Cameron University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to research different colleges, their rules, their fianancial aid, their academics, their programs, cost etc. I would say "find out as much about a college as possible before enrolling . I would tell myself to talk to as many college students as possible to ask about their experiences.


I would give myself the advice that even though I really enjoyed being able to have those easy afternoons at Red River, that I needed to stop. I needed to get of going to Red River. It was not the place for me and the degree I would receive from there I would HATE doing. I would tell myself to change Red River with Cameron. I would start going to college much earlier and get more credits out of the way faster. This would put me on a better course to securing the life I have always wanted for myself and Red River was just a distraction from that course.


If I could go back I would tell myself that don't think you have to go out and get trashed on the weekends. Thats not who you are and you dont have to pretend to be that to make friends with your team mates and fellow athletes. Don't be afriad to be your quirky self. And if someone doesnt like you then thats their loss and not to worry about it because plenty of people love you just the way you are.


The things I would tell myself if I could leap back through time to my senior year are endless. I would probably bop myself over the head countless times before I could even begin to lecture myself. Nevertheless I would begin and end with this. "You need to straighten your life up, because if you don't you're going to end up in the mess you've made." I would not tell her much more than that, because life is what makes you the person you are. If I didn't make the mistakes I had made back in highschool I wouldn't be the person I am today. Sure there are things I wish I could tell my past self, but I probably wouldn't have listened. Sometimes you just need to experience life first hand to get to the point of where you should be. Even if that includes a huge curveball to the face to get you thinking straight.


The most valuable skill you can develope if you want to succeed in college is self motivation. Some of the most self motivated high school students do not succeed because of how different the structure of a high school class is to a college course. There will rarely be assignments on the board that will last for a few days in case you didn't write it down. There will be a syllabus that will contain all of the class information including assignment information, class objectives, and more that you must read back to front. The syllabus is the single most important piece of paper you will get from your proffessor. It will contain assignment information like due dates, guidlines for essays, attendance policy, ruberics, and much more. Enjoy your senior year and practice your motivation skills by setting goals with deadlines and work to achieve them. High school may be over but your journey is not and college is a new beginning in education that will take you on a whole other adventure.


I would tell myself that applying for scholarships now is very important, and even though you might have some "blow-off" classes you should still try your hardest because it can and will affect your GPA. I would tell myself to get involved in as many organizations as I could handle, and stay on top of the missions they acquire. I would tell myself to avoid any distractions, and have fun after I am done with business because high school is the beginning of a new life and it is more than preparing their students for whatever step they decide to take next in their new lifes. I would try to help myself mature and learn from my minor set-backs rather than making the same mistakes over and over again until something major happens. I would tell myself it is not as long as you think, and college is right around the corner so start preparing for college now!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for the future, I would tell myself the many key lessons I have learned. When I was a senior in high school, I thought my parents would help me with college, and I relied on the fact that I would get many scholarships from the various schools I applied to. While I did get into the three schools I applied to, two of them didn't give me any scholarships meanwhile, my parents decided to not help me pay for college. If I had one nugget of wisdom to give to myself, I would say don't rely on anyone else to accomplish what needs to be done, only rely on yourself. I learned that if I wanted to go to college, I had to pay for it myself, through financial aid. If you don't take the initiative, your grades will drop, you will fall behind and your professor's will not seek you out to try to get you back on track. If I had one chance to go back in time, I would defiantly beyond the shadow of a doubt tell myself this wisdom.


On my first day of college, I thought it was going to be as simple as high school. I was wrong. I've had to put some much effort into myself just to do my homework, In high school, there are days when you can put stuff off and be lazy. In the big leagues of college, you can't. Just procasinating one day can ruin your whole week. You'll find yourself in one big pile of studying. One major way it has helped me is by making me more independent. I was always extremely sheltered by my parents. Now, I have to be a real adult. Driving yourself everywhere, making sure you eat, and trying to have enough money for gas are things I never had to particularly worry a lot about. Attending colllege has really started preparing me for the real world.


The college has opened my eyes to world issues. The courses are doing a great job at furthering my current career and future employment opportunities.


I have enjoyed my time so far at Cameron University. I am encouraged by my teachers to do well and to finish school. I have not only learned knowledge for my field, but also on how to be a better person.


I have enjoyed the satisfaction of succeeding. I realize that it is important to get a degree to earn a living. I love learning new things and applying them to everyday life.


I have a renewed sense of purpose. I choose to go back to school after working in the Medical Equipment field and seeing alot of our elderly patients who were being hospitalized or passing away due to lack of care in the surrounding rural community. I choose to return to school after losing my job and decided in nursing I could have the most impact. My returning to school has given my children the chance to see that you are never to old to improve yourself, and to never stop learning and growing as a person. It has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me.


