California University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not want to get involved in campus at all.


I think if your more of a city person, this school isn't for you.


The only type of person I would advise not to come to California Universtiy of Pennsylvania would be someone that is interested in a major that our university does not offer.


Anyone who doesn't want a small school that is mainly made up of graduates from local high schools.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone that is looking for a large college with a lot of students. Also, someone who likes big cities should not go to California University of Pennsylvania.


For starters, anyone that likes to go out on the weekends or have the convience of food and shopping being around, should not attend this college; California is a very small town, more in the country side, so you have to drive at least 30 minutes to get to a city.


If you want to attend this school, you should be ready to excel. The coursework is challenging, but you should never shy away from it as you can achieve the grades you want. Likewise, you should never fear speaking to someone you don't know. We are a very friendly campus.


I think that students who are unmotivated shouldn't attend this college. In most classes teachers don't ask you if you are doing your work or check on you. So you have to be willing to do the work on your own.


People who like big cities and are not content with living in a small town with little to do off campus


If you do not like to read, or cannot bring yourself to read at least one chapter a week then you may want to rethink applying to this school. Also if you aer not a very socially inclined person and not interested in branching out then you may not want to come here.


Someone who doesnt want to try hard to be successful, and someone who expects a lot of parking.


People who do not want to be exposed to parties and alchohol should not attend this school.


I think someone who is used to a somewhat rural setting, which is not totally too busy will do well at California University of Pennsylvania. It is very easy to be social and make new friends quickly. I think students who are generally used to the city and urban life may struggle a bit at first to adjust to the new settings of such a generally quiet neighborhood. Overall, I think California University of Pennsylvania serves a diverse group of students with a variety of majors and interests. Those who want to attend a large university would probably be disappointed.


Someone who is not interested in the fields offered at the school.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they like the city and need to be near one. They also shouldn't come here if they are looking to party and have fun on the weekends because you have to make your own fun.


Someone who is a slacker and is not self motivated. Though they may be able to slide by, there employment possibilities after graduation are slim.


Anyone could come here, there really isnt anyone that shouldnt....


I believe anyone who wants to attend this school can. Students are different everywhere you go, so why would Cal be any different?