Campbell University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Campbell is a predominatly baptist school with challenging courses, and at times questionable food.


It is a quaint little university set in a beautiful little city with welcoming people that offers great professors and majors to choose from for your extended education.


Campbell University is a small community, but maintains high standards while keeping all students engaged.


Very friendly, religiously-affiliated, smallish, big emphasis on health sciences, law, and business.


Campbell is a close knit family community that welcomes all students.


Campbell is a small campus in a small town. People might think it is boring but the administration tries to keep the campus entertained. It has the feeling of a big campus without the overwhelming feeling of some of the larger campuses.


Home town feeling in a University setting.


Campbell University is an institution that helps students reach their life goals educationally, spiritually, and to make their visions for their future become reality.


My school is small, secluded, and a bit boring.


Campbell University is a college for people from various backgrounds and anyone can find something that interests them.


A small enough campus to know everyone, but big enough to expand your life.


Campbell is a very open and frendly place to go to school, but one has to have his priorities in place in order to succed academically at this school.


Campbell University is a safe, friendly, and peaceful environment where you can express your love for the Lord openly and without reservation.


Campbell University has a caring environment that encourages you to meet new people and focus on your school work.


Energetic, and friendly environment where learning is encouraged, but if you want to slack off you can.


My School is What one makes of it.


Small, family community that is about 10 years behind the times.


Conservative caring school that has very strict rules on alcohol, drugs, and things not of the religious nature.


Campbell is a diverse, quiet, and extremely religous school that provides each student with opportunities based on their needs and wants.


Campbell University is an education-driven school that is starting to slowly integrate sports back into the college, and a university that focuses on the Christian religion and maintains conservative views.


Campbell is a small down to earth school where the quality of education is very important to those entrusted with teaching you. The people here all need someone to hang out with on the weekends, so everyone is very friendly. It's not difficult to find fun school funded activites to participate in.


Rough around the edges, but a good place to call home... most of the time.


Campbell is the perfect fit for me, that allows me explore my mind and possibilities to every extent possible.