My college experience is actually quite unique. I graduated high school in December, 2009. I attended Cameron University in the spring semester of 2010. I am currently attending Oklahoma State University. Had I not attended Cameron, I know for a fact that I would have packed up and came home from Stillwater. Cameron is a wonderful transition-school for anyone who is not quite ready to pack up and move out. The faculty is wonderful and provides the whole college curriculum experience. However, the atmosphere is a little more relaxed and cushioned to personally fit ones schedule. I worked full time at our local Chick-fil-A while attending college full time (14 hours) and I did not have a problem maintaining my grade point average. Truly, Cameron taught me time management and all about setting priorities, long term and short term goals. Cameron prepared me for the future, which in my opinion, is exactly what college is for.


I would tell myself to not be afraid of the college life because it is like high school. Everything in college is the same except I have to put more work and dedication into it. Going to college is what I wanted to do for a long time therefore, I would tell myself not to procrastinate in my school work and become more involved in study groups and clubs. Also I wold tell myself to get books in advance for my classes and get help from my professors if I need it.


I would tell myself to study harder because in college you have to study a lot more in college. Also you have to pay attention more in class because this will benefit you in college. I would tell myself that college is much harder than high school . You should never procrastinate on homework or studying. Making this transition is very different from high school. The main thing i would tell myself is to just try a litte hard because it will benefit you in the end.


If I could go back in time, I would go back to tell myself to stick with it. Don?t be afraid to walk up to someone and ask a question about campus. There are many on campuses that are just like you and don?t know where to go and need help. I would also tell myself to have some nerve and start the conversation with a classmate. That conversation can lead to you both working together to get through class. It could also lead to a lifetime friend.


8:27am. I knew where I would find my senior self. During my high school years, I would always stay in the same general area on campus before school started and during the lunch break, talking with friends. That is something I should have fixed during my freshman year; I could have been studying. Luckily, I have been given this one shot to get myself better prepared. He, or should I say "I", was not too happy to see me; and ditto for me. After some time, I was able to get through to him and finally explain what college was like and that I was here to give him advice. I told him that he needed to study more and do better than those other B average students because anyone can do that, and that an A stands out better and stronger. I also told him that he needed to take the ACT because where he will be going, the SAT can screw him up by making him take the remedial classes. And the last piece of advice that I gave him was to start applying for scholarships so that he won't have to take out loans.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college and finances I would say, do not worry about your gas consumption, the prices of gasoline are going to drop drastically and the amount you will have to pay in order to have that smaller truck is more in the long run. Just be sure and check the fluids in old blue for now.


Some advice I would give myself if I could go back in time would be to pay more attention in my high school classes. I would also tell myself to take a few colleges classes. I regret takng college algebra and government at my high school instead of going just a few blocks away and taking it at Cameron. Now I have to retake those classes. Telling myself to take these classes while in high school would get me a head start on credit hours and also would help me transition into college life easier.


I would tell myself to not take it easy. When I enrolled for senior year as a sophomore, I thought to myself, "I've got one more year and then I'm out!" I knew I was going to college, but wanted to take a year off of school to just relax and "find myself." I took really easy credit courses (courses you only take to get credit and not really to learn anything), I didn't apply for any scholarships, and was basically the poster child for the Not Going Anywhere in Life genre of teenager. I truly wish I could go back and tell myself about how hard getting financial aid is. Had I applied while in school, I could have gotten help from teachers and friends, and there are so many scholarships that are only for graduating seniors. Now, in college, people look at you like you're crazy when you say you don't know how to write a scholarship essay. Isn't that something you learned in high school? they'll say... And I'll reply with a hearty, "I wish."


I would tell myself to keep doing what you're doing, but study harder to get a higher ACT score and apply for more scholarships. I would also tell myself to make sure to have a little fun, but to keep doing well in school.


The only advice I could give myself would be to take advantage of college courses while you are in the military. It will make the transition back to school easier when you go back to school full time.


I struggled in Highschool due to insomnia and a form of adolecent fibroyalgia. If I wasn't at school, I was in a doctor's office, or in bed. My senior year I was worried I wouldn't graduate on time. I remember telling myself that I couldn't do it and often gave up hope. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that I was capable and things would change. That I would graduate and that my hard work would show. I would tell myself to stop moping and get to work, because college is around the corner. I would help myself look foward and realize the possibilties that lay before me.


Dear Crystal, Yeah partying and goofing off is fun and great but it won't get you by in college. You've pushed this far through school and yes, you deserve some fun time but my advice now is to just keep pushing. Keep up with the extracuriculars and keep studying hard. Senior English class is just as important as it was Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year! Don't sell yourself short and don't give up on the things you love the most, sports. Volleyball was your world and could've paid for school but catching up with the wrong crowd could mess it up! Yeah, I understand you're living on your own your Senior year and mom is thousands of miles away but don't use that as an excuse to not get things done. Life is what you make it so make the best of it. These are the most important years of your life and will determine what type of person you will become. Don't be stupid about it...


