California State University-Sacramento Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating think about my school is increase of tuition. I am not a California resident wchich make me have disadvantage in college. I will have to pay a lot more than the students that have residency. Also according to the residency rule, I can not have residency until my Senior year.


The most frustrating thing about CSUS is that most teachers act like they're your only teacher and give a lot of homework.


Often times, its hard to find parking. So this can be frustrating, however, if I get to school earlier than my class starts, I can usually find good parking.




There isn't actually anything frustrating about CSUS. I really love it there and I believe I made a great decision for coming to Sacramento State.


The current economic crisis without our state and loss of funding to universities resulted in cancelled classes, furloughed teachers and placed 15 unit course limits on all freshmen. I found it impossible to get required general education and engineering classes. The classes I did take were extremely crowded, lecture and lab times were reduced due to the furloughs and this resulted in additional workload for the students. The first year of college is challenging without the added pressure of fewer classes and forced furloughs and school closure days. I never anticipated these additional problems beyond my control.


Not only is attending college more and more expensive, it is getting harder and harder to actually get in. My chosen program is so impacted that only about 10% of those applying will actually get accepted.


The problem I still continue to have is the lack of help from the financial aid office. I am currently stuggling to pay for my classes as well as a place to live. My mother is the only parent working and she is still supporting my brothers and sisters. I gave up a good job to go to Sac State which really made me tight on money. When I was trying really hard to find help from their advisors but all of them turned their heads away. They don't give each student enough of their time or help.


The school cost alot of money and books are overpriced and my family can not pay for it we are struggle to pay for thing because of the econmy and im hoping to get all the help i can get to pay for college so i can still go.


The most frustrating things about my school is that sometimes when you are running late for class and you don't have much time, you can't find a place to park. Even though there are three parking structures on campus and countless parking lots, everyone seems to like to have classes that start at 9:00 AM and if you are running late, it will be hard to find a place to park and get to class on time.


There really is not much about CSU Sacramento that is frustrating. Maybe som classes but that depends on the way the professor teaches the class and my understanding of the course work. But the CSU system as well as the school is very easy to understand and the least bit frustrating.


I sometimes have so much to do and when the sujects are difficult, I feel really furstrated and left out, especially when i do not have well communication with a particular proffesors. I also have some financial problem, therefore I push myself too much in order to stay focused and not lose my previlages that I get from school and to make my dreams come true.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the expensive tuition fees that were increased 32 percent last semester. This decision affects every student in varying degrees but nevertheless it impacts studentds academically, financially and emotionally. It should be mention that the spring semester of 2010 could not accept application to enroll due to the fiscal problems and thus turning away many prospective and bright potential students.


Right now the most frustrating thing about CSUS is the budget cuts. Due to these cuts many classes were cancelled and all part-time staff let go. Every person I have talked to including myself have no more than two classes this Spring 2010 semester. This pushes back our graduating dates and will cost us a lot more money in the long run.


Attending CSU Sacramento is a struggle for me. I am a mom to a four and half month old baby boy and I live about an hour and a half away from Sacramento. It frustrates me that I have to commute so much every week to go to the school I want to attend. People wonder why I don't just move out there, and I tell them it is because I help my mother out financially and in return she takes care of son while I am at school.


Finding parking is pretty frustrating. There is a small parking lot in the front of the school and three parking structures. Two of the smaller ones fill very quickly and are completely full by 9am. The largest parking structure in the back of the school always has parking, but the walk to class is slightly longer. Although somedays you have to compromise on where you park, it's not nearly as bad as it could be.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fewer classes that were available during spring 2010 registration. Sacramento's State Hornet Newspaper stated that ,"Although Sacramento State received $1.5 million from the chancellor's office to add more classes and sections to the spring semester, certain departments still have to make cuts."It is unfair to all students especially graduating seniors who need specific units to graduate on time.During the fall semester we suffered furlough days, jeopardizing our education and now we must suffer a lack of available classes only jeopardizing even more.


The most frustrating thing about the school is our budget and the lack of funding, which has put a damper on classes that are available to students. The has brought about a more frustrating environment to both teachers and students. Tuition has gone up and professors are forced to take furlough days. "Paying 10% more for 10% less"


I would have to say tuition, parking and books. At the same time that goes for pretty much all colleges. I wish tuition was lower, parking passes were cheaper and books did not cost so darn much. I am learning that books get more expensive the farther one gets into their major.


