrouds, there isn't one type of person that should attend my school. I think that anyone that wants to be in a learning enviornment is welcome. The type of person for Sacramento State is not someone that is narrow minded and looking to just party. Our school is about making a difference in your life and to actually learn something.


Anyone that is serious about going to school to develop a stronger connection between getting education and finding a career should be a student at Sac State. The professors emphasize the importance of finding a job with the tools you gain in school. Students who are looking to pursue a career in business, government or eningeering will not only gaing a great education, but will have job opportunities just across town.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who loves the outdoors, especially during the fall, because the campus is really beautiful in the fall. Also, someone who is looking for small class sizes and interesting course work should look into this school.


A person attending this school should like a big school with a big population. Theres always a huge crowd of people walking around the campus. If you enjoy being around alot of people, you'll enjoy Sac State. Also Sac State is known as a commuter school, I myself commute there. So CSUS has learned to take advantage of this by jacking up parking passes to $153 per semester.


I'm sure there are thousands of types of people that should attend Sac State! It is not a pretentious school, so anyone looking for a down to earth feeling school with a riverside tree-filled campus should be happy here.


People who are willing to challenge themselves in academic coursework should attend this school. It is already difficult for all pre-nursing students to get accepted into the nursing program because it is so competitive.


Well considering this is mostly a computer science and engineering school, the kind of person that should attend this school must have at least some minor interest in math and science, even if they have a bussiness mayor. This school isn't recommended for party all week people.


The type of person that should attend this school is one that is focused and determined to exceed in life in whatever it is that they choose to do.


This school is for kids who are looking to get a relatively cheap and easy education, especially if you are a commuter student. This is the type of school where anyone can come without feeling as if you are out of place, it's the everyman school.


A person that is looking for smaller very individualized learning. Many of the classroom sizes are a lot smaller than the larger University of California campuses. An outgoing person that is ready and willing to meet new people and take advantage of concerts, movies, sports events, and greek life available on cammpus.


Students who want to succeed in the field of there choosing. Being a Civil Engineer Major the Civil Department tries very hard to find jobs for you as soon as you graduate (this by older friends of mine). They bring in people form industy to talk about the respective fields of Engineering. It is a quality school devoted to the education of young minds.


Someone who is determinded and focused.


Students interested in nursing, criminal justice, teaching and business administration. Also students that are look for a school that offers ethnic variety, and a school that offers the student flexibility.


In all honesty, I think that only people who would like a well-rounded education should apply to this school. I believe that those who would love to meet new, friendly and diverse people should attend this school. Those who have a positive outlook on life and on learning should also apply.


Potential students that should attend Sacramento State are students who enjoy learning at a small campus that is surrounded by trees and nature. Also, it is a very popular commuting school for students that live in the area, if not, the students can enjoy the benefit of being at the capital. Political science or government majors should also look into attending Sac State, since the capital is right around the corner.


The kind of person that should attend my current college is one that is self-motivated and dedicated solely to academics. This campus has a well deserved reputation for being a commuter school. An event on campus worth attending is a rareity, the sports teams are nothing to write home about, and the furloughs are a constant nuisance. The kind of person that should be at Sac State is one that requires no social networking and is only interested in showing up to class and promptly leaving.


A well rounded individual who is use to working with other people from all different backgrounds, someone who can keep them self focused and work hard to achive goals. a person with self determination and a good team worker attitude. a positive spirit that knows theres a time for fun and a time for play.


Anyone who is willing to work hard and committ to stay in school.


Any kind of person that is serious about their education should attend this school. The courses are not easy, but with regular attendance and a willingness do to the work, I believe any class can be passed successfully. There are many resources such as department tutoring centers, the library, computer labs, as well as the actual professor and fellow classmates themselves that allow for any student to get the help they need with any difficult subject. Any student actively involved in their education has a chance to be successful; the ending result is directly related to the effort put in.


Some one that is determine, ambitious,goal oriented, knows where his heading in life, likes meeting new people from very different backgrounds and cultures. Best of all would like to experience the city life here in Sacramento Ca.


Any individual looking to further their education and career, while enjoying the college experience.


Some one who has NO other choice of another school!