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I do not like the idea of being negative, however my experience at Cameron has not been a happy one. I was not aware that the college is not accredited. I was often given bad advise or not given important information. I believe that a college is supposed to want students to succeed and to help and encourage them to do so. This is just not the experience myself or several other students have received.


School is willing to work with those with a full time job or in the military.


Cameron has a great student/teacher ratio.


Cameron has a varied student population. There are active duty military, older adults and young adults. They offer activities for each of these groups so no matter where you fit in you can find clubs, and campus activities that will suit you.


I think that you can get a closer relationship with your professor and/or your advisor. The professors and advisors will remember you here because this campus is not to big. It isn't a big campus but at the same time it is a good size. You meet a lot of new people here that are from different parts of the world. I belivie that the relationship between the student and professors and advisors makes this school unique.


It's closer to where I live than the other schools I have considered.


I was apprehensive about going back to school. I knew that Cameron was a sister school of OU, and offered smaller classes, with a cheaper tuition. I talked to several people from admissions and saw how courteous everyone was. I didn't want to wait on school anymore, and was addmitted to Cameron later that day. I know that my proffessors care. Because of the small classrooms, I am able to get sound advice and tips to better my education daily. Cameron University allows students to meet people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and the ability to excel.


For as small as Cameron is, it is very diverse.


very very student success oriented. very helpful financially


no classes on fridays


Cameron University is a great place to learn and live. We offer many different degree options and small class sizes. I have made friends for life!




Cameron is a smaller school than any of the others I had considered. Personally, I like smaller schools better, there is more teacher to student communication.