I would tell myself that college is not all fun and games. You will alot of great people and a lot of not so great people. Make sure you get your self into as many core classes as you can handle for the semester and not all classes for your major. Do not take more hours than you can handle, you do not want to over work your body. Make sure you study hard and get alot of rest. College is not just another school, but it is the sement blocks paving the way to your path through life. Make sure you keep God first, your studies second and others last. Make sure you Graduate ontime, get your degree and be able to say,, "I am a cloogeg graduate with a BA behind my name, and I am somebody." While you are in college the person you need to help- first and the most is yourself.


For starters I would say that college is not excessively hard but something that demands a lot of time. You cant be lazy like you were sometimes in High School. Very important is that you need to work hard to get all the scholarships and grants that you can. Know that its not going to be like High School in the least. Popularity and drama are all on the down low. Everyone goes their separate ways. You need to work hard to ensure you become something great. Use this chance to prove to everyone that your not some dumb loser that nobody likes, that you can have a good, bright, happy future, and dont let the imperfections and failures and such of High School, Junior High get you down. Leave the past behind if at all possible and stay focused on what must be done. Do not waver, do not let up, and be strong. Times will inevitably get tough, but be ultimate and stay true to the path you tread. And if nothing else remember: courage is not the absence of fear. It is the presence of fear, YET the will to go on...


If I could go back in time and give myself advice I would tell myself to have more fun and to live life to the fullest in high school. In college I have had to struggle with money, so I would tell myself to save more money for the future. I would tell myself that it is tough, but I will make it through and do it with good grades and a good family. I would tell myself to get ready for the best years of my life because they have been the greatest, but it has also been the hardest time of my life. Most importantly I would tell myself to get more scholarship money because I have none!


Tough classes in high school can make the transition from High School courses to college ones a piece of cake! -You will rise above the rest and suceed. Ask students who have attended your college of choice which professors will challenge you, but remain fair. Get to know professors. Volunteer. Don't do anything you will regret. Make wise choices. The best times you can ever have are simply enjoying the friends you make. Learn all you can! Schedule in time for fun (around your study time)! If you are going to do might as well give it all you have! If you don't give it your all-then why bother? Make sure you find a major that will get you a job that you will enjoy.


I would tell myself to have more fun than I did and to enjoy the money and time that i had. I realize now that college is taking all of my money and time, but thats the real world, right?


The best advice I could give students and parents concerning finding the right college is to schedule campus visits. While on the campus visit take time to talk with the professors and other students currently attending the school. These campus vists can provide the student with the knowledge of the class sizes, campus size, faculty assistance, and the overall atmosphere of the college. This will ensure that the college will be a suitable match for student's wants and needs. The best advice I can give students in order to make the most of their college experience is to try new things. While at college try to experience things outside of your comfort zone, for instance acting in a play, becoming president of a club, or even trying out for a sport. By experincing new things the college experinece will truely be a unforgetable one that will be full of memories.


I would say find the place that makes you the happiest. You will not have a very succesful college experience if you go to a school where you are miserable. For some students a large school makes them happy, and others prefer a smaller school. The most important things to keep in mind are finding a place you are comfortable and happy, that is affordable, and can help you meet your academic goals. Also, have fun!


I strongly encourage everyone to go out on campus and get involved! The friends made in college are the ones that will last a lifetime. Get involved in Greek, Program councils, Student Government, Community Service Organizations, anything! You will not regret, and it will make your time at college the best years of your life.


To find the right college, you need to look around and not set your mind to just one. Go to your counselor and set up meetings with the colleges you have in mind, and tour them. Touring the campus before you decide is a wonderful idea in that you can get a feel of the college is like. Once you attend the college of your choice, dont spend all your time studying. Set aside time to have to yourself, go out with friends, go to clubs, meeting, or join groups. The more interaction you have with other students, the better off you will be.


Look first at what is important to you. Second, look at and address goals your family has set for you. There maybe a compromise at this point. Visit the campus 1st yourself and 2nd with your parents. If it is the right one; then, you will know it by these.


Stay focused on your work. Pick a college that has an area you are interested in studying.


Priorotize what you want from the college experience. Enjoy yourself and don't forget the reason why you went to college. Dont be scared to change your major if you realize that the field you started out in is not for you. Make the best of your time at college, meet new people, try new things and don't conform to be like everyone else. Keep your indiviuality and be true to yourself. Never confort/change to be like others just so you can be accepted.


The advice that i would give especially to new coming students, is that first your grades are important, so always stay on top of their grade point averages. I would tell them to take advantage of the tutoring programs on campus, especially if they are having a problem in that specific area, because alot of people don't realize it, but our tuition pay for it, so we might as use it. Alot of the students on Campus in Cameron always complain about how there is'nt much to do, well my advice to them would be, you have to be active and open to new things in college life. there are so many people from different countries and states on campus, why not get together and share things and do things you've never experienced before. For example, at cameron we have alot of Africans and Carribean students on campus, and they throw the best reggae parties ever!!!!! I'm not trying to say party all the time, but I am trying to say, is to make the best out of college life, you only have one oppertunity to do it, but be smart and responsible in the meantime.