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What are the academics like at your school?


Academics are difficult but you can have a great outcome if you try, nothing in life is ever handed to you! Harder you work the easier the academics are!


Your professors usually know you by name by the end of the semester. The cool thing is, most of them make an attempt to remember it even after you take their class. This is especially true after you declare a major and begin to take classes with the same professors- they really get to know you. As far as intellectual conversations outside of class- that just depends on you. We students are pretty smart, I think... Im in the religion department, personally. There are really only a handful of professors in the undergrad department so they tend to know most of the religion major and minor's names. When you see them outside of class they tend to not just say "hey" but rather ask you how you are doing and attempt to have a real conversation with you.