Parking is an absolute nightmare. Another issue is that we are considered a commuter campus, which does not lend itself to school pride. Campus activities are not well attended, but hopefully in the next few years these issues will change.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the furlough days that started just this past year. We are paying more tuition for an education and then we recieve less instruction days because it requires that the instructors not do anything school related on those days. That sets us, the students, back and we end up having a limited amount of time to learn the material. It just seems unfair, and that is probably the most frustrating thing about the school.


Right now the most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that students are charged more each semester to attend the school. Textbooks and fees are always rising and it is becoming unaffordable to most students. On average, I spend about $500 to $600 dollars a semester on textbooks and supplies for my classes. This is outrageous! In one of my classes, I spent $150 dollars on a textbook that the class didn't even use once.


I feel that the most frustrating thing about my school is the availability of classes. In my four years at CSUS, I have seen it get more and more difficult to sign up for the classes that a student needs. The professors do try to give preference to graduating seniors so that their graduation won't be delayed another semester; but by this time, the student has been rejected from many classes and his or her graduation has probably already been deferred. Unfortunately, this is something that almost all students are experiencing as well.


The administration and staff is extremely combative and not helpful at all. They do nothing to help students navigate through all the red tape involved in selecting classes, paying fees, and applying for financial aid.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is really hard to get the classes needed to graduate. The classrooms are small or tightly packed and by the time registration begins a lot of classes are already full. My school also doesnt allow you to create a wish list before registering for classes, so it is a hassel to complete class registration.


the most frustrating thing about my school is that i commute 45 minutes everyday! I work 2 jobs to try and save money to move closer!


I don't like the fact that it is a commuter school because it lacks a sense of togetherness that is really wonderful in a school.


Summer financial aid is paid out during the second half of the summer, so summer school is paid out of pocket. Also, parking for certain majors is not very close to the buildings that house those courses. Also, certain degree-necessary classes are not offered every semester. Some professors are not very challenging and grade a little too easily, while others are overly demanding.


The most frusterating thing about my school is when professors cancel class and you don't find out until you get there. I feel this always tends to happen with the early morning (7a.m.) classes, normally those that are electives. Other than that parking is also a big problem at CSUS as there are not enough spaces.


The most frustrating aspect of my school doesn't necessarily qualify as negative. There is a wonderful variety of student organizations at my school and so many opportunities to get involved that often you don't always have time to participate in everything.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the minimal sections offered for upper division courses. The problem with few sections is many students want to enroll in them. That means if you have a later registration date, you will most likely be put on a waiting list and have to wait for the school year to start to add-in.


There is only unhealthy, expensive, non-local restaraunts on campus. Affordable healthy food would be nice.


There were recent cutbacks, which means there are less classes for students to take.


Homework & school project due dates. Students in university college tends to procrastinate which is a bad habit. When it comes to studying ecams and keeping work done on time, students get very frustrating. I think if students learn how to finish their work and projects before hand or start ahead of time, they will be able to manage exam dates and things will be less frustrating.


Sacramento State offers students classes all throughout the day, however, since there are professors that are part-time it can be difficult at some times to contact them with questions about their course. Today?s technology has made it easier for students to contact their professors but not all teachers are technological savvy, thus making it difficult to get in touch with them.


Receiving financial aid in a timely manner.


Sometimes hard to get classes that are needed.


Many professors at California State University of Sacramento have biased opinions and grade their students accordingly. If a student has an opposing opinion they are often penalized.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is no sense of community on campus. Most people commute, and the average age is 26. You have a gap spanning from 17 year olds to 60 year olds. It provides diversity, but there is nothing bonding these people together; so there is zero interaction.


The most frustrating thing now about my school is all the budget cuts and the extremely large class sizes.


the school itself is nice but outside of campus is not


The program I want to get into, Graphic Design, is impacted; it is going to take a lot of work to get in.


From my experience, it was registering for class. Sometimes when I am trying to register for a class I want online, I won't get the class on my schedule because of a conflict, but the system won't tell me what is wrong. I'll try again and it still won't work.


The apathy of the students.


i sont wanna


Due to budget cuts, it's much harder to add sections to a course, so you find that many people are trying to squeeze into a class that they know they are not going to get into. Due to construction of dorms and other building structures, the parking situation was very difficult to cope with. Every day was like a competition for a parking spot. The prices of textbooks are ridiculous.


Nothing really frustrated me about my school. I was more than pleased with my experience there.