Cameron University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cafe hours are not that flexible.


The worst thing about our school is there are not enough food places offered, especially for those in the dorms because there are no stoves nor ovens provided. Our school is a very small city so a lot of students are far from home with no car, it is very frustrating to not know what you will be eating for your next meal, and can get in the way of studies.


There aren't really any major awful things about my school. The only thing remotely worse is walking around campus in the winter. The campus is smal enough to make it everywhere in fifteen minutes, but you'll suffer through 20 degrees weather and rain on some occassions.


They no longer offer Friday and Saturday classes.


The worst thing about Cameron University is the lack of involvement and participation from students and alumni. If you are looking for a school that involves many extra-curricular activities and sororities Cameron is not the right college for you.




The fact that it's not very focused on Greek life or the fact that not much attention goes to the Greeks on campus.