California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That it's a school where nobody cares about anything. It's a school of "the people" where there aren't a lot of rich kids.


That it's a commuter school and everybody's kinda apathetic about community events on campus.


That we're slackers... hence the name Slackramento.

Anderson Jason

That Sacramento State is easy. People call it Slackstate, but we're actually a good university. But our sports teams suck.


That the school is ALL commuters, which definitely draws away fom the Greek community. Sac State is only a fall back school for kids who couldn't get into a better one, or a platform to transfer. That Greeks are all the A&F preppy kids that just party and get bad grades.


One of the stereotypes about Sac State is that it is a school easy to get accepted to and it is easy when it comes to classes. Regarding Sac State student, we are viewed as less smart then other schools such as Chico state and other universities. As a Latino one of the stereotypes that i get is that my classes are taught in spanish.


Sac. State or "slack state" is known as just a bigger school that people drive to school for and then drive home. There is no school pride, and the majority of students could care less about what athletic team is playing. Also, the fraternity guys are viewed as stupid, cocky, and immature.


For one, some students at this school have renamed Sac State as SLACKramento. I will admit that this is pretty catchy, even if I don't agree with it. A common stereotype amongst Sacramento State students is that this campus is a "commuter campus."